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The card haunts me :joy: I understand why it would bring amusement. Thank you, I am glad to be here!


Hello! o/

My nickname on here will be Merina - it is nice to finally get a chance to interact with everyone. I have been a long time lurker, as this forum appears open to the public, but lately, I have felt the urge to create an account. It is rather hard to exactly pinpoint the years I have been practicing magic, as I used to be one of those armchair philosophers with a lot of occult knowledge since early age (seriously, getting my hands on a book other than boring white magic or reading about herbs was a pain before the internet and living in a rural area). So, let’s be realistic and go with five years. I can understand most entities fairly well and feel them, even smell a few, but I am unable to see - except when I am shown visions or visited during dreams. I believe to be good in manifesting things, but I suck at astral travelling. Not sure, what category to put myself in, either. I guess you could break it down in me starting out as a kiddo trying out anything I could get my hands on (which was not much), then being all theoretical about it for a long time, moving on to norse paganism, trying out ceremonial magick and carefully stepping onto the left hand path.

My first evocation was with Buer when I was 21. Back then, I thought I did something wrong because I was not cured of my illness and I only realised years later that he was indeed the one who pointed me into the right direction and getting the much needed correct diagnosis. Even though I read that magic oftentimes looks like a happy coincidence, I did not really “understand” this. Well. Because I stopped experimenting at one point in my life and only read books. :smiley: I am 33 now, though, and a lot has changed. My biggest flaw, I think, is being too sceptical, even though I get results, sometimes unbelievable ones. Currently, I am trying to get better at scrying into a black mirror and getting stronger in my abilities, perhaps finding something yet hidden. I currently live in Germany.


Hi I go by Ac 222 I have been practicing magic for two years I don’t consider myself a expert occultist yet but have every desire to become a very skilled occultist I have only worked with the Goitia and Lillith so far yet have achieved great results

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Welcome @Ac23 Please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

What, exactly,do you practice?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

Waht are your areas of interest?

I have worked with the Goetia and I have also worked with Lillith I don’t know if i follow a specific tradition I am interested in the qlipoth yet have not attempted

I am from The United States

What method or system did you use?

I don’t know if i have a specific system from a book or occult order I simply took pieces of practices from various sources what I basically do is create a circle draw a sigil put the sigil in a different space usually give a offering or burn certain incense then start chanting till I feel the energy of the spirt I wish to work with I don’t bind any of the spirts I work with or anything like that at most the circle acts as a form of protection

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum.

I go by Razor. He/Him

I am in the Left Hand Path for spiritual evolution, and incorporate both Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path practices into my magick.

My current spiritual path that I am focusing on is vampirism. I am also initiating the trees of Life and Death.

I am working on fine tuning my clair senses as well as further exploration in the astral realm. Currently I am able to remote view and control my astral body without doing a full projection. I am looking to expand my skillset and discipline in astral projection as I believe it is a very important skill to have. But for now, I make do with remote viewing.


How old are you?

Welcome @anon78181153

Where are you from?

So what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you been practicing?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

My location is on my profile last I checked, new york.

I do not have a specific practice. I have actively been practicing for a year. I am initiating the tree of life and will initiate the tree of death in the near future. I’ve been studying occult subjects (instead of doing homework) for five years now.

I have experience with vampirism, infernal energies, and intense negative/adversarial forces.

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Been involved in the spiritual domain for about 27 years.

Was curious to see the occult scene online, and see how things have changed.

Hope to help a couple people with personal insights.

Allergic to idiocy and greed.

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Welcome! You should tell us more about youself so we know how you can contribute to the forum.

Below are some common questions for newcomers:

Where are you from?

What specific traditions, currents, and other areas of the occult do you practice?

Which would you consider youself skilled in?

What are your areas of interest? What do you hope to learn during your time here?

Thank you!

Was involved in the underground Satanic scene for 10 years or more.

Been a Tantric sadhak of an actual genuine lineage for 10 years too

Interested in broadening the mindset of some who may be interested or inclined in similar avenues.

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Hi y’all. I am Diamond 1961 and I’m from Europe.
I have always been drawn by Magick since I was a child. My mother’s family practiced a sort of “folk” magick, e.g. pendulum for divination and some kinds of healing practices, but without actually being witches or following any particular magick.
I started approaching to magick more systematically to solve a difficult problem I had (and that I am still facing, actually :frowning: ), with a toxic and abusive relative of mine. I asked for help to some brujos and magicians but without any results and spending a lot of money, so I decided to “study” and to approach magick on my own. I started with Hoodoo first and after some time I discovered the Gallery of Magick and “fell in love” with Angels, Demons, pathworking etc. I am still experimenting, but I do feel this is the right path for me and I hope I can solve my problem now. I am still struggling with connection and feeling the angels’ and demons’ presence when doing magick, so I am focusing on this right now.
Happy to be here! Lots of information and good discussions :blush:

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @diamond1961

How long have you been practicing?

What are your areas of interest?

I started practicing Hoodoo about 2,5 years ago. Now, it is 1 year I have started practicing with the books by GoM or similar. I began with the books by Gordon Winterfield, “Angels of Wrath” and then “Demons of Magick”, but I got no results with them. I then tried with “The Magick of Angels and Demons” by Henry Archer and I got some results, but not on my main problem with this abusive relative; nothing seems to work towarad them :sweat: I am now trying with Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, I love the pathworking approach and I feel it can be the good one. I must focus on meditation, because I am not able to sense any presence or sign. I have never tried a full evocation and I am a newbie on that. I hope I can get some good knowledge and advice from this site :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the BALG forum.