Confusion and desire to walk away

I remember summoning more than 10 spirits in a week,That I summoned a ton of spirits in 1 month, etc,I fell in love with this path when I had my first success. I had magically accomplished something that I could never have accomplished with my own physicality. The girl was so attached to me that not a day could go by without seeing me.

Then I turned her into a different desire by casting a spell, and bam, everything turned upside down this time, the girl broke off her relationship with me and reunited with her ex, her family started not to want me.

what i did after that nothing happened i started doing a lot of research on love and it made me feel hopeless,then when i hooked that girl up to myself a question popped up in my mind this will be over i will go back to doing successful spells i spent months translating a lot of books into my language during this time i felt more and more hopeless,The girl started to walk away I became her last choice now this question is starting to freeze in my head:

I CAN NEVER GET IT NOW, TOO FAR,why am i still doing magic.

I couldn’t get rid of it, this question completely took over my mind and body,A sense of hopelessness filled my whole soul, and it swirled in my mind that no matter what I did, it would all go to waste.

'Cause I don’t need anything but this damn woman, I don’t want anything else, I just want to get this woman and regain my lost desire for life,I really need advice cast a spell to forget it etc. I don’t want this advice.

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Because obviously you are very talented at this? I mean:

That looks perfectly done, in my book. Other people would take a bath in scalding water while listening to Justin Bieber songs backwards in the middle of a lively market place to have that kind of success.

Magick is to learn. You might have failed in one bit:

And you could make it to your “quest” to find out what exactly went wrong and try to reverse the effect.
Or you could apply a similar approach to another person you’ll feel attracted to, minus the mistake you did the first time.

The bottom line is: you had what you wanted. You created what you wanted. Out of seemingly nothing. This is no one-trick pony, its something you can build your whole future with.


yes thanks to gaap i got what i wanted then i used the same spirit to increase these feelings even more and everything went to shit i trusted this spirit

I was initiated into Saturn so that when I get stronger, maybe I can cast stronger spells. This initiation did nothing for me.

That’s the problem, I have a feeling nothing is going to work anymore, and I need to stay away from magic altogether.

Since when? This was your intro barely two months ago (which you never completed, by the way. I asked you to provide more information but you never did).


You could try your hand on non-love related magick for a while. To get reliable insights about what currently works and what doesn’t (and if it doesn’t: how could it work next time?).

The good thing about magick is that you can experiment to your heart’s content :slight_smile: Take what really clicked into place for your last successful approaches and do something new with it. Maybe you have a hand for wealth related workings or for divination or energy work. There is so much uncharted territory but you’ll never know if you won’t go further.

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Every day, almost every day, I awaken a spirit, sometimes for a purpose and sometimes to further develop my prudence, I can share with the whole diary what I have done on the other forum, it’s okay, I already shared my greatest achievement here.

I don’t open a topic here, it doesn’t mean I don’t, I mostly don’t spend time on the internet.

I can do that, but every minute I walk away from him for personal reasons will make me lose him. This is not a good thing, it is very destructive for me.

I don’t know until further deals I’ll go, I will offer a powerful person to write a book about her and introduce her to the public in exchange for bringing this girl to me.

A hard pill to swallow: sometimes personal reasons are more important than a person that we’d like to keep.

Reading your first entries, you talked very negatively about yourself. As if you wouldn’t be enough on your own, as yourself. It is in your rights to try your best to get her back again, of course. But in all honesty: you don’t need her or anybody to be enough on your own.
Maybe one of the most valuable lessons that magick can bring is to discover your own worth, the richness and the potential of your very self and your place in this world.

No matter how you decide, don’t give up. Apparently you are able to do some amazing things, why throwing it away?

If you want to erase that feeling (or rather, that assumption) you could try LadyEvas famous whiteboarding magic :+1:

You can remove this attachment using the poppet spell I posted. It’s designed to kill this kind of pain. Just make the poppet represent this exact attachment.

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Anyway then let me find another target and then I can cast a spell to get this girl.

I want to push the impossible. Which entity should I go to to master the soul journey in 2 weeks?

Thats the spirit :+1:

Could you elaborate on what a “soul journey” would include for you? :slight_smile:

all aircraft navigation, mastering, etc.

last night i prayed naamaha and slept.

I had a dream in a dream I was taking the girl’s hair and using it for magic as if she didn’t want me to give up the naamah she believed that eventually that girl would be mine. what do you think about that?

This is just my personal opinion from my similar experience, but i think if you grow enough spiritually and become wiser as a person, you will be easilly able to cope with or without any woman. I’m not saying that you are immature tho, i’m just saying that you should find within yourself the reason you are psychologically ‘‘addicted’’ to any person and the answers there will solve you the problem.
i’ve been in real love with a girl and when she broke up with me i thought the same things with you back then, that she is the only thing i want etc. Little that i know…
After many years where i matured and grow up and became a better and wiser person, the only thing i regret is that i spent too much time to think about her, while the problem was mine.
I was addicted to her because i was incomplete as a person, i had a huge ego and i was scared that i will not find another girl like her. I was wrong in everything, but i found the root of the issue.
Trust the flow of things, let it go, keep moving forward.

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This. Move on and you’ll find someone who loves you back as much as you love them.

In the meantime, go live your life. I’m seeing Naamah coming up a lot. Why not just go all in on them for a while? Make a daily devotional practice but change the focus to self improvement, meeting other girls, getting laid a lot, and having adventures?