Into Loagaeth

If the 42 Letter Name is exploring the mystical to bring more happiness into your life, Loagaeth is the mystical activating within your consciousness to awaken intensely powerful abilities.

Before I go into that, what exactly do I mean when I say “mystical”? I mean something very specific when I say happiness, respect, despair, and with mystical, I mean more those qualities of occultism that bring awareness of the omnipresence of the Godself, and of the agency of the Godself.

Synchronicities have expanded for me unlike anything I’ve previously experienced. Divination can be a finicky topic, but with Loagaeth, the karmic traces manifest in the world, often prior to the main event.

Predicting the future is a shakey business, but inevitably, you’re gonna do something, and things will happen. One thing I like about magick is that it takes such philosophical metaphysical intellectual quandaries and makes it into your average Tuesday, not through contemplative cognitions and thought experiments, but right there in your life experience.

Every letter, a spirit. Every atom, a spirit, with difficult to fathom probability-space between them. Are they right next to each other, or light-years apart? I believe we can compute the probability. Weird shit happens when you observe the inanimate building blocks of matter. It seems to respond to observation. At least that’s what they taught me as a freshman.

This isn’t a justification, it’s just something I find interesting.

It’s like the energy is suffusing itself up into my reality. The world seems more and more like the dream state.

Re-engage with dream practices - immediately rewarded. Puzzles to solve, intensely magickal dreams, and glorious pleasure to bask in. I did a pseudo-WBTB (wake back to bed) today, about 5 minutes dim lighting while wearing my sleep mask out of bed after journaling. I had to get up briefly for something, and I thought, hey WBTB I’ll just try and think about lucid dreaming while I’m up. I can recall that moment of determined intention, very brief, but determined, to get lucid. In the dream, after visual sensory information re-emerged following a period with only tactile-spatial sensory awareness, lucidity came over me although without strong meta-awareness, like with meditation. It’s like when I’ve tried the least I’ve also tried the most and been successful. I’ve also gotten to that average twice per week with really only journaling consistently over some months.

What makes it so intense? Aside from the enormous number of results, and I am hesitant to say primarily manifested in the dream state, you sense the energies around you for long enough and it gets to feeling like you can dissolve yourself into the blob whenever you want.

Occultism is rarely anything remotely like fictional magic, but this can blur that line. This likely makes it dangerous for the Larpers, while unchaining those powerful with more regular practical methods.

Goodbye regular dreams. I welcome the vast limitlessness of the light shining through my being.

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Today, I wrote out my six lines. Day before yesterday I did six lines, and a bit before that drew out the squares. Steady as it goes. Blocked out an hour and a half, got it done. Moved forward.

Loagaeth isn’t just another pathworking - it’s a lifestyle. It’s gonna take a while, and that is all part of what must be accepted. Block out that hour and a half, two or three times per week, at least one day off for the eyes to not get all fucked up from staring at tiny little squares, and the Loagaeth lifestyle will be being lived.

That is a choice you can make. Does anyone choose hate? So it would seem.

Fear, it cripples even the best of relationships. Rather than glorifying the egos, there is only bitterness and shame. Shame. SHAME.

Fear seeps into the mind and poisons everything it touches. Rationality, good intentions, all drown in the wake of fear - the creeping erosion.

But what if magick says, hey I know you’re exhausted beyond the point of what you can safely express, and I know you just want to be happy and self-actualized, heh, yeah, get rid of that crap, get yourself some weapons, and follow me. Good vibes magick? Yeah there’s a bit of a situation going on, in case you were unaware. Everyone thinks it sounds awesome. Oh, it is awesome.

Loagaeth offers a primary power of water - the flow of chaos and change. The more the wave grows, the more powerful it becomes, and the more it grows.

Let this be a testament to the power of magick. I seem to no longer fear returning to that place where my account is less than $5. I don’t even know if that’s possible anymore. I think I’ve done more money magick than anything else.

For the jealous, they seem to not see what coats my hands as it repulses them. I have no regrets. What would have happened to this vessel had that choice not been made, and the gift not given? Probably bad stuff.

When you’re there, right after the attack against you, which was denied, which caused damage, you can’t sleep, you can’t stop feeling your heart, you know what’s probably coming if you can go under, yeah bro take the hit. Those dreams will be forgotten, but I will never forget that my cause is just.

