Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

I’m a beginner of Black Magik, and I have been a Wiccan for 20 years attended both
Scott Cunningham, as well as Ray Buckland, Solitary Witch, so I understand the idea of sign its
and I am studying Annia Rivia Voodoo, as well, I enjoy learning and practicing my craft and am
a firm believer you never stop learning I’ve also found as I learn old ideas and thoughts xhange
with better understanding and knowledge, I am an active member of several sacred Orders
I’m always willing to teach and discuss dif.ferent ideas and thoughts and I’m looking forward
to being an active member of BLG


Hi guys,

My name is William Tyler. I’m a dutch student from the Netherlands (Europe).

I always believed in the paranormal world. Last summer I became more and more interested. I stumbled upon websites about Succubus etc. I wanted this but I was also terrified by horror stories and movies. Well long story short, I persisted and now I am together with 3 spirits.
They are bound to my spirit.

  • One Fatari spirit T.
  • Queen Succubus A.
  • Succubus G.

I won’t say their names out of respect for them.

I chose to do it this way because I have 0 experience in conjuring, magick, shielding, protection. If you work with the metaphysical world you really have to know what you’re doing.

I’ve read about the lettermethod but I hesitated, I was afraid.

So, here I am, trying to gain more knowledge about these wonderful spirit and the rest of the metaphysical universe.

My goals are:

  • to be able to perform OBE/Astral travelling
  • full open psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience)
  • Fully open chakras, especially my 3rd eye
  • raising kundalini
  • lucid dreaming
  • more spiritual growth and to become an ascended master :pray:t4::smiley:

That’s it guys!

Thank you for reading, have a nice day!


Sir, you formatted that post like a boss, so I reckon it’s definitely on the cards for you! :heart_eyes:

Seriously, welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Neversay here I look into im a mixed bag of work I have going hecate ,angels , voodoo . But it is all for protection I would like to go deeper but I want to make sure my butt is cover . I would like to have spirits that work for me and let me know whats going on .


Come introduce yourself @QueenOfHearts, welcome to hell :wink: :smiling_imp:


Dropping a gift basket off here for all the new people :japanese_ogre: tons of useful info should you hit a roadblock. Enjoy thine explorations. :japanese_goblin:


My name is Daniel. I’ve been into the occult for a little less than a year. My current goal here in this forum is to read about the experiences of other occultists. I will also be sharing some of my experiences and giving thanks to any spirits I work with.


I’m mostly into ceremonial magick and Kabbalah but I don’t mind doing anything that works.


Hola everybady!

I’ll identify as Queen for now.
Alright, so my inspiration to join BALG stemmed from my lovely other half, who is also on this forum. Thus, he’s helped my decision in trying to forge my own path to influence my growth spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I am fairly certain that I will pertain to a “down the middle” approach in regards to white and black magick. Although, black magick shall be considered more of a goal for me to become more acquanted with, as my past experiences from the paranormal realm have not been the most positive (story time)… Freely interacting and working with entities is a fear I desire to overcome.

Okay, so slip back to two years in the summetime. My mother and I decided to pay my aunt a visit for a few days. Bear in mind years prior to this also had spiritual incidients, just less drastic. Anyways, back on topic. Some hours later, we arrived…
I set foot in the door. There was a shift… the air changed. It felt denser around me and as I pulled it into my lungs. It was like stepping from white into gray. My attention focused itself primarily towards the basement, joining right off the foyer.

Day one: I make my way down the staircase into the spare bedroom. I set my suitcase down… Except I don’t feel alone- I sense another being. I feel as though I am being watched, yet I see nothing. Sounds emerge from the other room every so often, walls creak here and there… Just me? It’s probably nothing. Or my personal favourite: “I’m just paranoid.”

Night fell. This was the night I would make the decison I’d been dreading for awhile: breaking up with my total douchebag (ex) boyfriend. I eventually cut down to business, the deed was done.

I sat in bed for a long while. Relieved, but plagued in guilt for hurting someone. (Caring too highly about others and merely myself is a weak spot I seek to fix). The entire phone call, I felt watched. I knew damn well someone was there, but I still denied it to myself.

Eh, getting late. Time to kill the lights.

Toss and turn. Memories of my mother’s experiences in this room replayed themselves in my mind. Over and over. Trying to block nervous thoughts out, I close my eyes. Feels like someone is peering over me. Open my eyes- no one is there.
I’m suddenly met with an undefinable, practically instinctual urge to keep my chest unexposed in case I fall asleep.
Exhausted, I enter that shitty half-asleep trance for a couple hours.

Fast forward to about 3:40 am. The walls are creaking, the room is literally shifting, seemingly pressing in towards me. Someone is on top of my chest- trying to suffocate me? I see no bodily form, but a heavy blur over me. I am in a sleep paralysis-like state. I can’t move. I summon up as much willpower as I can, and eventually am able to sit up. I tell it to stop, insisting that I mean to harm. I take a breath… in total shock. I lay back down. It’s a native male.

"Creeeeaaaak… crack."
Sweet! It’s happening again. It’s on top of me, pressing down- hard. I interpreted this as a warning, grabbed my shit and got the hell out of the basement. See ya dude.

That was my first direct paranormal experience.

Now rewind to one year prior: remember how I said I couldn’t stop replaying my mom’s experience all while I was trying to fall asleep? Well, long story short, the same scenario happened to her. The strange part is while this being was going to town on crushing her, I was fast asleep. Oblivious and undisturbed. When she shared what happened the next morning, I chuckled to myself. Dementia runs in the family. She’s probably just losing it.
Haha. My third eye had received a rude awakening.

We later learned that my aunt’s cabin was built on top of an aboriginal burial ground. In theory, this would at least explain my sensation that the spirit was of native descent.

Admittedly, I am thankful for this experience. No one was hurt, and it ultimately has allowed me to think outside the box and begin my new journey.

I not only hope this forum can help me on my ascent as a being, but I hope that I can be of aid to others as well (despite my inexperience at this point in time).

Thanks for readin’ my mini-book!

Peace out fellas,



Did done introduced. Wrote a small book too.
Ya happy? :joy:


Nah :stuck_out_tongue: do it again


I will end you.


Hello everyone

You can call me Leo. I’m not new to the occult but i am to evocation, which is one of the reasons i joined the forum. I hope i can learn extensively regarding this subject and others i’ll find interesting in the future.

Usually i work more with lucid dreaming, out of body experiences and similar.

I do not follow any specific system of magic or religion. I do not have a general affinity for angels nor demons. I prefer not to use a label for all spirits.

I expect to share a couple of things i’ll be learning in my journey and possibly to tell some anecdotes from magical practices.



I like your style! Now get him a collar and yourself a whip - ha ha ha



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It’s funny as I work with king paimon too shortly he came to me in a dream


My name is Raylynn I am female 38 years old.I am a domonologist


Hello to all, I joined the site out my quest to learn more about the Goetia. Specifically at this juncture the Duke Sallos. If anyone has advise or experiences relative to Sallos and other Goetia I would like to gain more insight. I’m new to this but have been increasingly drawn to learning more.


Welcome! There’s plenty of info on the forums. If you’d like, you can search sallos with the search button and it will bring all posts about him up :slight_smile:


Thank you