Into Loagaeth

An ocean of water, in all that entails.

I wanted to think of some evocative saying, but that’s about all I got. Remember that this is a dream.

What’s important is that I’m not some loser Loagaeth poser.

pandobna ox adroh azimchol druz

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Now that’s what I’m talking about - none of this boring divination prognostication. Gimme some of them portals.

Just hanging out at camp or whatever, and there is one who can open portals to other dimensions. Not everyone knows about this, but a few of the others do. I go into one of these portals she has created, and it’s a vertical tunnel/shaft with cloudy translucent “walls” and this weird, slimy, kind of heavy but floating upward from the ground substance that feels rejuvenating and invigorating, like an alien vital substance. After I dip back out into the normal world, she then seems to try and elude me, or us all, passing through world after world, but leaving a trail of portals behind. I attempt to follow, and wonder where I have gotten myself into, and what I have left behind.

And I certainly appreciate the cavalry arriving to screen our flank, but then if you become lucid after becoming one of aforementioned cavalry, and you don’t know or can’t rapidly imagine what it’s like to sit a horse, at least for me I became confused and in a sort of uggh limbo lucid in the dream but sensorily confused as to what I was supposed to be feeling and experiencing. I decided to just do nothing and see what happened. I was pulled by my feet (or from that direction) up towards this spot and then in a bed up there, a relatively common dream place for me to be, and then experienced some sleep paralysis WILD sensations, rising upwards from where I had been laying after the tingly vibrations. Then I woke up.

I imagine there is good value in the various techniques, but thus far for me I’d say just meditate (and be mindful throughout the day, an important component - no leaky buckets!) and dream journal is actually pretty underrated. If you want to meditate anyways, it’s pretty low effort, yet also getting to the root of the goal, which is cultivating awareness of one’s moment-to-moment experience. Getting lucid then losing it is ok, but maintaining is better. I’m almost considering just practicing MILD for induction purposes, or hell, even just meditating to sleep cause if I get lucid and can establish control then I can make the dream anything I want from there. It’s good to have a plan, though. But I would say low effort with more than expected results is better than massive effort with limited results to show for it. I suppose some MILDin isn’t too massive.

Loagaeth is leaning towards massive, but the results have been abundant.

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Not even a single letter, and already corruption flows through me in every direction.

I can only imagine what else is happening.

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Well of course, angels self-actualize.

Self-actualization. Self-actualization? What a concept.

Self-actualization (is perhaps just a pseudo-science term) is more than just being happy. It is the pinnacle of fulfilment.

This is the great quest. I recognize no higher good than the maximization of my pleasure, and the pinnacle of fulfilment is the maximization of pleasure.

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Friendly reminder that guidance arises from magickal reality as naturally as any other process or whatever. Wow, it just happens. You just, know.

Almost all of my problems can be solved with meditation. So that’s nice.

Let’s make an argument from ethos and quote the Buddha - the gradual training! Great idea.

Gradually. I fix the root of the issue, everything else flows on naturally. Gradually shifting my living and patterns to what I want to be doing, and the deeper it goes the deeper I go.

But how deep is too deep, though? I want to say I have to do a whole pathworking or it’s just not worth it, but then again I see my power expressed and I like to know that. It reminds me of the immensity of my existence and my life, and of who I am.

I can remember who I once was, and I can see how I can become even greater. I see what I have experienced, and I know that I have guided my life with the power of magick.

How comprehensive is this power that I control? I learn so much.

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Success Power Money Sex Freedom, an excellent paradigm I think

Is a lack of corruption or non-corruption a corruption?

An empty vessel can be considered as both, desirable (because it has still the potential to hold everything) and offensive (because its lacking just anything, the good and the bad and everything in between). So: yesn’t.

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What was life like while deep in magick with Lucifer? All my deepest, darkest, most demonic desires coming true and manifesting in my life.

The 42 angels - these are ancient beings, and this is ancient magick.

So much of our known history has transpired while these angels have existed here on earth. We always like to hear tale of the great deeds done by greater conquerors, crafty inventions by the brilliant, and the masterpieces of art which have been carried down with us by our own humanity.

