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And how long have you been practicing?

Demonology or demonolatry? One is the study of demons and their lore, and one is the religious worship of demons.

Welcome @FurorFuroris

So, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

I am a beginner of 1.5 years. but a quantum leap was made

it is the study of demons and their knowledge. I do not bow to anyone religiously. but I treat all forces with respect. I have excellent results.

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I started to open up to magic when I was very young, between ups and downs I have therefore been practicing for 20 years…My constant practices are the traditional ones of my land, they are rural practices that can be defined as green or natural magic, therefore herbs, animals, powders, very similar to hoodoo I think. I used to read tarot cards but I find it easier to use intuition. I don’t follow any religion or cult, I’ll take what works, otherwise I thank and move on. I am currently interested in contact with the spirits of the dead and African magic, if I have the opportunity I will speak in a discussion of this meeting I had. I think I have had many successes with the manifestation, with the magic of the seals, with the rituals invented and adapted by me. I follow my instincts. As I said, a little bit of everything. I hope over time to be able to present myself better, thanks to all.


Ive been practicing binding and banishing magic for almost seven years, using seals, rocks and swords, knives or anything made of steel.

Nothing related to a cult, religion or something like that, more like taking from here, a bit from that and making my own thing.

My current area of interest are the “demonic” world, because in my search for God I only found lies and fallacies, the truth I asked for is in this path, there is no doubt about it.

Hope this answers works for you.


I am Ayaan From India. I am a witch. I belong from Hindu family but having no problem to practice with other deities and Beings.

I work with Kali Ma as well As Shiva. I am Grey witch. White magic’ and dark magic are nothing but only Perception of Human understanding- that’s what i think.

So happy to be here.

Hi all!!! My name is Madison but you can call me Lilith. I am 23 years young and dropped out of college because nothing satisfied me. My initial major was Philosophy and as you can imagine, I wondered down the rabbit hole until I discovered a little sub-genre of sorts called Occult Philosophy. Living in the bible belt was and is still not easy at all for me. I was hesitant to bring the Occult Philosophy topic up to my Professors. I guess you can say that my knowledge wasn’t quenched enough.
My family has a very strong religious background. My grandma is an avid Baptist and my Mom and Stepdad are both religious fanatics as well. I wasn’t satisfied with just going along with what the preacher said. I was always the one who questioned if God is truly real or not. My family could not give me a straightforward answer and neither could the preacher.
One thought that came to me when I was 13 was that since the most sadistic and evil people can do wrong on Earth and not believe in God until they’re about to be executed on Death Row, why do they suddenly demand forgiveness and God just automatically lets them into Heaven? By that logic, Hell does not exist and neither does Heaven. There can’t be good without evil. The Yin and Yang fall apart. So what are we left with now?
I have always gone against the religious grain in the sense that I questioned God’s true motives. If god really is all-powerful, all-knowing, and truly Omnipotent, then why hasn’t he stopped all the bad things from happening? Couldn’t he just let the Earth be filled with joy and Happiness instead of Hunger and Evil?
I really didn’t give magick a second-look until one year ago when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The ER doctors found over 15 tumors on my liver. They didn’t think that I would make it to Christmas of 2021. Regardless, I have encountered death multiple times through suicidal attempts because of my mental illness issues as well as Cancer.
The magick that I’m interested in is The Left-Handed Path. Particularly Black Magick & The Qliphoth as well as the Tree of Death and the 22 Tunnels. I also like any Black Magick having to do with the Necronomicon and Daemons. I want to learn all that I can on those subjects to become a true and better Ascendent God-like version of myself. I want to be truly reborn and refreshed.
My current struggles are mental illness. I currently have diagnosed Bipolar Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD. I sought out this thread because throughout my whole life, I have let my Mental Illnesses get the best of me. I want to learn how to truly love and embrace myself for who I am.

Welcome @MintConditionSpirits

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

If you don’t have any experience, what areas of magick are you interested in learning more about?

I am from Texas, USA. I have not had any practical experience in Magick whatsoever. I am very new. I am very interested in learning more about Black Magick and all it has to offer. I plan to enroll in the courses and buy all of the books on the BecomeaLivingGod website. I’m currently saving up some money right now.

Take a look at our tutorials section. There is much there that can get you started.

Ok. Thank you!!

magic I don’t have a name my name is mustafa my age is 21 magic tour i’m interested in love and money spells i’m new i can do it before and i don’t have the skills

Welcome @Mustafa1 Please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

If you don’t have any experience, what areas of magick are you interested in learning more about?

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Hello all!

My birth name is Kyle. I’ve recieved no new names from any spirits lol. I am 36 years old, and I am happily married with 1 child. I own my own business refinishing floors. I would consider myself magickally very inexperienced. I guess I have been reading a lot of books on the spiritual subject for the last 2 years, mostly from mainstream religions. To be honest with you I have actually avoided left hand path material because of my ignorance, about what it actually entails.

Over the years of my life I really ignored my shadow side, and this was causing me some health and discipline problems. Where my left hand path journey began was around January of this year, where I began practicing Kundalini meditation. I am a bisexual male, and I guess you could say I was repressed sexually in my relationship, as my wife is very vanilla in bed. At the time I wouldn’t admit this, mostly because I didn’t want to be confused about my relationship. Well doing this meditation for about 2 weeks every evening quickly opened up a can of worms. I dreamt of a ritual (not on purpose), on how to get a succubus and I tried it out in the real world. It was quite powerful. I also started hearing a womans voice in the daytime warning me of future dangers. I ended up packing up my business and moving to my wifes hometown, where we plan to put together a small homestead on our 2.6 acre property.

