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35 years… I have been in the occult for 8 months, I can imagine how much knowledge you have.


Am Harry,age 32,politician and i need love spells,how to call demons and to become a living God


Hi, I’m gonna go by Ishtar because she is a goddess that really resonates with me, which is weird because my personal life is rather tame. (That’s probably one of the reasons I’m here)

Have been lurking a few weeks, glad to find actual practitioners - as a former member of the OTO I’m tires of weak ass armchair magician bullshit and random outdated rules. Most forums are all theory.

For a long I’ve time been trying to manifest things without magical practice, to more easily come in line with what I really want in life.

But after reaching a few plateaus I’m back to low magick - working those sigils to rebuild my life where practical applications have failed. After reading through I’m actually excited to work with the spirits again, and will continue deeper practice when my life is more stable.


Hello. My name is Jen. I have been studying and practicing rootworking for a little while now. I work with a lot of candle magic, etc. I found this forum as part of my learning about working with demons after a discussion with a very good friend in my coven. I have a few things I am currently working through with the use of magic, and I am preparing to work with a demon that has presented himself to me. I hope to learn how to create the life I desire with help from magic. I look forward to meeting people here that have similar interests.


Hello, my name is Melissa, I´m from Brazil, and Im here to learn and increase knowledge, since Im quite new on LHP, and I hope I really can build a new life from now and on.


Welcome to the forum folks, glad you found this merry den of lunacy and enlightenment (or endarkenment, also!). :smiley:

There’s a lot of great information available on this site, you might find these links useful to begin with:

✦ the Member Resources thread, which has a ton of links to newsletter tutorials on things like opening sigils, attaining Theta-Gamma Synch (TGS), and also practical advice on using the forum, posting images and YouTube videos, etc.;

✦ over 4 years’ worth of good topics in the archives, which can be found using the Search function - but don’t be afraid to start new topics, we don’t have any of those silly rules that insist you read 10,000 posts to check what someone else asked 7 years ago, before making a post yourself! :wink:

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Hope you enjoy your time here, and look forward to seeing your posts on the forum! :thumbsup:


Hi. I’m interested in all things magick, spiritual, and have been practicing around 10yrs (mainly hoodoo). I joined because the idea of working with demons and learning more about them just seemed interesting plus I like to incorporate more, any and as much magickal and spiritual knowledge into myself and my craft as time goes by. I really enjoy reading the forum and look forward to learning from everyone here. Thanks


Hi all! EJ here. The occult has run in my familiy for as long as I can remember, but only of the Carribean kind. Stumbled upon this forum and felt attracted to it as it was probably the only place where Goetic demons weren’t regarded with so much fear, but finally with the respect they deserve. Where I come from, ain’t no such thing as protective circle and all that, if a spirit wants to fuck you up, it will, period—fuck circles and triangles. Which is why respect and flattery are more important to a conjurer than any other thing in his toolbelt. This forum’s members all seem to have constructive, patron/client relationships with the Goetic spirits, rather than the “GET INTO THE FRIGGIN TRIANGLE BEFORE I PEE MY PANTS DEVIL SPAWN” vibe I get from other forums, which is really cool, and how it should be.

Anywho, I’m here to delve into the realms of the Goetics, and I’m glad to have you all here with me. See you around.


You truly are a fierce force that will succeed in any path you walk my friend. I hope to read more posts from You and see your progression ☆ Please be safe Ashtkerr♡


Greetings everyone!

My name is David, I’m interested in the occult and left hand path magick, for most I’ve only been involved in amateur encounters with King Paimon and Bune which I have yet to confirm, but are the only two entities I’ve reached out to. I reached out to friends in santería but since I moved states now I have to learn by myself which was part of my main idea when contemplating initiating myself in. My current goal is to receive income in a way I do not need to have a job and be a full time student and work on my magick and powers. I wish to be enlightened in every way I possibly can. If anyone wishes to mentor me into this experience please reach out. Im currenty stuggling financially and spiritually and I just feel the need to take control of my life once and for all.