But what of the greatest deed - being naturally in the peace of knowing that you are living your path in the process of self-actualization? I am not so demonic now, but I have been, and I have that.

Much of the magick seems to happen on the page, setting the intentions, cultivating the inclinations, making clear the desires, planting the seeds.

Repeating evocations of these angels does not seem to carry the usual amateurness that such an approach to magick can have with it. This way of being does not come naturally to me. I have to cultivate it, intentionally, directly, and with great skill and guided by knowledge. It is a great process of transformation, and every summoning brings a fresh dose of the unique powers and qualities.

I can go all on to myself about how this makes me more “productive” or the like, and I certainly hold my value of being effective, but I do what I want, and that’s all that matters.

I must say that I am also reminded of a poverty I once suffered through. I am glad to hack reality and make it happen the way I want.

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But I want to get after it! It don’t matter what you want if you’re broken.

I sometimes like to reflect on manifestations in my life, to remind myself of the challenging, often quite difficult self-work I have done and continue to do. I take more pleasure from being how I am after such transformation than from scornfully looking down upon the meagre.

Example A - complete and utter detachment from reality, and not the good kind. In my education, we were trained (very few actually trained) to accept at least some uncertainty in all our beliefs, including those preached as solid truths. If you cultivate this mindset successfully, it becomes abundantly clear that others do not. If you poke out one of the cards in someone’s house of cards jenga tower, they often don’t like the idea of their whole house falling down and having to build a new one, however better the subsequent construction materials and interior décor may be likely to be. So instead, they yoink the card back and super glue everything together. As powerful as the super of the glues may sound, it certainly does its job, but that’s counter to being effective at understanding reality rationally and objectively without emotional interference, and it most certainly is counter to avoiding extreme hypocrisy. What they end up with is a jumbled mass of twisted, bent cards in a glob of super glue. There is no penetrating that mass, and the more it rolls around through life, the more garbage it picks up. Separating the individual components, which characterize not stupid others, from the individual, these people are just garbage human beings. It is not difficult for me to accept this fact. It is unfortunate they are not recyclable human beings, as instead they clog up the planet with their garbage beings in the cesspits they create around them. You wanna live in a cesspit? I once wanted to [] all the [], but now I do not. No, you’re not fuckin specially privileged to have that right to unilaterally hate an entire group of people. You can do that, but it does make you a garbage human being. Because it makes you ineffective. And also disgusting. See, I can hate you specifically - that’s totally fine. And inevitably, you the ego will perish from my mind for the last time, and so the previously associated associations will be freed of this human stain.

Example B - complete emptiness, dead on the inside, once again not the good kind. Change? Literally any change? Literally any sort of conflict? Lethargy. Weakness. Whatever requires the absolute least amount of action and emotional involvement will prevail. If you would like to construe that as being efficient, know that it is not effective, and so there is a problem with that process. Similar to example a, I too was once dead on the inside. And now I am not. This example is significantly less of a jackass piece of shit as the other one, so hate is a bit of a strong response (as I am not myself being targeted with malice), but I certainly don’t want to relate or feel some sort of pleasure in considering myself part of the same category. This example is perhaps the epitome of self-sabotage. Actually that’s probably the hate monsters, but this one’s not too far off. It’s just kind of sad. It’s one thing for a friend to be toughing it out with you, but this example is more like a drain. All the water of your emotion gets sucked down into it, and there is no faucet delivering fresh rain. The drain gets clogged and you have to be there in the accumulation of uprooted drain-filth and fetid mire of bathwater. Or, you know, you could just get a different shower. You gonna give all your energies to a drain that gives nothing back? Even in my darkest, most darkest of states, I still gave a shit about others and wanted friendly relations for mutual pleasure and was willing to behave appropriately. It can feel like you did something wrong when they push you away, but it’s important to realize that there is no control behind their behavior and it’s just weakness that you did not originate compelling them to do things.

These are the rewards of magick - emotional regulation and balance, knowledge, deterrence of what is undesirable.

