Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum 2.0

Roughly, how long?

Since the mid 90s!


I’m the wolf.

I’m interested in Arabian Magic and Arabian Theurgy.

I am a beginner and currently focused on learning to acquire and work with items related to Arabian occult.

Welcome @thewolf

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience at all?

If so, how long have you been practicing?

Do you have any other areas of interest besides Arabian magick?

Very limited experience, and less than a year.

This is the only area of the occult I’m interested in

Hello, I’m Klaus (or Sierra). I have long been interested in the magic of various cultures. Because of a paranormal event I experienced in my childhood, I took my step on this endless road with satanism. Nowadays, I continue my journey without limiting myself, using all the methods I like. A few of my interests are dragon magic, egyptian magic, scandinavian magic, demonology, angelology and definitely black arts :smiley:

Thank you for doing in introduction as requested @Klaus_Tenebrarum

Where are you from?

So what do you currently practice, and how long have you been practicing?

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

I live in Turkey, I am not tied to any particular path, I usually spend my time on control spells. (And spells for my business) There is a book about Lady Hecate that I started writing a few months ago, so apart from the astral evocations, I’ve been focusing on arabic magic lately, even though it makes me feel uncomfortable I’m learning.

…and how long have you been practicing?

Almost 9 year

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Hello, I’m Labara (not my real name), I’m a 32-year-old woman, I’ve been living with a partner for a few years, we have three pets.
Trying to change my lifestyle, eating habits, practices in the sun, exercises for my body and mind, including meditations too.
I have been reading content about occultism, tarot, and magical practices for many years.
I came to learn and share.
I followed the youtube channel for learning (unfortunately it no longer exists) #sad
Currently I have been practicing solomon goetia, trying to venture into other areas.

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Hello Mulberry, hope your well,

I know that this probably isn’t the place to ask this, but I am new to the forum and am having trouble finding out how to post my introduction :sweat_smile:

Would you be able to help me please?

You already got it! :smiley: So what you just did to write to me, do it again and write a bit about your magick instead: you’re right here in the perfect location. :tada:

Tips for a great intro are to include:
Your cultural background (where you’re from) as this affects your magick through your outlook even if you don’t do ancestor work, how long you’ve been practicing, what you practice and what you’re interested in next. :+1: :slight_smile:


Hello, I hope your all ok,
I am just writing to introduce myself,

On any online site I am known as Loki.
I am from the UK and up to about two years ago was a Christian.
I haven’t really practiced any magick yet, but have read a lot about it and am particularly drawn to N.D. Blackwood’s book Draugadrottinn. I have a great interest in Vampirism.
It is in Vampirism that I want to pursue my magick.

P.S. I have recently learnt about the Temple of the Vampire, dose anyone know anything about it?

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Welcome @vodka1

Where are you from?

How long have you been practicing?

Are you following any specific system or tradition?

What are your areas of interest?

Thank you for your help Mulberry!

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My intruduction

Hi guys my name is pakttaro.
Im from germany and very interested in magic.
There is not much to say about me because im very new to this.
My first step was a pact with father lucifer.
Im very interested and excites about this forum.

Regards pakttaro

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Pakttaro

Do you have any practical experience yourself, or only through a third party?

What are your areas of interest?

I have no practical experience yet
I just hired someone for this.

My interest is to become a living god.
Means self development and knowledge of the occult

I’m new here
I want riches and power
I listened to a naamah invocation once.
I hover around with an air of lust
I want to control it
I want to be feared and respected
I need help