Intro + Need help

I would like to be called MT, I live in Texas and I want to learn how to contact Lucifer and build a relationship. I’ve tried meditation and it worked ones but now it doesn’t, my friend talk to Lucifer for me and he needs me to do a task for him and also said I’m doing the mediation wrong as well. I use the chant “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer” but I can’t tell if it work or is he talking to me.

Is this supposed to be your introduction? All you did was exactly duplicate your other post.

I will take it from your lack of information that you are a beginner in magick.

I have moved this to the proper section.

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Yes I am a beginner sorry…

Welcome to the forum!!!

I suggest you to read our forum’s rules.

You should ask your friend what exactly it is that you are doing wrong.

Develop your astral senses, it’s not very different than training your physical body to lift more weight.

Enns do work, keep evoking and work on your astral senses!

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Thanks for the information

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Hi. Welcome to the forum. Here is my thread might be of so use to you.

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