Success - This is a dream.

Freedom - I am in control. I can decide what magick to do and so what energies form the base of my reality and experience.

Freedom from the undesirable. Success in what is chosen.

Power that I have manifested for myself to make myself more powerful, more effective. Power to manifest for myself fonts of infinite pleasure and happiness. Power in knowledge. You know, cleaning the fonts. Not plugging in to cesspits of individuals.

I’m sorry.

Just fucking shut up. Fuck. Indeed it’s annoying being around such wheedling little fucks, trying to gunk their shit up all over you. Ah, I see truly you have found your truest, most deepest passion, and it’s certainly not in the path which you failed at miserably. I can see your self-actualization manifesting in the complete avoidance of your newfound deep passion.

And just like that, now all I do is decide to take a shower, let that gross shit all drain on down, and then step out into my cultivated, crafted, great manifested life.

I can only be grateful for the wonders of Kabbalah, Enochian, and for the knowledge, so uncomfortably obtained, which I have ensured that I have, to benefit my friends around me, and to achieve self-actualization.

I create abundance. shrugs shoulders Wealth flows through me.

I feel that I have to say it, for various purposes. The deeper in the poverty shithole you dig yourself, the harder it is to get out. Your friends will turn on you. Everyone will be a defeatist. You’ll feel like a moron, powerless, and like you’re wasting time.

That was my experience, at least. The end results and ongoing results were and are quite contrary. There were periods of seeming stasis and sacrifice, but what else was I gonna do, slave away in exploitative, underpaid, dehumanizing labor? Nuh ugh, not me. I’d rather go without today to abide in supreme abundance when the sun rises again. Assuming that I planted my seeds, that is.

How many of your problems could be solved with money? It’s an honest question. Don’t sacrifice your self-actualization, but for fuck’s sake, all one can do is recommend prosperity energies, even rather well put together prosperity energies. Some will drink from these energies and become prosperous, others will scream at you hatefully to solve all their problems for them. What exactly do you think that recommendation was for?

If I invite you into my home, and you tear the place up, mock it, sneer in disdain, I’m unlikely to invite you again. If you attempt to assault my walls to consume me, don’t be surprised when you find alligators and pointy sticks in my boiling oil moat. Written off as business expenses, of course. Heh. Cool taxes you got there bruh.

Don’t mind me, just chillin in my infinity pool, which I fuckin earned. If anything bad happens, it’s either a coincidence or you imagined it.

I am not very skeptical of the notion that Orpaniel has saved relationships, nor am I all that skeptical that Margioawiel has saved relationships.

Quack quack mutha fuckas

I know, and I move with ease.

Ah yes also,

I haven’t attuned in a bit, but have been having Loagaeth dreams, so seems writing the lines is doing its thing, even beyond just the days it is done, but I did possibly sense a waning of the energy at a certain point without active involvement of some kind, with what seemed to be a samsaric dream arising rather than a dream of clarity, or indeed, of the pure light.

How do I know these are demon water dreams? I just know dude that’s how this works. Sorting through the murky dank to know what is corruption, now that’s some magickal work.

Also, why do I even bother when some events/circumstances have been foretold, some even quite quite some time ago? Perhaps to build confidence in my abilities, or perhaps I should say my being. Perhaps to say no, this is my will. I try not to struggle against my own Godself though, cause that’s just punching myself in the face like an idiot.

But what about these dreams? Are they indicators of the future, or a mirror into present circumstances, like a tarot reading but with the language of dreams? I’m thinking a mirror into present circumstances which then acts as indicators of potential future outcomes. I don’t like to believe I’ve won before it is done, but nor do I like being deluded. All I can do is act how I believe will give me the best chance to achieve my goals, and pray in chuckling lamentations to the cruel cruel god of statistics. I mean me. Ha-ha!

Got some good ones today. Loagaeth really is that cool awesome lifestyle, throughout.

