Info on the fae

I’m looking for info on the fae. I already read some of the posts about them, for example, Pathworking with the Fay. Now I would like some dos and donts about working with them, also any other sort of info you think I should know. Am i able to still work with them even if i cut down a tree tore off branches and thrown blades at trees?

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You have some apologising to do, if the fae around you now know about it. But they may have read it in your mind anyway.

I’d say start with leaving offerings every night, without asking anything in return, before contacting. To start building the relationship.

Always maintain your calm and be very polite and you can’t go too wrong. Offerings should be biodegradable and not cause harm to wildlife from being eaten or make litter. I don’t advise plastic or glitter anything. Glitter is made of plastic. Coins, food, cotton ribbons are fine.

Look into celtic shamanism, there are guided journeys you can take to faery to meet them.


ok i will do so, so should i jus walk into my woods and leave while letting them know its for them or can i do something like leave it near a tree. i’ve never done something like that so i would need a little guiding on what to do, but im sure i could do it on my own.

That would work… Do it before sundown, I’d say, they don’t like to share space with uninvited humans.

You can speak aloud your intention that the leaving is a gift for the fae too.
Animals will eat the leftovers, so by “sweet”, that doesn’t mean sugar that will make them sick, dried fruit and raw nuts are ideal. Humans consumption of sugar dulls the tastebuds, but dried fruit is crazy sweet to them.

so like a banana?

That’s ok I think. Milk is always popular too. Milk is also sweet when you can taste it. Bread is a safe bet as well.

ok cool

Avoid having iron nearby, don’t thank them directly instead give them offerings, like milk or cream or cakes. Don’t talk backwards they hate that and don’t spill sugar in there presence. Also replant some trees or plants as an apology.


ok i will do all i can for them to forgive me.

Think this suits best here:

The Silver Elves.




Yeah, they hate people cutting on limbs of trees. My sister has cut on a group of flowering plants. I was to go and cut on them some. When I got up to it. I was told please don’t cut on us too much. That girl had cut us up very bad. I told them that I wouldn’t. I told my girlfriend about that, she said wow you can talk with the fairies. That is so cool she said. And yes they will do still talk to you and such if you cut on branches, just don’t cut too close.


D&D tho…

But yeah some fae will care, others will not depending on their ties to that particular area. Fae as a whole aren’t going to flip shit over you doing something like that. The fae in that area yes they may care. However, you also take in fae is a wide range of beings.



But it’s for governing the general understanding.

if i spoke of formless minds, shapeshifting and being manifested as an elemental, or dryad,
it’d be entertaining to the advanced only,
and leave beginners behind.

also, note how the elves are portraid as natrual vampires here.

“absorb the weave from around them.”
replace the word weave with astral energy,
because the word weave is a loose translation of the elven word for aether.

so, techniqually it isn’t only speaking good about us.^^

  • generally, many of the traits are similar to bhuddist or daoist monk abilities,
    in a way.^^




For anyone interested in working with the Fae here are a couple of recipies:

Fairy Enchantment Oil
10 drops Rose
5 drops Thyme
1 tbsp. Evening Primrose Oil

Used for general fairy magick. Sprinkle around the yard or garden to attract fairies. Rub on the third eye (on a full moon) to enable you to see the fairy realm.

Fairy Incense
2 tbsp. dry Tangerine Peel
1 tbsp. Anise Seed
1 tbsp. Thyme
1 tbsp. Ginger
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Strawberry Extract
Dried Petals of 1 Pink Rose

Burn when doing any workings with fairies.