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I don’t know her. Why do you ask?


Hi my name is Thanos and I am new to magic I am a school student and I want to create a real life death note though I don’t know much ab magic

not a new member just an old returning one lol. but my name is jared and i’ve been practicing for about 4 years but am finally working towards my goal of making an occultism school / library, kind of like a modern day library of alexandria so all occultist’s have a safe place to practice and learn about every kind of magick as long as they’re worthy.

Greetings! I am also from Russia.


Welcome @Anchalion

Where are you from?

Practicing what, exactly? You haven’t actually told us anything about your experience.

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

Hello everybody!
My name is Aya.
I’m from Kazakhstan. I worked with sigils and Tarot here and there for about 8 years (outside specific traditions). Right now, I’m feeling a little bit stuck, so I want to get to know new people and learn from them.)
My current plan is to learn about Goetia, but I’m a complete beginner on this path.


Welcome @Aya

When you say “sigils,” are you referring to the Spare-style of turning an intent into a glyph?

Yes, I turn a sentence with my intent into a sigil.)

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I’m Maderyl and I like mind magic or tool-free magic. I’m here to learn as much as I can from everyone. Usually, I learn from books but I also learn a lot from just reading conversations between practitioners. Happy to be here. :blush:

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Welcome @Maderyl

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the BALG forum.

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m 36, male, from Denmark. I don’t really consider myself a magician or on any specific path of magick, yet I’ve read quite a lot of post here, and it seems that some of what I’m dabbling with falls into the category of what some might call magick.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had an open mind, and have always been searching for answers about life and existence. I’ve gathered quite a bit of knowledge and ideas about various metaphysical subject over the years, and keep looking for more.

I recently learned about though-forms such as servitors, and simply wanted to share my noob experience about this, hence my introduction :slight_smile:

Hope you all are well!


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Welcome @RunningWild

What, exactly, do you practice, and how how long have you practiced it?

Do you have any areas of interest beyond servitors?

Hello all
Im 23 years old He/Him based in small town Louisiana, and my name is Sovereign. That’s just the magical name I chose to represent my goals, I’m sure there is a better one out there for me and I hope to find it as I continue on this path towards Ascent
I always had a strong innate desire to be something more than the people I saw around me. And I’ve never known anyone in my family to be a practitioner, despite both my Viking and Native American bloodlines. I have a very long origin story as to how I started to walk this path so I’m going to avoid putting in this introduction, but if you’re interested in hearing it I’m going to post it somewhere on my bio or put a link here to a new thread once I figure how to use this site more effectively. But to summarize, I had an experience in my early teen years where I was plagued by an entity of unknown nature, I managed to remove it from existence through sheer strength of will and I have never seen it since but that experience is what opened my eyes to not only the planes and worlds beyond what is normally seen but it opened the doors to my own power. I have a thirst for all kinds of knowledge (matched only by my thirst for power) and that applies nowhere more so than in my practice, any knowledge that isn’t puffed up rubbish or steeped in religious dogma is welcome in my realm of thought, But right now my interests are centered around Evocation and baneful magic and anything concerning what is traditionally considered a “left-hand” path- I believe wisdom should be pulled from many sources for a well-rounded and fully realized individual so I don’t put a distinction on different kinds of magic as far as “dark” and “light” go, after all good and evil are subjective. I also have a new recent interest in vampiric magic but my knowledge on the subject is negligible. I also work extensively with powerful protection spells and intuitive spell crafting with varying degrees (mostly positive) of success. I have an interest in divination but I only know how to read tarot cards.
I actually found a book by EA Koetting that promised me exactly what I was hoping for and more but I am definitely struggling right now in how to reach the right state of mind to successfully evoke a spirit that is discussed in the work and is, so far, the only piece of work I have found it in which goes into an easy to follow discussion and guide to reach it. On the same strain of thought I’m also struggling with astral projection, clairvoyance, clairaudience and any of the extra sensory abilities besides claircognizance, and I am still barely able to recognize outside stimulus from what already goes on in my convoluted mind.
I will also go more deeply into my ambitions in the story I will be posting as putting it here will lead to me being even more long-winded, but I desire to possess and wield a level of power and knowledge that can conquer the source of creation itself.
I am a good-natured individual who enjoys knowledge and deep discussions, so I hope I will be welcome here.


Welcome @_Sovereign _

So, what exactly, do you practice, and how long have you been practicing it? You’ve said you have interest in a lot of things, but not much on what your actual experience is in besides “powerful protection spells.”

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

To answer your question, Evocation, a better phrase would’ve been “my current areas of study.” I used the word “interest” to refer to an “invested interest.” I apologize for the confusion my word use caused. The same can be said for every time I used the word interest when referring to a specific practice with the exception of the phrase where I mentioned vampiric magic

I also forgot to mention I worked with the 72 infernal djinn for a period of about 6 months, but I found their power to be extremely destructive and since my current intent is to build myself up instead of tearing down things that are troublesome I decided to take a leave of absence from their chaos
Also I didn’t answer your other question
I do not follow any one specific path or tradition
I like to take my knowledge from as many sources as possible and too many paths claim to be the one which is right

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And roughly how long have you practiced? You haven’t answered that part lol

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, the thing I’m trying to say is, I don’t exactly put the creation of thought forms into a certain box. Some might call it magick, some might call it a natural logical thing, and some might call it something else. I’m not much for boxes and labels. Also, I’m new to this, so a just a few weeks.

Anything and everything metaphysical is interesting to me :slight_smile:


Hello, Im 20 years old and use the name the OneUnderTheSun magickally. It represents to me learning useful techniques from all practices and incorporating them. I have been reading about magick for about 3 years through books and youtube , miracle of NAP, Gallery of Magick series,and Frater Xavier(Mind and Magick on youtube) .
My interest began with trying to influence people and start on a path to wealth.
I first started really practicing about 1 year ago and found the most success with the traditional western ceremonial magick that Frater Xavier teaches.
But my interest in demonolatry began when reading the “Demons of Magick” from the Gallery Of Magick series.
Ive begun reading Evoking Eternity and my goal with evocation is to bring me wealth to use to help my family’s financial problems.Im interested in working with Beleth, Dantaylion,and Gremori.

Thank you for your time.

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