Hi everyone,

My name is Mimi, and I’m from the UK.
I’ve been interested in spiritual work since I was a child. I wanted nothing more than to attain ‘powers’ and learn more about unseen beings and realms.

As I teenager, I started to learn about magick. The only books I could find on magick were about wicca back then.

My interest in ritual itself slowly waned, but I took up a meditation practise. I am so very glad that I did because after a couple of years, that’s when things really got interesting…
I am very much interested in experiencing astral travel, other dimensions and entities.

It has only been the past year that I’ve been starting to truly learn and practise magick. I can now see that my meditation has proven to be a great resource and foundation for this.

My goal at present is to understand myself, and to integrate the duality within my inner world, and therefore my outer world. I’m here to enjoy the ride.
In my spare time, I play the piano and violin (still in the early stages of the latter!)

It’s great to meet you all. I’m sure this will be a great learning experience for me.


My name’s Julie, I’m a 24 yo french, living in the Netherlands. Trying to be an artist for a living.

I’m a nice girl, mostly. I’m very open-minded, always try to see beyond people’s acts, kind heart, mind my own business, good listener, introspective, calm temper…But I come from a place where I had to fight with my fists almost every day, so I like to contrast with my sweetness by kicking an arrogant sorry ass when it suits, I can be very spiny. It’s my favorite weapon since I’m a child, being the sweetest girl they know and the evilest bitch they’ll meet. That’s a part of what drove me into dark arts I guess.
Once I was very seductive and lustful but I got bored of it. I suck at relationships, I can’t keep a friend more than 1 month. I love people but I’m bored of them as well. But I met someone who suits me and we’re engaged now. And libertines :smiley: nothing is lost ^^

The historical of my spiritual journey would be endless, so I’ll just mention that I’m new to the practice of dark arts. I lost 2 years on Wicca and other right hand stuff, especially masturbating. (Oh wait, not the subject right ?) I just got into dark arts 1 week ago even if I’m obsessed with it since my teens, but I still have a bit of work to do on myself before being able to practice, so it will wait a bit.
What I’m the best at is astral travel. My goals are to master it as well as possible, keep exploring spiritual worlds. More than everything, I’m running after knowledge and talent.
I lack energy and I’m too lazy so I’ll want to ameliorate that also.
Despite I have no interest in lust (or don’t need any magick for that), I like to be seductive. So I’ll certainly act on that aspect. Or at least have an unexplainable active charm :stuck_out_tongue:
Knowledge, talent, beauty, mindpower, strentgh, creativity, … Nothing I can’t get, right ? :smiley:

I’m currently struggling with the boredom of meditation but it does get better, I’ll try meditation on sigils to see if I’m more excited about it.

I’m really happy to be here ! I’m sure it’ll be my main source of learning.


Is this some kind of omen? Weren’t you replying to Sarah_8?

Now, I’m seriously freaking out.


I hope it helped ☆


No. I wouldn’t say that. Magick requires intelligence, but magick also fuels intelligence. Intelligence does matter, but it’s your work ethic that creates your intelligence. Genes can be altered if that’s the source of your learning disability. The body can be transmogrified (in fact it has to be eventually if you want to dive into the highest levels of the Path). Hardly anyone is born with the body or mind of a Lich (if your parents are a demon or something that’s a whole other topic). Some are a bit further away than others perhaps (no offence intended), but no one is born in an optimal state for magick. Even if you are born perfectly physically healthy that’s not truly enough. It’s more than enough to start for sure, but the body and mind need to be transformed no matter how healthy and without learning disabilities you are. The point is that literal children of demons, those generally referred to as dark elves, and other supernatural bengs aside no one is biologically, medically, mentally, or physically good enough to handle the full intensity of the power when they start off. In many ways you are not alone. Keep working, and hopefully you will make it to the top.