Hmm, I wonder if this riveting piece of fiction I just read before bed will have any effect at all on my dreams? Whaddya know it totally did! Explosions! Now that’s what I’m talking about. There weren’t actually explosions in this dream just people getting historically sketchy burning oil dropped on them as they assaulted a wall with assault rifles. Massive casualties.

In the subsequent dream, some of my favorite characters were doing what they do. My favoritest departed the location, while his henchman remained to do his thing. I thought, subtly, what would he be doing (so subtly I didn’t remember until I had awakened) (and only perceived because of meditation, I’d bet)? Maybe some of this? And then after a short delay, he did that, and the room gained a greater spatial clarity to it, as though I were now present in this location rather than observing it on a flat screen.

This character then exited the location, and I experienced his thoughts as thoughts while knowing they were his thoughts, like I was gazing into the mind of this character, to know him. Perhaps his final thought after he realized a potential error and then had a flash encounter, or a thought in that mind-space at least, somewhat booming, was, “You’re going to die.” I thought somewhat skeptically of this.

This was a 17-pager dream sesh. Now that’s intense.

Then we got the magickal prosperity energy dream, my remote trampoline hideout, and some various events transpiring there, including adding some much needed oil to a rather dry pan. Hard to cook your eggs without some oil!

There were multiple times when I had impressions come to me immediately upon awakening, and this is perhaps a testament to my developed dream memory recall ability as I was able to retain the memory while this new information came to me and also occupied my working memory mind-space. One such impression was that previous dreams had been for the purpose of “worldbuilding” out things like themes, characters, and the world for subsequent dreams. Waking dreams, dreaming dreams, so many dreams. The material? What?

Little throwback blast from the past after that one, and a strange cryptic message hidden in symbology. Oh yep that was all one dream. I got $10 back in my account cause for some reason I was downloading something I didn’t need.

Then it seems The Hierophant (of the Tarot) appeared in the form of an archbishop. He had his followers engage in violent brutality against the usual. This was after I found myself in robes, with a task to reach a certain ridiculously high number of stabs with a small pair of scissors. I got some on the Hierophant, my ploy being a neck massage. That’s just the massage doing what it does, I said, and then found ourselves outside on a patio, him pissing out onto the grass. After this I sneaked over to a vantage point but then fell down into the scene, interacting with the one whom they thought was left for dead, a black woman, naked, with harmful implements forced into her rectum to bleed her out. He and his followers would have come for me as well, but I dipped, and my companions brought us to another who presumably gave refuge. I was given food, albeit light food of great weightedness and minor fillingness and nutritional value, albeit containing much added sugar (the crack cocaine of foods), supposedly a great gift from a greater benefactor, rescuing the persecuted. To be admitted to the facility, some assessments were required, including personality assessments, with various scales and the like, including a “tactical” dimension and others, which I saw briefly as though my entire sensory experience were of a screen, though I forgot many of the details of the text and diagrams. The “tactical” dimension had two possible “directions” or types of that trait, with three levels of “strength” or “intensity” of the trait and one neutral potential result of the assessment. I don’t recall the other dimensions of the personality assessment. In this facility there were rows of computers all playing a scene from Tom & Jerry, with some back and forth violence occurring. I was standing in the room, observing the children at the rows of computers. Most of the scenes were in-synch, but some were slightly before or after the others. A childhood friend rose from a seat with a sadistic, Tomish grin. Directly prior to leaving the previous area with the Hierophant and co with my two allied individuals, I was wondering what to do, but somewhat abstractly or detached, as though I were watching myself act as though in a movie, some separation from immediate intention and physical action, but still considering myself to be this character. I considered gathering up some items, packing, but then thought I outta just get the hell outta dodge.

Then there was a dream with personal content.