A RotNS reset? Try the demonic earth power of Loagaeth. That’s like dropping an entire life situation and calling forth the wave. Can you feel that power, emerging from the 2,401 letters?

I suppose it’s too bad I’m just so goddamn rich, attractive, and highly cultivated albeit with much to learn in my current artform.

But wait - that sounds like scarcity.

I create abundance; wealth flows through me.

Freedom, Sex, Money, Power, Success

I cannot deny what my logical thinking mind knows to be true. I can only be grateful, to myself, for always being there for me.

Namaste, myself. Perhaps one day there will be no further cause for arms. At the least, I know that this weight which I have borne, like one of those toddler-carrying frontpacks, but like a shitton of really heavy ones, will fall away. Fuck I gotta do more cardio. This is my therapy therapists tend to not appreciate all the dark nuances that life carries.

Empathy? Sure, I’ve been practicing tactical empathy for a long time. Now, sympathy? Sympathy must be earned, and I am not the one who must do the earning.

I wish everyone would just chill tf out. Take a hit of the 42 bruh it’s hard to smile with fear all up in this shit. How about specifically Gavriel, Angel of Strength.

For the record, I’m going start to finish, two evocations per, cause if you read the titles you can see the glory of the Godself being manifested.

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I am thinking about standing by my statement that Enochian sex magick is perhaps the most effective learning magick you can do if you can do it well. Or perhaps I should say sex magick sigils. Yes, that is what I will say.

Sometimes, it seems you just need some more developments. Time in the practice room, developing it out. You get fresh ideas and refine existing concepts, and as you get fresh ideas, there is the opportunity to integrate it into your knowledge, your framework, your understanding of the thing, as you develop it out in the practice room.

I would say that I also tend to perceive “level-ups” when learning something. Some significant change occurred and then more becomes accessible and enabled. It feels significantly different because of what you can now do. Ultimately the same things are still happening, developing it out, but this at least in my mind is a real perception that I’ve had with various objects of learning.

I would say that there are various skill development progressions or tracks, or trees, that have to all be unlocked to a certain point to get to certain levels. It’s not all exactly linear, though. You can be lopsided. But the idea is that sometimes if you just get that one thing, however complex or simple it may be, and then boom, breakthrough.

If you really pay attention and think about it as you develop it out, you can see the developments as they occur, and it is fascinating to observe the mind doing its thing.

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What causes the perception of an “off-day”? Developments, it seems. This is assuming you weren’t just somehow otherwise limited, and not just out of practice.

You get a new idea-concept, and then you have to develop it out. To be successful indeed you must create abundance.

In all likelihood, you must develop it out or else get stuck in this semi-developed land that’s either not as cool as the previous state of the skill or not as consistent, and perhaps not as comprehensive. It occurred to me that people can pretty much be one-trick ponies and have some success with that. I am so intended to create variation that it’s more likely that I’ll forget the one-trick as it arises and passes away. My mind is so unconcerned with grasping that my full power is directed to creation. Not always exactly what I want but it is my preference over the alternative that is lacking creative faculties and being limited to the deepest of statements, “How’s it feel playing someone else’s notes all the time?”

Currently I am engaging in some intense developing. There is very little study as I have much knowledge to fuel my practice, but there are some intense studies on the horizon, I can see it. It’s enjoyable - I’m pretty into it.

Ultimately the result is that I did it. Success Magick - success.

My success.


Fuck dude I’m so fucking cool.

I’ve realized a tragic truth - my enemies have destroyed much of my capacity for love. When everyone is your enemy, you tend to not like people very much.

I guess it’s not really a recent realization, but a bit of a sensitive one as I’m working on it and it sucks to be confronted with failure. That’s the amazing thing, though. The potential is still there, and who doesn’t love themselves some fucking potential. Happiness is an energy that can always be summoned, just like any of the other energies.

But does happiness make you weak? I suppose I should actually say, does happiness make you ineffective? I’d like to think I’m a bit more fucking capable than that.

Am I never allowed to express displeasure and am I supposed to live in blissed-out delusion? I’d rather not. Pettiness, hypocrisy, objectification, at the end of the day, I just gotta ask myself, do I want to get bogged down? Can I tell people to fuck off and not get bogged down? Can I kindly request that people fuck off or make it just goddamn clear that I was done dirty without holding it against them?

