Information on King Zagan

I had asked Lord Lucifer,Presidest Glasya and Prince Seer to appear in my dream to talk but however King Zagan showed up and revealed his name to me,the thing is I didn’t recall his name or read much about him,maybe skimmed through while scrolling months ago but never gave him much of a thought.I woke up and wrote down his name and realised that such demon does exist😅….So what I need to know is your experiences working with him and why he might have appeared:)

I did go through all the posts on him in this forum but looking for more insight : )

This is personal to you: what are you working on right now that might have attracted him? Zagan’s offices include help with communication, investing and teamwork.


To be honest he seems to be all that I need for like 90% of my problems which are defense as I get cursed as soon as I destroy the existing one and am advised to not return it and just hold my defense(by a medium) ,wealth in business,speeding up a process and some love magick for my friends.

I believe Lucifer must have introduced him to me : )

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Sound like a good match then :smiley:

Have you tried a binding? Stop the person from even wanting to work against you. Make them forget you exist, so you become kind of invisible to them.

I use poppets for this.


I am asked not to bind since the enemies work with a group of practitioners,I even asked the medium if I should just bind them with King Paimon and I was advised otherwise moreover a day after this Lucifer gave me a very clear sign to not curse unless I want to be cursed🥲
I am thinking about invisibility but at present I do have a curse which I have withered the power of with Lucifer and I have my defences up with President Glasya,President Malphas and Marquis Halphas. For now the defence seems to be working perfectly fine,but I am advised not to destroy the curse and just to keep on defending.

I do believe binding them would alert them as the practitioners they work with seem to be efficient,King Paimon would favor them more than me was what I was told,also it just took them about a week to curse again just after I broke and did return to sender of the previous one they cast.

I don’t consider a binding a curse, and I’m iffy about taking the UPG of only one person as gospel,pr other people in general to be honest. I would look into this for myself if I was you, there needs to be a way to end the string of silliness.

If there’s more than one person involved bind all of them and do it cloaked so it looks like one of them did it to the others. Have them infighting instead of looking at you.

And don’t tell this medium about it, if they’re worth their salt they should just know anyway. :smiley:

Why is that? :thinking: Who said so, any why do you believe them? You’re being inconvenienced and put upon you have every right to fix it and I’m not even suggesting you go on the offence, although it’s the best form of defense.

Then you make it true because you believe it and you haven’t done anything to prevent this. Which is possible. You can be more subtle, set up decoys and shields they can see you through. If they had done this you wouldn’t know it was them, so they don’t know this and what they don’t know they can’t work against. Efficient doesn’t mean they know everything.

King Paimon would favor them more than me

So don’t use paimon… In this case I would not forgive paimon for this and simply stop talking to him. This is not acceptable behaviour in my book and such a being doesn’t deserve my time and energy, to help your enemy when you need him most. Super uncool.

Set up mirror shields to “Return to Sender” all the energies and the harm. That’s not offense either, it means they do it all to themselves.


Tbh if Lucifer says no it’s a no for me😅,So I switch to a totally random movie 5 mins in comes the dialog “Do not curse unless you want to be cursed” that’s why I ain’t doing RTS.The previous curse removal I did was of Kindrathe to break generational curses,I even asked Forcalor to return it to sender with more intensity and he did,a week later my whole family started feeling excessively drained and some other circumstances which made it clear that I was cursed again.
Your reply provided a great deal of knowledge and yes I would do the necessary,I didn’t have my shields up before I returned it which is where I believe things went wrong….Thank you so much for the informative reply : )

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So… are you saying you started it?

But you’re not the one who’s done the cursing I thought, and nothing I suggested is a curse but defense, which is ok apparently… I don’t get it.

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I didn’t start the curse but returning it means that I am sending the curse back to the sender which I did once and I got cursed back again….I understand RTS is defense still to put it into simple word’s it’s sending back the curse(that’s what my idea of RTS is)Hence I ain’t going after RTS and just focusing on shielding is what I meant : )

So it’s mind games and they have you locked into a prison of your own making. Clever.

What if you think of a mirror shield not as RtS, as it reflects back their own energy before it reaches you, so they choose to send it they are only affecting themseleves?

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Well mirror wards are in my to do list :slight_smile:

I will be doing it soon but RTS currently isn’t due to the fact that I got cursed back within a week,After I have my defences as strong as they could be which is on process,I will do a RTS with Jackal and do further bindings on them as they deserve the worst :slight_smile:

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