Then there was a political/military drama scene that didn’t really make sense if you looked at it all together but each individual component was something that could be there with that theme. Just a big clusterfuck of a meeting among politicians and generals. The generals got their urgent reinforcements, but there had to be wide-sweeping policy changes to fund it. They needed like a battalion or something ASAP. Then it cut to some field officer leading his troops into a trap where they would be taken prisoner. I haven’t the slightest clue why. They went down into a sewer and some bats flew out, very spooky, apparently the point guy being a bit of a cave-dwelling opposite of claustrophobic. Or maybe he got off on his claustrophobia, given his facial expression. Then in a more open space the point guy let a snake wiggle on by but then there were three other snakes, two and two of certain patterns, and they got all agitated and started biting stuff. Some people dropped dead immediately, others did not but thought well, guess I’m dead now with admirable and surprising stoicism. Maybe those “last moments activities” weren’t exactly last moments. Regardless it was for my benefit and it was just a dream!

Then there were some more dreams, with not particularly insightful or entertaining content for you all but interesting for me.

If you want to do the magick, I’d say it’s pretty worthwhile.

On a side-note, my past life seems to have found a new incarnation, just fuckin relaxing without a care in the world. Not too shab, huh. Still got that malice, tho. Still ascending.

Where does this go from here? Deeper, only deeper. He has already manifested some circumstances, example a, to be specific. If only if only.

The life lesson? Wish I had a bigger pair of scissors.

And also do your dream journaling my dear reader occultist dudes. This plane aint gonna leave itself.

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Just a little bit of one of my favorite topics - finance, and the associated financial magick.

There’s a concept known as the time value of money. Put simply, money today is worth more than money tomorrow. If I offered you $1 today or $1 tomorrow, which would you pick? That’s the deal, $1 today or $1 tomorrow. How about $1 today or $1 a year from now?

Well I’m pretty patient, a year from now don’t sound so bad. But consider this - money you have is money you can deploy. Money you can invest. Let’s say you buy a 30 year treasury bond, currently I believe at 3.25%. A year from now, you’d have $1.03, vs the $1 if you took the other deal. One of those numbers is bigger, isn’t it? That’s what the game’s all about. All you care about is money! No, I’m just trying to win my game. That’s all. It’s a bit more impressive when you do say 33% on $100,000. That’s $33,000. Poof! Finance.

Now how about, the money value of time. I don’t really think about that so much for me, perhaps clearly evident by how much time I have to enjoy musing away on the forum (I get more out of it than enjoyment, it’s good for my practice, but I most certainly do have this time). Is there a money value on your time? Some amount of dollars per hour (or Euros, or whatever)? Maybe you think more in tips, so let’s average it out and consider that the current money value of your time.

Is that how much you want to sell your time for? See, I don’t sell my time at all. I buy time. I buy people’s time, and then pay those people less than how much financial value they create in the business processes. That way, I make more money. Sure, most of it is capital in the business, but I most certainly am not going to live at that income level, cause I don’t have to. What would cause me to do that? Cause it’s “fair”? Ok bud, see if I give a shit.

Most people are thinking about it all wrong. The answer isn’t to grind your bones into the dust, nor is that particularly admirable. It’s to sell your time for more money until you can start buying money. Some people sell their time forever cause they do what they want, and that’s fine and all, but if you never buy money, and by association, buy other people’s productive time (with things like stocks, real estate is kind of different because it’s just a scarce asset - only so much land and so many houses), you’ll never get rich or build any wealth.

I can’t solve all your problems, but money magick probably can approach that result. I got problems, sure, and I apply the appropriate magick to the cause as I am guided to do so. But you solve so many problems with magick, and you can lose sight of just doing some magick cause it’s pleasurable and the results make you feel good not because they alleviate massive stress, just cause yah like em.

Doesn’t it feel good, to have money? To know that it’s there. Sure, I’m not exactly super attached to my pots, pans, and plates, but it doesn’t feel bad to not worry about being homeless, starving, or going back to shitty cheap labor under a boss, I’ll tell you that.

What would a billionaire do, if they were mind-transplanted into an impoverished life? Think they’d stay in the minimum wage gig? Do you really think they value themselves so little? So cheaply?

No, it’s not the only way, that’s just what you’re used to. Watch the wolf of wall street or something. Or the big short. Doesn’t have to be full-blown criminal debauchery. But like, sell insurance or something. Sell used cars. Learn something that gives you access. That’s exactly what I did, and now people really want to give me money. They want to give it to me because they know I’ll make them money, too. That’s how this whole thing works. Eventually I don’t even use my money ever, people just keep fuckin giving me money to make money with cause I make a shitton with it.

