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@Nir666 Please don’t start off topic conversations in the Intro thread. This is for introductions only.


Yes, it’s best to start a new topic and @ anyone you want to reply to off their intro here, please. :+1:

Aside from keeping things tidy, topics lock automatically at 10,000 posts, and we’re a long way off that yet, but best not to use up replies when you can start a new thread. :smiley:


Hello, I’m Amber.

I’m not really sure what to share. I don’t have any experience. But I’ve been researching the goddess Hathor. I feel very strongly connected to her and would like to find more information on her. That’s what brought me here. Looking for more information on her.
Her temple in Dendera is fascinating.

Other than that I don’t know what to say. I’m female from the US.

I’ll probably mostly be reading and figuring things out.


Hey everyone, I’m Miranda, 21 years old. Libra. I live in LA right now, but originally from the East Coast. I’ve been practicing Magick for around 4 years I think, but have become more serious about it the past year and a half.

I use a lot of Astrology in my practice. I find that it comes naturally to me, and I really enjoy it. And I guess I do more dark magick than anything. I just mostly use Magick to improve my life.

Currently, I’m working on learning as much as I can. I’m trying to find a career and learn to bring more abundance in my life. I also am working on learning more about myself.

I would say currently I struggle a lot with low energy right now. I haven’t felt the spark in a while to keep me going. But I’m slowly getting that back.


Welcome @Miranda

What exactly do you practice?

Do you follow a specific system or tradition?

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Hi Everyone, you can call me Carlos.

I think i got into “magick” three years ago when I came across a book about the lack of attraction. after that I kept on searching and reading for more books related to manifestation and shaping life. eventually, this search led to more modern magick books such as those of the gallery of magick. I have performed some basic rituals from the GOM books with some success. I have also performed on and off some inner magicks as well. i work mostly with the 72 angels and 72 demons of goetia. over the last 6 months i have been more focused in developing the basics more, meditation, energy work, intuition, etc. even thought i have been reading books about magick on and off for a while i still consider myself a beginner.

i would like to I’m prove my personal abilities, raising energy, manifestation, concentration, communication with spirits, and learn from other members of the forum.

Thank you all.


Cool. Dude.

What is your genetic/cultural heritage?
I’m assuming Latino, but would still love to hear from you…

How many hours a week do you devote to your Magick?

What kinds of Magick will you want to collaborate on?


Hey i hope im doing this correctly
im lena ,20, not comfortable sharing a picture but i came here to learn more about evoking
i currently hope to work with Duke Sallos and Duke Dantalion and hope im doing it correctly
thats all i guess


Hi, I’m Ghmagus

I’m a year into magick and came out of a Christian background.

I’m interested in all magic that assists growth, spiritual and material, so far I have worked with Solomonic magic

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Welcome @Carmen.roses

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick at all?

If you do, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

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Im from tunisia
I had a pact with king paimon for a couple of years now and he has helped me through some tough times but i never really had a solid experience with goetia and requesting help witha specific issues until a few days ago thats why i joined this place i found so much useful info

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How long have you practiced?

Do you work in a specific system or tradition?

How could you be in a pact with King Paimon if you have limited experience in evocation as a pact generally requires clear communication between the parties involved?

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Greetings one and all
I am BlazRa my demon is R҉i҉g҉t҉H҉
When I was a teenager I first saw the spirit in broad daylight
I was in a friend’s yard with some other friends and this being was two yards over staring at me,
it was very strange prior to this I’ve had no dealings with magic or trying to summon Spirits.
I’ve seen shadow people and ghost before but never anything like this,
his skin was dark gray his eyes were black and had no shine they looked Hollow he was very muscular.

Later that night he tried to take control of my body.
I woke to my body rotating counterclockwise from the waist up and I was unable to use my voice,
eventually I regained control and after that I just knew how to do black magic he put the information in my head as a reward,
so too thank the spirit I created my band & named it after him.
I’ve successfully created a ward of protection around my house that has been tested three different times one time with someone angry wanting to fight another time with cops both of those times for some reason they wouldn’t step on the porch so I guess the ward prevents them from doing that and the third time a hurricane was in the neighborhood and it didn’t damage my place at all but it did damage a home not too far away

I’ve also with the help of my demon managed to change someone’s mind one time when I was in jail I was threatened by a large Thug who threatened me at breakfast telling me he was going to attack me at lunch I’m not sure why he would tell me ahead of time so I asked my demon to intervene I was unable to do a proper ritual since I was in jail all I had to work with was myself and my demon and I didn’t make a sacrifice

when we were let out for lunch I saw him walking towards me when suddenly he tripped as if pushed by an unseen Force I know who that force was😀

I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you and I hope you enjoy my music

This…isn’t really an introduction. You just repeated what you said your previous post.

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?


Do you still do magick, as in evocations, or spells, etc?

And can your demon exist in a world without fancy fonts? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a good question until I started watching this guy’s videos I assumed it would be rude to do spells too much so I was very conservative with my casting and would only use magic when absolutely necessary now I’m finding out about path working and different things and I’m eager to try some of that stuff I tried to astral project I would like to get really good at that as well and the font is just you know to make it look cool it’s also a band name after all :eye::tongue::eye:


I’m from Georgia.
I practiced for 10 years and I don’t follow any specific Dogma or anyting I’m a black magician.
I just use what works,
although I am interested in learning how to astral project and how to get better at evoking demons to visualization because I’ve only seen my demon that first time ever since then I’ve just felt his presence or noticed subtle cues that he’s paying attention and theres also been the times when I’ve literally seen the effect of his action in the world like that time he tripped that man who was going to attack me


Sup Carlos I’m Raul welcome :horse::wave::cowboy_hat_face::mexico:

• Your magical name: Phoenix (allegedly Pheynex)
• Types of magic you like: I don’t know, I’m newbie
• Current ambitions: I think I couldn’t avoid this topic due to past events (whoever did it, he made every effort). I got thrown in at the deep end.
• Current fights: no

I come from Germany.

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, @Pheynex

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If you do, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If you don’t, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

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