That’s an important note. Not everyone is playing a tit-for-tat game, or a “I get everything that I want absolutely and any resistance will be met with extreme force,” or you know, try and play that game. Ultimately, someone either wants to authentically connect on a basis of mutual enjoyment and genuine respect, or they don’t. Or they blow themselves up with their own emotional hand grenade. I find it’s best to think real fuckin carefully about whether or not you want to pull that pin.

I’ve met many, many people who are so bogged down it almost hurts just to even contemplate such a degree of bogged-downedness. You ever step foot into a minefield? Some people are only minefields, and the entire relationship is either attempting to carefully maneuver around someone’s mines, not giving a fuck and accepting full-blown hatred against you despite all reasonableness because you just don’t want to bring to bear the full force of your potential for controlling human beings just to do what makes you happy, or it just not existing at all. Growing up in a minefield, I find it rather difficult to summon the patience.

But summoning the patience is sometimes exactly what must be done.

If I really wanted to, I could just go back into demon-land. It didn’t do me too bad before, but I want to be a complete emotional being, despite my enemies.

Option 1 - bogged down
Option 2 - light and free

If you’re trying to pick something up, I didn’t put anything down. These are different things. In fact I kinda despise putting things down, to be honest, but I am very used to knowing more or less exactly what’s going on. I wonder what would happen if I just pretended to have no idea what was being put down. Act, if you will. I can do that. It’s almost like there are ways of softening and expressing respect and kind regard without going into confusion land.

Oh, and when I fuck up, I’d like to think that I’d have the goddamn fortitude to not cower behind bullshit pseudo-communication.

I’m glad it kinda pisses me off, but I do not wish to dwell here.

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Hmm, I didn’t write any Loagaeth lines today, nor am I going to do a visualization before sleep since I did something else (although I did attune with the elements in the morning), and I’m not going to do the 4 dream yoga visualizations, I wonder if it’ll just be samsaric dreams tonight.

Jesus fuck

Now that was intense. falls back asleep

I’ll admit I enjoy a relaxing calm just after noon coffee dab and Infantry Attacks (Thus, at very close range, a very hot fire fight developed. I stood taking aim alongside a pile of wood. My adversary was twenty yards ahead of me, well covered, behind the steps of a house. Only part of his head was showing. We both aimed and fired almost at the same time and missed. His shot just missed my ear. I had to load fast, aim calmly and quickly, and hold my aim. That was not easy at twenty yards with the sights set for 440 yards, especially since we had not practiced this type of fighting in peacetime. My rifle cracked; the enemy’s head fell forward on the step.), but fuck dude.

I guess I really needed to just say that, huh. I would say I wish I could say it to their face, but I suppose that’s what I did. I wasn’t lucid, and perhaps that was a good thing, as my subconscious seemed to know while my surface conscious mind was too caught up in this or that.

I used to really not like dreaming, cause it usually was fucking shitty, but wowzers if you want “proof” of the lackingness of materialism get yourself on that Loagaeth dream practice. Maybe dream yoga visualizations first. Loagaeth seems a bit more puzzley, but not in an arbitrarily, pointlesslessly difficult way, but with the purpose of bringing attention to dreams. If you want to know, you gotta read your own journal, but if you spend the time with it then the insights shine through with great clarity.

It’s like this.
Here is how your narcissism manifested.
But I am a victim in this way. (they blocked that out and denied it irl, in all likelihood to this day)
Yeah well I smoked too much weed we all get fucked. I then empathize and feel sympathy because I care. This gesture was not returned. This is why the dream state is helpful because I can find clarity without having to wade through likely permanently entrenched narcissistic bullshit.
There was also the dream about controlling time and stuff but that one was more apparent and certainly less intense.

It seems kind of like dosing. Writing lines definitely gets the juices flowing, and then the other practices kind of maintain that connection while doing their own things, like good “supplemental” practices. Like any other magick, it seems the more you consistently summon the energies, the stronger they become, with a baseline developing as you sort of habituate to the effects and they become integrated into your natural patterns until/unless acted upon by some other force.

Yeah it’s just good magick.

Crazy how much history would have changed if that dude wasn’t an incompetent. I mean, let’s unilaterally hate an entire group regardless of the complexities of a corrupt and not so obviously crystal clear world. Who needs empathy for fellow human beings when you can just hate! Cause clearly I have no experience with baseless malice directed against me and not projecting others’ behavior onto people who don’t deserve it.