You just go to the gym one time? Wonder how well that’ll work out for yah. Sure, you can get slimmed up, tone up a bit, and then there you are. But what happens when you start getting older? The metabolism slows. Your bones ache like they never used to as you come home to a place that isn’t yours with just as much money as 10 years ago (probably $0 by the end of the month, or day). It doesn’t matter what your dreams are if you’re financially cancerous.

Don’t like it? Well unless you’re gonna be translated from the flesh real soon you just gotta deal with it. Struggle against it or enjoy it. Yeah, good luck being neutral with that one.

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Psshhhh who am I kidding I do it cause I like money. I like having it, spending it, receiving it, creating it, watching it get bigger, oh yeah, so satisfying.

I like looking around at all these beautiful sights, these incredible foods and drinks, this peaceful secluded space, I can see because I’m connected to money. It’s an amazing feeling, being able to do anything you want, whenever you want, with no restrictions. I gotta work cause it’s not enough yet, but some day, whenever I want, I can just dip and laugh my way away from the bank.

What can I say, it’s my vibe.

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You know what I like even more? I like understanding it.

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The layers, that’s what it is. That’s what makes it kinda drop off in season 4 (among other things). It used to have all these layers, all stacking up on each other, unfolding at different rates with the arcs all criss-crossing and intersecting with incredible sophistication. Sometimes even hits you with the jazzy not resolved but now it feels resolved, in a more sophisticated way, and then when it does resolve normally it has all these l a y e r s

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Or maybe, it’s a perfect allegory for the dark side of the occult, like a caricature of what you can become.

Here I have another exercise in balance. So personal, yet so expansive.

Those people who live in a cave and develop strange and uncommon mind states and experiences - you don’t have to live in a cave!

If I were a rigorously cultivated intendor, I imagine that would be sufficient for my needs in terms of expressing occult power. And yet, I am not. I have come to feel that in passing along my request to spirits in ritual magick, I have given my request to an intelligent mind with the power to intend for me, in accordance with my desires. The more I summon angels and demons, the more the reality of these spirits dwells on my mind. Through a simple sigil on a page, a mind knows my intention and carries out my will.

I have no problem with handing over my desires to such intelligent minds, but I too have a mind, as the saying goes, and an undeveloped mind is not desirable.

No leaky buckets. I am generally aware of the material nature of my position, but I do not forget who I am.

I know, and I move with ease.

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God damn dude magick is fuckin awesome

It’s just so hard for me to be good. I didn’t really get out much until I was like 5, and most about what I can remember from that time is thinking someone had some badass markers cause he had like three different blues, drawing a sketchy cow, someone hiding under a table, and me having the sheer presence of mind to make one of my best life decisions, ever, for all time. No joke. But if I wasn’t always like this, it’s pretty close enough. I do remember that I was told not to feel when I was pretty short.

It’s just so hard for me to be good! It feels disingenuous, like I’m faking it. I don’t feel a great power in trying to do that. I feel power, for sure, but I feel that my antisocial nature (I don’t really like that term actually, psychopath is much better) is in many ways more conducive to encouraging good relationships. Maybe cause it just makes me feel good whereas angels so often can be kind of bland energetically, if we’re being honest. You really gotta spice it up with some egregiously cramped mixture of stuff to make it interesting, and even then it’s just this kind of boring yep there’s some holy fuckin angels being all shiny angelic beings and shit. Who wants to eat a tub of vanilla ice cream? I like it, but a whole tub? If I’m gonna eat the crack cocaine of food I at least want some sprinkles on my crack, fuck. Maybe I’m just not persistent enough after getting burned by dipshits, who were pretty lame really in hindsight, so not exactly a loss, but a burn all the same. And then I feel bad, cause I’m out here trying to be all personable and (non-weaponized) empathetic, and people get their ignorance all over me, and it’s like dude, gross, and not funny gross.

