Intro + seeking Vampyric teacher/mentor

Hello, I am a young practitioner who grew up in a philosophically and spiritually restrictive christian home and quickly saw that it was no way to live or remain, after meeting with someone online I began working in the magick of Saturn and from there various anticosmic traditions (which I do not name directly as to not profane them) I have been practicing for two years but have gained power quickly due to past lives of practice , I have had plenty successful manifestation and I have read various Martinet Press books on vampyrism/other authors as well and have practiced it but I know that there is a further to be gained working practically with another person than by just reading . I seek to hone the skill of vampyrism under the guidance of someone whos “been around the block” I cannot do much in the way of monetary payment but I can give offerings to your inner flame to stoke it. Only serious experienced practitioners need apply, nobody seeking to fuel their ego through playing Sensei

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I am in no position to mentor anyone. But what would you like to learn? There are probs people here who may help you.

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@SaturnianVoid2182 I can tell you tried to slip an intro in here, but it still doesn’t fir the criteria for a proper introduction. Please edit this topic and tell us a bit more about your experience in magick and any success you may have. It is a rule of this forum.
For now I am flagging the post for the mods to move to the proper category and edit your title with a +intro.


@Mystic-Void No need for the mods. Any Regular can move a topic to another category.

@SaturnianVoid2182 Please properly introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself and your experience in magick. It is a rule of this forum and as @Mystic-Void pointed out, this post does not meet the requirement of our rule.

Also, please note this forum is NOT a shopping network for free magical work or mentorship. Why would an experienced magician, who has “been around the block” require any sort of empowerment from you, if it is you who are seeking mentorship?

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Thanks @DarkestKnight . I will leave it to you then.

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Because the Spirit is not the “I” and I may have traveled where they haven’t. But I will divulge more about myself despite not doing that for the purpose of not creating too good a sympathetic link. Parasites roam freely here.

Is this not a place to share in ascent or is that only available through capitalistic means. I have edited it.

I would like to learn more practical methods of draining someone as well as transmuting the energy and digesting it

I think you will find everyone quite helpful on the forum. The group as a whole, in a sense mentors one another. While you may find some that will do so; requesting mentorship is generally frowned upon. There is mentorship available but not for free. If you are interested you can check out the main website.

This forum, however, and it’s vast amount of information and people ready to answer questions 24/7 is completely free.


I tend to prefer people with the ability to give one on one attention (the balg folk are super busy, I have them on facebook) as everyone learns differently and not a base “pathworking” or curriculum course. sorry if i have offended!

Okay, I’ve moved this to intros. :+1:

@SaturnianVoid2182 I hope you find a mentor, as ever exercise caution when someone contacts you online, you don’t seem particularly starry-eyed or naïve but, still, exercise due diligence, even the darkest anticosmic darklords have predators.


ahahaha, Much love as always Eva!


Yeah I’m just a big ole’ Care Bear! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahahahah I know. we have conversed in the past under another name

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This will certainly help your goal.