Did I tell them that this job was beyond my strength, that I had been on the go for eighteen hours and was now exhausted? No; although a tough job lay ahead, it had to be done.

We continued the march, and at nightfall a torrential downpour set in. Soon there was not a dry stitch of clothing on our bodies, and the water-soaked packs began to weigh heavily. A fine beginning!

A portentous Sabbath!

Everywhere, serious, troubled faces!


As I wade back into this practice, I am intrigued by dream memory. Is it just more/stronger intentions to retrieve and “hold onto” or maintain the memories that causes improved dream recall? Seems like a reasonable possibility. I don’t think there’s a separate dream memory system, but perhaps that could very well be the case given that cognitive scientists currently believe there are a variety of memory systems which all function independently but are connected. Avid readers may recall HM, someone with a type of amnesia that prevented him from forming new episodic memories (like remember yourself eating lunch yesterday), but was able to learn piano pieces over time, despite having no memories of ever playing a piano each time he sat down to play. His hands (and foot) just knew what to do, and he was able to correct and learn.

It could also just be that dream memories are somehow flagged as less important. You probably don’t remember every mundane detail of every day walking down the same street. I have no way of empirically verifying any of this though so whatever.

In practice, a few days back into it and I’m at that stage where you remember most of what happens and then recall scattered fragments of forgotten dreams after waking somewhat randomly, either just popping in or retrieved off a cue.

I read comments here and there from dream practitioners, and I’m of the opinion that most of them just don’t really practice very effectively. If you read some of the dreams in Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, many are quite detailed and lengthy, and I have had a reasonable amount of those as well. When I’m practicing well, that’s mostly what they are, and there seems to be a much greater continuity within REM periods while dreaming is occurring. It’s almost like less powerful recall leads to black-out times where shifts can occur, but perhaps this is not the case and it just seems like a large shift due to the lack of continuity in the memory, so the transition moment is not remembered just chunks of memory.

When I am practicing well, it feels like I play through the entire memory very quickly, and then hold onto that whole strand as I transcribe down the moments and details one after the next. It’s like if you watch say a standard 22ish minutes episode of a show, then right afterwards think back through it all somewhat generally and quickly.

Now that I write this out, it’s actually quite amazing how much detail can be held onto with trained dream recall. I’ve done like 3 or so pages for a single dream, remembering all the notable details, every line of dialogue exactly or very close to exactly as it was spoken, all the impressions, all that stuff.

This water table best know what it’s fucking doing. Considering how annoying it is the demon side should at least be fun.

I’d rather evoke Orpaniel, but it’s not my job to evoke Gavriel for everyone. Good ole Orpaniel, reminding me that antisocial lingerings are not bad. Just take a bit of a chill pill with the suffer, as you have made me suffer. Also reminding me to laugh as blame just passes right through me, empty. I’m not sure I’ve ever been sorry, but I just want to be happy. I’m just so angsty dude what can I say. You fail miserably enough and it all starts coming back.

I’m of a mind to abandon intention altogether. Fuck it.

I’m just gonna evoke these angels until I don’t have to deal with this shit anymore. Synchronicity is for psychotics. You meet one person who just fuckin vibes out with you, not trying to get all up in your shit, not being a dumbshit projecty projector, not being a hypocritical fuckface with an embarrassing lack of self-control, not literally disliking you for existing around someone, or for displaying your passion, and you realize how disappointing humanity can be. Good thing I got this air sphere around me, cause oof that’s a whole lotta shit these smoothbrains have been throwing at me. It sure does make the good ones stand out. Good thing I got many arbitrary faces to fill in some of my dream scenarios.

chuckles at the most severe of pathetic ignorance

And just like that, I’m so light and free. By that I of course mean, brutal out of control monstrosity. Last time I spoke with Hsa, well, I still occasionally hear the wimperings. Last time I spoke with Orpaniel, well, some don’t even bog you down at all.

That’s not an invitation to curse me. I would generally advise against that. I don’t like being down in this bog but here we are, and if you fuck with my happiness I will unleash holy hell upon you. How about we trade instead, my reasonable dude.

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Ok just a little more edge then back to your regularly scheduled occult programming. No one has to read this.

You ever want to see peak humanity? Go drive on a highway. Literally any time will do.