Maybe I should just view all humans for the function in my life. Function - feed me knowledge like we drink from their skulls after the conquest. Function - produce for me some delicious food (like once a week cause I enjoy being nutritious). Function - amuse me with your jovialness and witty humor. Who wouldn’t want to lose their fool! But then I’m not really connecting with these people person-to-person, but as an artisan crafting functionalities, I guess? Cause I have no empathy right. Yes human, amuse me. Good human. Oh I know I’m amusing that’s not a problem.

When I get betrayed though, oh that gravest sin of treachery, it is so easy for me to flip that switch. Function - a very different kind of amusement. Is this cause for concern? Knowing and abiding in that knowledge that it’s all centered around me, that they just so happen to be the proverbial cards that were dealt, could’ve been anyone with similar qualities and characteristics. I’d get over treachery, should it occur, with just a little bit of cursing, I’m that unattached. It’s easy to be unattached when you were denied attachment! Am I supposed to not be a charming mother fucker displaying a veneer of whatever the fuck to hide my deep well of antipathy (and fancy words) for generalized humanity? It’s just so hard to be good, to not enjoy fucking on people and trying to do good things for them or something.

So I guess I’ll just be bad.


Some of my most satisfying times, generally speaking, were when I was a bad dude. Being proverbially tactically effective isn’t always fun and games, but being a bad dude, that’s often fun and games for me. I mean I’ll ice a motherfucker and enjoy it, but it just drips on off of me, so light and free. I think it’s difficult for people to wrap their minds around that concept, or the concept that beings can be complex in their nature. Not everyone should get the Orpaniel treatment. That’s what causes me to have my good buddy Sarasim. Now that demon has done good for me. Oh, so serious! This is what I mean, they can handle it or they can’t, no two ways about it. About as much fun (maybe a little less) as summoning up Apormanos and laughing when everyone around you wants that dick like, I dunno some contextually appropriate analogy. Funny times. Dog, I mean everyone. You think I didn’t factor this in to my considerations, cause I absolutely did. Beats the fuckin alternative, for sure. My ego doesn’t care, I just like to see them fall over themselves or give in to my doing absolutely nothing at all (like me haha). You want me to wiggle it around a bit for you? Walk out of the store at full attention after she couldn’t hold it in? I have some good times. Beelzebub does what the demon does, and I love it. Using my knowledge of the psychology to help a pal recover emotionally from a setback - good times. Compelling someone on the verge of jackassery to do what’s best for them? Good times. So many humans, so many functions.

That’s the great thing about these demons - I get what I want! The demons get it! You wanna be a lazy fuck who never works and gets away with everything? Sure thing sounds great, here’s some things you can do to help with that, let me show you some things I can do. And it feels so good, none of this bland-ass my vibrations are so high. No dog, I’m so high. Not right now cause it’s a Tuesday, but in the future eternal moment of now, most definitely.

What about Loagaeth though! Yeah yeah dude just fuckin chill. I can write my lines in my leisure. Perhaps some day, when the fundamental elemental powers have been unlocked by completing and activating tables 2-5, then some groovy shit can go down with the mantras. There most certainly are some demons in those tables doing demony shit, but I got shit to do, a life to enjoy, tables to yet construct, and vibes to deliver upon.

Oh, and by the way, even in some of my busiest times (similar to now, now), I still get my chill on. Cause I don’t fuck with the eternal grind demons obsessed with whatever, I fuck with the chill demons, obsessed with freedom and fuckin chillin, and if these demons can do anything, it’s enable some chillin. And zombie apocalypse dreams, where four humans fought off the hordes in a building, and upon depleting all their ammo, two hurled themselves into the mass, two seemed to maintain resistance. What does it mean! How do I know they’re alive!

Fuck off doggg this is my system.

That and meditating a bunch cause I want to bleep out of existence in 8th jhana sometimes, and bliss my fucking brains out with intense all-consuming insane pleasure. Fuckin right I’m focusing more on concentration perhaps at the expense of insight (not really until you get better), like the dirty fuckin LHP magician I am.

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