Infertility curse to a man

Hello, I would like to know which demon would help me cause infertility in a man?..

I want this man to never be a father, not even through adoption…

He betrayed me. And this will be my gift to him.

Please no moral sermons. Stay a way … I don’t need this…

Sometimes people deserve it… I gave him so many opportunities

. Now he needs a lesson and it’s to never be a father

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I don’t think you can use infertility to stop adoption :man_shrugging:

So, to acomplish something like this you’ll need a multi-layered type of spell. Or maybe several demons working on several things, apart of each other.

Then again, I think something like this can be fight off by a lot of people, specially the no adoption thing.

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Zepar is purported to specialise in this. I haven’t tried this myself.

Maybe search ‘zepar infertility’ here and see if anyone has mentioned it.

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You don’t need to say this on this forum - moralising is actually against the rules here.

Please read the rules, so that you are no longer unfamiliar with these basics, and if you have an issue with a post, use the flag system to alert a mod.

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some people don’t want to be a father. your doing him a favor if he don’t want kids. =o) i don’t want kids. maybe i should do the spell on myself. lol then i again i don’t need the spell. i’m picky who i sleep with. haha. too many diseases these days.

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