As you pass the person going kind of around the speed limit in the passing lane with no other vehicles around us, note that it is called the passing lane, not the left lane, not the fast lane, it’s almost like you can see the cognitive dissonance manifesting after you flip them off and they start to come to terms with their life decisions.

But that’s just how it is! No, it’s how it is because of you. You are the fucking problem. You are causing problems for many other people, because you’re a goddamn jackass.

One time this guy with a big truck got all pissed off at me and of course hit the gas right after that. I just smiled, knowing that he was probably going to go home and reinforce his shit-awful relationship with his wife and children. Maybe they’ll even grow up to be like me. Certainly better than the alternative.

Others have seemed embarrassed. This one is more intriguing to me. It implies that somewhere, deep within the recesses of their glistening, slipnslide brain, they knew the truth of their jackassery as they were manifesting it with like 20 or so vehicles behind them.

That’s not safe! No, you’re the problem. It’s not safe because of people like you.

What are these people’s lives like? What led them to this moment, driving on a road, the droplets slick with the unbroken cranial surface tension, justifying their behavior to themselves?

Oh I’m not raging, I’m having a great time. At no point is there any ego in this whatsoever, I just enjoy being quick. Whuaelll life just moves at a different pace around here. Clearly. I imagine you’d hang or burn me if you could.

Humans, in their natural habitat. Excluding those who are to be excluded, dipshits.

See some people would find that funny and then we’d be happy together in a relationship of mutual respect and benefit.

Some more regularly scheduled occult programming.

I’d like to take this moment to instructively recover emotionally from devastating failures. Not catastrophic, but certainly devastating.

I kind of knew this was going to happen. Magick does this oh so wonderful thing where upon entering into an undertaking, it often front-loads lots of the “lessons,” presumably avoiding complete failure but making lots of the possibilities just happen, somewhat brutally and swiftly. I’ll sometimes do this intentionally myself just to resolve situations, oh but magick is far more clever than I am.

It’s been described as accelerating time. Instead of these sort of inevitable events occurring spread out over a long stretch of time, where they can cause more negative outcomes and wasted time, they get front-loaded. Thankfully, usually landing on the armored spots, not critical spots, as it were. It still sucks but it could be much worse.

Do we manifest what we subconsciously desire, regardless? Perhaps. If everything had gone so magickally well, super optimally awesome, that was a reasonable possibility given the items in the bag to be tossed onto the table. But perhaps I was simply drinking from the wrong pool. Perhaps I didn’t even bring a canteen. Or an iron will.

Or maybe, I manifested exactly what I needed, just for me.

For the Loagaeth magicians, if at all possible, I highly recommend planning out a time when you can write lines, and then give yourself plenty of sleep-in time for dreaming the following night/morning.

Ah, yes, the material. I remember.

What I don’t remember? Upon awakening, I recalled three distinct scenes or sections. Note, note, note - note, note, note - fuck, note, note. Yep that’s just fuckin gone.

In a dream after lucidity came over me, the world began to shake and crumble. I commanded ‘Stabilize’ a few times (not over and over - if the lawnmower starts, it doesn’t need another crank) and also ‘Clarify’. I looked over towards one direction and saw some puddles of something on the ground in this warehouse I now found myself in. The building I entered I know most definitely is not a warehouse, so perhaps I was not “perfectly lucid” as I thought to myself. I intended to create fire and visualized it in space. It didn’t immediately appear, but as I was losing interest I saw flames begin to trickle up from the puddles.

After this, there was a sense of others being present, possibly hostiles, and I took to flight. It didn’t immediately get going, but I tucked my legs in after a hop and continued my “up” intention and that got me in the air. After that I had pretty decent control, sometimes with a short delay between intention and movement. I shot some fireballs at some dudes and watched em burn.

In a different dream I was just chillin in a hot springs laughing in rich with this other dude. “Repeat,” haw hoho. Felt really nice. My dude was lacking a hit so I went to my open K-safe. Then some hostiles came in. Indeed, you always make it about you. Fair enough dream.

There was also the toddler who just fuckin dabbed on em at my request. My hype was immeasurable. Yet another dream character emerging from the warehouse of memory, stimulated by the lines. This one transformed. In my resolve to conduct a transformation of this object once again, knowing this possibility in the dream state, I instantly became lucid.

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