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Hi I’m Landry boanerges i have worked with Theodore rose books, as well as angels of omnipotence. I have been practicing for 3 years now I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can.

Welcome @Westsideway

Where are you from?

Do you have any experience outside of the methods in those books?

What are your areas of magical interest?

Thanks DarkestKnight. I’m from Queens, NY besides the method prescribed in those books i have found im able to call any spirit or achieve any intention by utilizing a mix of intuition, candle, sigil and enn, sort of my own spin I guess, these things work if you just believe it will, also by arranging bible verses in such a way that fits my intentions since it’s supported by the verses I present it as a case for judgement for the Gods (like a role play of a defense attorney except using spiritual laws) it’s very effective I would say. I’m interested in making a spirit appear before me. I have done so in the past while I was in the midst of sleep and dream state with no effort but the being wouldn’t speak. I want to learn as much as I can about full evocation

from Washington. I find myself here because by barely reopening the door to a spiritual journey I’ve been ignoring I am back to serious dreamwalking/Astral Projection and telepathy and I’m interested to find what else my mind and soul can do. In the past I was interested in herbalism, intuitive witchcraft, astrology, healing others and had strong precondition. Then I was oppressed by a serious dark energy I married for 13 years (haha) and now I am interested in spreading my wings and learning from others. Maybe get back to some of the old, add something new.

Welcome @Ariessofine

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

What are your areas of magical interest?

Hello everyone, my name is Esther and I live in Germany. I am 42 and a psychologist. I practice magick only for a few months. So far I have been mostly involved in the Law of Attraction/ New Age and meditation. This enabled me to have great luck in winning. My biggest interest is in the energy healing and methods of energy psychology. I am here because I am in trouble and I am trying to solve it with magic. So far I have not had any success. I am especially interested in Angelic Magick and Chaos Magick. I am also in the process of gaining first experience with the demons of Goetia.

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My name is D, I’m from Europe. All my life I had interest in paranormal and in time I started doin magick, collected many books from various authors so I can’t say I have my type of magick but mostly what works for me.

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Please repost your full intro answer @Darkestknights usual questions:

  • Do you have any practical experience in magick?

  • If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced?

  • Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

  • What are your areas of magical interest?

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I do not have any experience in practicing magick. Areas of magical interest would be (and I don’t know if these have specific names) digging through the psyche of another, healing with touch or massage, sexual energy, dreamwalking and astral projection.

Hey that’s y introduction,

I’ve been practicing recently but have been psychic and tapped in all my life

I do not.

My first worthy to tell expiernce i had was when azazel gave the black flame to me.


Not yet comfortable enough maybe one day tho.

Goal to be Successful/ struggle my broken romantic relationship.

Welcome @Altair1

Practicing what, exactly? And how long is “recently?”

Nothing specific I got hood at scanning I got a couple of attunements I gave some attunement I’m just into the meta physical in general

Hi. I’m 25 years old and I’ve been interested in magic and the supernatural for pretty much my entire life. I worked with Goetic demons for a short period of time before becoming a Mahayana Buddhist, but after a terrible psychotic breakdown and a nasty falling out with them I’ve (almost) left that part of my life behind. Now I’m on the bodhisattva path to enlightenment and hoping to become a deva in my next rebirth. Cheers.

Welcome @Virago

Where are you from?

How long did you practice?

Did you follow any specific system or tadition?

What brings you to the BALG forum?

Thanks. I’m from California. I only worked with the demons for a few short months before they fucked me over. I don’t believe I used a specfic system since I did most of my dealings with them through the book Goetia Pathworking, and evidently it seems to have worked for me because the first time I called on Asmoday he came in very strongly energetically speaking. I’m on BALG because I have a question about a possible impostor spirit that I will be getting to shortly.


My name is Shawna from Canada. I have been practicing for less than a year. I felt alone in my practice and wanted to meet new people who share the same interest.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Shawna89.

Practicing what, exactly?

Are you following any specific system or tradition?

What are your areas of magical interest?

@DarkestKnight I don’t really follow any specific system. I found my uncles book of Shadows and started from there. I would like to learn more about hoodoo and the lefthand path

What did he practice? Witchcraft?

@DarkestKnight Yes he was a practicing witch. I didn’t pay it too much attention when I was Kid. It feels like I’ve had a spiritual awakening and my inner being has brought me to witchcraft. He no longer practices and I refrain from asking him.