I am new to magick, and approached it after questioning the religion that I have had most of my life. I consider myself a natural empath, which lead me into my career in mental health. However, it can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to working with Spirit. I usually feel an entity before I see or hear anything. I am definitely interested in the left hand path, and part of my path working right now is de-indoctrinating so that I don’t fear working with demons and can get out of my own way. I have had good experiences so far as I learn evocation. I am also interested in astral travel and divination.


Hi everyone !

My name is Adonis9, i’ve been interested in magick & the occult ever since i was child, worked with a few different magicians intermittently to help do work for me and educate me more on the matter. I’ve always wanted to learn this art form myself, yet gaining these skills & powers seemed to elude me.

I started studying & practicing magick & sorcery with more focus & consistency a little over a year. I mostly prefer working with the LHP/dark forces/demons/deities but I’m open to work with other entities as long as there’s mutual benefit and agreement as I strongly believe in being balanced and pragmatic. I’ll be sharing in more detail where I’m at in my progress, but to sum it up I feel like I have grown and progressed a lot in this past year, but I also feel like I don’t have a gauge on where I’m at with my progress/ascent, definitely not where I want to be, not even close, so at the moment I’m faced with the challenge of getting myself out of this sticking point and start progressing again.


My Name is Nina, I live in Glasgow and i am a seeker, I know that LHP is for me when i told the pastor of my former church she lies and told all they are buying bull, I have always been physic and have seen things and know things which freak friends and my mother out. I was in bondage due to the love i had/ have for my mother by allowing her and her ministers to tell me how demonic possession is not for a child of a born-again christian…heaven/hell all that malarkey. I woke one day after having a weird dream where i met a shadowy figure who said i am being led astray, i woke up and picked up the bible and read it from page to page. every time i re-read it…it made even less sense to me, i had to led my mother know that her way isn’t mine, I follow my own path. i was meditating when an energy pushed me as if in a trance to YouTube, and i just typed Azazel, i have always known that name, I was born under Saturn my metal is silver, everyone there when i was born has always agreed that it was surreal.I found EA doing an evocation of Azazel and in my state all the words he was saying sounded familiar. so I am seeking to get good at evocation and to do some clairvoyance etc but most importantly to ascent to Goddess-like state to learn of knowledge power wealth and of course to pact my pact with Azazel official. I call him and I feel him and even though I haven learnt anything yet as i am a seeker he still does help me. Hail Azazel.


My name is Ronn. I live in the USA
I’ve read much on magic but never being a practitioner. Although I’ve had many mystical experiences that relate too lucifer/zeus /jupiter. From the age of 16 random people have said I remind them if a Greek god. I’ve walked into churches for different reasons one time receiving a peacock finger paint by some girls. years later a Christian girl had a word for me that god pointed me out and said “peacock” no I’m not very very cocky or try too stand out haha. I’ve tripped on acid before with a child hood friend who I hadn’t encountered in years and he said I remind him of the god jupiter (roman counterpart too zeus). I’ve been told my nature and demeanor reminds someone else of Thor. A gangster-type called me zeus once. And shortly after was at a state Fair and bought two stone necklaces one of them being a jupiter stone. So need less too say I have a connection with lightning and the archtypes of the element. I’m also a Pisces/Aquarius cusp which does implicate the elements of storms (water/air) I have a solid Christian up bringing always caught between pagan thoughts and Christian thoughts. Am a follower of Christ’s teachings although I don’t see in his heart he desires worship.

I may edit this post later… blessings everyone!


Thank you, for having me here. I’m from London and have been using tarot the for about 8 years now. Then about 3 years ago, due to a medical condition that the doctors cant seem to get a grip on, I’ve have been seeking my own path. Its a eclectic path that started with armchair ceremonial and planetary magick, reading mostly, with some practice in LBRP, Middle Pillar and sigils etc.