Info on a basic uncrossing ritual

So for whatever reason i am having alot of posts about people asking how to remove curses in my reading list :alien: so figured it would be good idea to link some general resources on what it is and how to do it since i didnt find any already listed on the forum after a quick search.


I fuck with Xavier heavy haha but he has a prejudice against chaos and some forms or black Magick it seems


I know how to do the voudan uncrossing ritual with legba

Most people have issues with something. Im not surprised he isnt a fan of chaos since most of his work seems to be rooted in work from kaballah and the great work of self transformation which uses golden dawn techniques which can emphasise balance if not order. He has alot on depolarizing so being polarized to chaos would seem a bit out there from that stand point.


That guy was one of the first channels I watched when first getting into magic, good stuff.

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Do you subscribe to the same idea that chaos magic is bad in the sense that it’s a karma boomerang?

Chaos itself being bad no :alien: i respect frater x cause he does know his stuff. The part about energy coming back to its source i have experienced but this is more an input= output formula then “karma” he gives a good example in one video about using mars and rage in money which would result in more rage in the manifestiom since that is what you fueled it with.

Majority of my work for the last year has been exploring black magick of ahriman and before that various prep work with the old ones. But chaos magick still takes a system of a kind and discipline. You have to understand a thing before you can apply it. Kinda like you have to understand the anatomy of the body if you wanna be a surgeon.


He doesnt actually. he admits he does black magick but he does not advertise or teach it

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Frater is my favorite current occulist. He is actually just now getting a little bit on board with the occult public figures. He had asborn fill in for him twice on his channel


Hi, Im going to try this because of all this b*llshit in my life that is so not normal or ordinary, and i dont want to deal with anymore, and wont go into detail explaining, regarding a ‘family curse’, lots of nonsensical enemies, excessive and stringing bad events and bad luck, bad health, money struggles, court cases and legal issues, authorities, ex, etc, coming our way to make us problems, a hateful jewish mafia behaving religious group that has terrorised my family and my father in the past, and myself present, who have directed their curse on (me and) my family, and on myself in the same/similar way…
It also seems quite obvios that my dad died suddenly from this too, and i remember awhile before he went he asked a holy man to help and he sprinkling the house with holy water of some kind and putting needles at the door etc. But obviously it wasnt strong enough…so these who are directing to us are ugly people, yet i dont seem to have the energy to curse them back or ‘return to sender’
Anyways, I was wondering when i start the 7 day uncrossing i can post some of my expieriences and questions here and what i did so to keep me motivated to keep on top of it by doing it, as my health is not good at the moment and im very fatigued and id probably find this a struggle to keep ontop of.
Anyway,I wanted to ask as I’m not sure what colour candle i should use for such a broad range of things to represent it, its for a whole range of things to cover so which colour would be best? Also which planetry hour i should i use? Saturn? Whats if i cant find all the herbs or pine needles can i use something else or do without?
Many thanks and for support and please noone think im mad or paranoid or made this up… because im bullied enough in my real life thank you, lol
Ps also some good ideas how to draw up and what i should write for my petition. Thanks again

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Sure thats fine.

Rewatch the video Frater Xavier goes over all the candle info and planetary hours for the various areas in life about 6 minutes in. Depending on how crossed up you are you may need to do multiple rituals as keeping track of that many candles for safety can get complicated if they are drawing negative energy. Like frater x i have had a handful of candles explode during this type of ritual. Not fun :skull: but that means IT IS WORKING as it is drawing negative and toxic energy.

You can get all the herbs from here.

Also the general info on the type of petition is in the video and you can find more detailed info in the link under it. But Basically you are petitioning to have a specific area in life cleansed and uncrossed. You don’t have to have a long complicated petition for this ritual. That is the analytical mind getting too involved in the magick.

I would recommend trying to get at least the hyssop if you cant get anything else herb wise. This is essentially a type of exorcism so if you are not familar with doing this type of ritual it may be best to try to stick as much to the specifications of the version you decide to do as much as you can.


Hi I just wanted some advice just to make sure this is normal… Im 3 days into the uncrossing…
The first time i stepped out of the bath I got so dizzy/faint and sick to the stomach and buzzing in my ear etc that i was abit worried …but straight after putting on the uncrossing oil it subsided… same happened when i did the other baths but to a lesser effect but all the same.
My daughter made a regular bath and suddenly got some of the same symptoms after the bath too(obviously i did not tell her what happened to me), so instictively it came to mind to put on some of the uncrossing oil for her too might help and lo and behold she was surprised that it went straight away ( i was actually surprised too)…
also she got a small nose bleed which she has never had one before…, Etc
Maybe im reading to much into all this, but do i need to do some extra sort of protection and is it safe to continue? Yes it is helping to feel clearer and i want to continue if i can…but is there anything else i need to know to safely uncross. Or is this all ‘normal’ and i just run the course… Thanks

Lucky Mojo is a great site and nice YT channel!

I posted an uncrossing ritual with legba

If you can you may wanna a cleansing on your living space as well, mindand magick has a video on this as well, pretty sure lucky mojo will have info on it as well. It could just be coincidence but being a bit cautious doesn’t hurt.