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Im from Greece and i practice ceremonial magick and im also interested in hoodoo. My personal goals are spiritual evolution and general improvement in my life and career :slightly_smiling_face:

Which system?

I have the book demons of magick by gordon winterfield but i prefer to work in a daily routine with a more simple way by using the sigil of each demon, his enn and concentrating and meditating on the energies. Not sure how this system is called, maybe Cabbalistic?
I dont go by the books but how my heart tells on such things. Always respecting the spirits and wanting mutual collaboration and interaction with them.

Awesome. Thanks for elucidating more and welcome to the BALG forum.

Thank you very much @DarkestKnight :blush:

Hey I’m new to demons and magic practice my name is Shay I want to start working with demons I don’t know anything about magic

What areas of magick do you want to learn more about?

I’m Jeremy, from a very young age I began to be interested in Lucifer, magic and demons. Currently I want to develop my magic a little but the truth is it is very unstable, that is, sometimes there are weeks that work and other weeks they just don’t. I’m reading a gallery of magic books and looking here in the forum for the solution to that problem.

Welcome to the forum @Jeremy.

We don’t need personal info like age that can be used to potentially identify you, and in the interests of your internet security I removed that data.

So how long have you been actively practicing and what kind of magick do you enjoy the most?

ok, I put my age because I saw others do it, I won’t mention it again, and as for magic I only use it when I need to solve a problem in everyday life, like when I use a kind of mind control ritual, I made my brother bought me a new phone and it really worked, my brother went into debt to buy me a phone, but now I don’t know what happened to my magic, it doesn’t work like it did a few weeks ago, but I think maybe my mind blocks the magic since I suffer ADHD and I can’t concentrate at all and my mind thinks too much. Is there a ritual to eliminate negative thoughts and concentrate?

I have adhd and I can do magick just fine, it’s a matter of finding it interesting enough. Distraction happens for boring things.

Before we get into specifics, which sounds like it’s worth taking to it’s own thread… this is the intro thread and still have not completed your intro.

Could you answer the questions I asked?

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Hello all. I’m Natasha. I’ve been on the forum for a couple years, and a lurker way longer than that, but I was too hasty in choosing a username. As I’ve been learning and growing, the desire to write about and discuss the journey has developed into almost a need, but I have kept my contributions to a minimum because we can’t change our usernames and I knew I would be creating a different account that would be more permanent. So here I am again, new account, and will delete the old one shortly. And since there has been so much that has changed, I decided to just do a fresh intro.

Please forgive the change in style here, but my OCD has trouble passing up bulleted lists.

How long have you been practicing?
About two and a half years. I would call it more “studying” than “practicing.” Only recently began cleansing/banishing/protection work for myself, which came about out of necessity, and a subject I’ll get into more detail with in forthcoming journal entries.

Do you follow any particular system or tradition?
Despite walking along the LHP, studying magick, and meeting a few well known spirits, I still consider myself a Christian. My experiences have actually had the effect of solidifying my faith. I’ve come to the conclusion both left and right hand paths need to be studied, each deserving equal amounts of attention. They’re not opposing forces, they’re two halves that combine into one whole.

Do you have any practical experience in magick?
Again, none until recently, and I’ve only been attempting to do the fundamentals.

Where are you from?
The same US state that Starlord is from, just the other side. The people who hailed from my area built Vegas, and are usually portrayed as the antagonists in Fargo. Oh, and according to some, it’s the site of the Biblical Garden of Eden, located just south of where Christ is set to appear at Armageddon.

Photos if you’re comfortable
I’ll set my profile pic as soon as this posts.

Current ambitions/struggles
Ambitions: To be successful in this new field I started in. Break out of my shell and do things my inhibitions have been holding me back from (FYI: The answers to the questions that this statement will undoubtedly spawn are nearly all NSFW). Socialize more despite my introversion. Do more good in the world.
Struggles: I’m a PhD (ABD), so sitting in front of a keyboard and attempting brevity can be a struggle like no other. Also, I am transgender.

One last note, this is one of my all time favorite forums. Not just talking about the subject matter or the quality of posts and the people here, but also functionality and aesthetics. My first public thank you here is to the minds who put it all together.


ok sorry, answering your questions

I have been studying magic for 2 years and about a year ago I started practicing it.

What catches my attention the most about magic are demons and magical or spiritual growth.

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Hi everyone my name is Manuel, and I’m in this journey because I strongly believe in magic I think magic is the same as programming reality, and these last years I couldn’t take out of my heart the feeling that I’ve been waisting my time in not learning magic so I decided today to start this privileged life, besides I’ve always had problems in every job with peruvians and they made me loose my jobs so im tired of it and I want to use karmic revenge with magic, I’ve reading about sigils and I don’t know how to use them there’s a sigil to bring bad luck to an enemy so where do I draw that sigil Or where do i put it? I’d appreciate your help, thank you in advance

Hello all I am a magician/seer specialising in unblocking & getting truth without illusions My eyes see far & seem to have no limits, I hope to learn more about myself & share way I know. My body is young & my soul ancient thus far I have no soul age Yet I’ve seen.

Hope this covers all your curious question s.

Welcome @Jackops

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so what, exactly, do you practice and how long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

What are your areas of magical interest?

Australia, home of many dead & decayed cows perfect for my work.

Pracicioner or spell & divinations, at least 10 years exsperianced, & I hope to get into necromancy.

I am an anticosmic demonolator
I have loosely and quietly studied various aspects of the occult clandestine throughout my life and began to practicing in my early 20s
most of my practices and personal gnosis are closed unless i am guided to share otherwise
i produce sonic hz for auric and chakra cleansing, rite and ritual empowerment, banishing, hexing and cursing. various other employment as well.

Welcome @amenti218

How long have you been practicing?