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Hi Everyone,

I am a male 38, from South Africa. I have only recently started practicing again, after a hiatus of nearly 20 years. A hiatus stemming from a preference to drink instead of working on myself and my being. In my teenage years I was extremely intuitive and able to easily astral travel as well as being exceptionally talented in lucid dreaming and visions. Since I stopped drinking some talents have started to come back slowly. For some reason Lilith has called out to me a lot over the past few weeks, even before I quit drinking. I am not yet sure why tho. I have however started to establish a connection with her and daily it becomes stronger.
My main interest is more in demonolatry and dark/black magic.
Current ambitions is to become stronger within myself in a more metaphysical way.
Struggles, focus. I have very strong adhd and ocd tendencies which does intrude on my meditation. Only once Lilith enters my meditation state ( not sure if that is the right wording ) does my focus sharpen and the distractions lesson. Also during my alcoholic days I did piss off a demon, and I would really like to be able to learn a way of making peace with said demon ( I know his name, but will rather not mention it in public )

Currently working through S connolly’s books and have covered quite a few others too. But it would be amazing to find an experienced mentor.

( Fuck i hope that wasnt to long a intro! )

Hi i am Lucas i dont know too much about magicbut i know some stuff.i dont really try anything but currently i trying to know about succubus and i found this page accentialy by searching for succubus. Can someone tell me is succcubus are dangerous or not? And if it was not how to get a succubus i see someone having thier own succus on this page so can someone help me out with this. :smile:

So, if I’m understanding you correctly, you have no practical experience in magick?

Right but i am not like others i know more about magic than others people

Uh huh. Such as? What, exactly, do you “know,” if you have no practical experience? You’ve made multiple posts already asking people to tell you how to get a succubus so it’s doubtful you know more than “other people.”


What i mean by other people is people who is no interest about magic not people in here

Bruh stop complaning plz

Okay, so you have researched a bit. Is a succubus your only area of magical interest?

I’m not complaining. I’m trying to elicit more information so we know what knowledge and experience you have. It helps us to provide appropriate advice and direction.

I already told you the purpose of coming to this page is because of succusbus i saw this page beacuse of its so .

I know. All I asked was if a succubus was the only thing you were interested in lol

Magick is a wide discipline, and the subject that initially brings someone to this forum isn’t necessarily all that they are interested in so I’m just trying to get to know you a little.

Anyway, welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:

So u gonna tell me about succubus??

Please use the search function in the upper right. There are many threads with information on succubi.

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Hello guys,
I’m not new but I created a new account✌

Do you know what your screen name was previously? We can’t have duplicate accounts so @Lady_Eva will need to close the old one from being able to post :slight_smile:

We may still need a proper introduction, so that we know who you are and what types of practice you have experience with :slight_smile:


Yeah, can you please PM me from the old account if necessary to clear this up? Cheers. :+1:


This account suits me better I think. I’ve been away from the forum a while now. As for who I am KD, and or Luciferus is fine. I am a student of Kali Kula, Vama Marga Tantra as well as Black Magickian and Sorcerer. My main focus is a left handed approach to Kabbalistic Theurgy.

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Hi I’m new to site I’m just beginner hope to learn some thing

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Okay but I need to close posting from the old, and we will need an intro from this if you’re not going to carry over to the old one, please. :+1:

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My former account was under TheBrokenMold

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Thanks! You gave enough info there and it’s also right in your Profile, so all good, I’ll close posting from it, but you’ll still be able to log-in and continue any PM chats which are already ongoing, and access all your Bookmarks. :smiley:

You’ll get an automated PM from Timothy about that action, but that’s not relevant here.