The entity I was in contact with ended up being Lilith, which surprised me. I had seen her name before in various books and I always felt drawn to her. I never explicitly asked for her though because I didn’t want to be like "durr I did it all for the nookie :troll: ". I know it is her though, because I have had visions of owls whist meditating, and when we were moving to the new house that we were going to buy, the deal fell through and instead we ended up getting a spot that was a lot better. The first week I was here we heard Barn owls making their wild noises every night around 3am. Anytime I have asked her for confirmation I hear the owl, but I don’t hear them unless I ask. I also know it is her because of the physical reactions my body has when I meditate. I even think she had possessed me, or one of her subordinates did because for about 2 weeks I felt different then normal. Extremely sensual, which I have never felt, and I kept blurting out things to people that needed to be said, but normally I would hold it in. It ended up benefiting me quite a bit. I actually miss the feeling.

Recently I think she has taken a back seat because I feel kind of like my older self again, except of course I am changed by my experiences. I am here to seek out the next steps I must take and discuss with like minded people.

Hello! The name I go by is Volero.

Most of my magickal activity is in Astral travel, Talismans, and mirror skrying. (Visions) My current pursuit is improving on the practice of mediumship.

I’m also an investor and magickal treasure hunter, and love connecting with other Astral adventurers and seers. Excited to find many opportunities here.

Welcome @anon2781024

Where are you from?

How long have you been practicing?

Do you follow a specific system or tradition for making talismans?

@DarkestKnight I’m from the Bay Area in California, and have about 7 years of experience with a variety of divination practices, rather shallow though. But skrying and Cartomancy are my strongest.

I never followed a tradition. I’ve relied on keeping certain spirits close for protection and insights. My Talisman creation method is repeated invocation of energy during consecration.

Hello fellows; I am a Bored_Artist or Doc. It’s been genuinely nice “meeting” you all through some of the forums/posts I have read. I find this resource and community fascinating and way more helpful than anything I have encountered yet. These are first impressions, but I have a pretty good feeling it’ll last. I hope I can be a good contribution!

**Intro Basics: **
Name/Location: I am Doc, and I currently stay in Michigan.
Preferred Magick: I do not know what my preferred magick or study is just yet. I am new; I have been aware and new for most of my life, but afraid to take any real steps (more on that below).
Magick struggles: Everywhere, everything; I did this to myself, more on that below.
Where can I provide help: … hm. Well, for now, I can be an example to other newbies as I inevitably eat a little dirt (or enjoy victory).

Intro Acidics: (This is sort of long so feel free to pass it by, but maybe it will help in describing why/how I am here):
Why I am here: To learn more. I am struggling to specify what. I want some level of involvement and improvement in magick and in interacting with spirits. I have had experiences since young, but mostly threw them all out the window in fear of what would happen to me if I engaged in this fantastical darkness (a hooded figure in the mirror was pretty fantastic to me then. And it is now; I just don’t mean “Harry Potter” fantastical). I already had a mentally abusive upbringing that always pinned me as the villain in a manipulatively religious home, so, unfortunately, I spent most of my years secretly admiring and overtly rejecting things I feel I should have been embracing for years.

Experiences: Briefly (and without proper terms, because I don’t know them yet); foreign entities visiting in and out of dreams (sleep paralysis, mirrors); dream predictions/warning?/premonitions?; communicating with a lingering entity (I could expand on it more when an opportunity arises and if appropriate, but I am hugely skeptical even of myself and I can’t help wanting to avoid sounding like a delusion gloat).

Experience: Almost none. I have a beautiful tarot deck that was gifted to me; after realizing there was a Disney character on there, I fell way out of tune with it. WAY out of tune. I can’t focus. I can’t get past Elsa. Why is that on my card? I don’t know, but I don’t like it.
I also have some experience using a pendulum, and I’d say it’s actually decent experience for personal use. However, I am skeptical, so struggle with two resulting issues; imposing my expectations on the process, and testing the entity, again. And again. And again. With little to give but my time and my gratitude for its time (for all I know it was a very dedicated parasite, but if it wasn’t I am guessing this is not the best way to treat a responsive spirit). I still don’t even know what “it” was, and I would like to learn how to reach out to something higher than me to try and get answers if that’s possible and polite.

What hasn’t gone well (fears, indignation): “I’m going to hell.” Yep, that has plagued me and still plagues me from time to time. Even though I push it to the bottom of my concerns now. Maybe that’s why I am not afraid to ask questions on a forum like this; because, in previous years, I’d glance at the front page briefly before closing my incognito tab and running to say grace before my meal. Because of this fear, I had further withdrawn into willful ignorance. Then there’s indignation; this entity I was exploring with did not work the way I expected it to; it did not have the exact characteristics I wanted it to and it didn’t behave the way I expected it to. It had a personality, and this ultimately led to some arrogance and irritation on my part. I cut it, and everything “spooky” off for the past year, not expecting that it would be so difficult to “turn it back on”. I just wanted to be an animal on a chunk of rock. Maybe some people can genuinely get on with life this way, but it is not working for me. Neither was my previous spiritual lifestyle.

My curiosity(s): So much. I could not list them all right now (actually I could, but this is already turning into a novel).
Personal challenges I have (so far): I am maybe too skeptical, I am still instilled with lingering Christian beliefs and fears, I am scared of letting my emotions be part of this new path (and it naturally wants to, apparently, I am immediately excited and happier than I am on any typical indoor day), I am very attached to someone who is devoutly Christian. Don’t know how or when I should come clean about not being able to live up to their Christian views of greatness.


For some their first magical boss battle takes place with parasitic infestation, a poltergeist or an impostor spirit.
And for others there are disney princesses to overcome :relieved:
I am sorry, this part of the intro made my day.

Welcome @Bored_Artist , glad to have you here :slight_smile:

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