Inducing altered states into studying and learning

I have came to known that deeper level of consciousness(alpha and theta states) are known to increase you learning capacity and retention of knowledge, They are also the state where distraction by other things is minimum.These are the states that we go into while we meditate and more deeper levels for communicating with spirits.So what i wanna ask is how do we incoperate the deeper levels of conciousness while studying and learning so that we can have deeper understanding of subject and accelerate learning.


I often listen to bineaural beats on my headphones whilst reading and have used this studying?

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i have used them but haven’t had significant amount of difference, well i can study for half a day even without any of them, i thought of actually using deeper states of counciousness as a method to push mental abilities to their imits.So you can achieve more bigger goals or mastery of a subject.

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What about trying this:


I create an atmosphere that puts me in the state of mind.

Before all else, I will clean and organize, because a cluttered room is a cluttered mind. Then I will smudge the room, burn incense, turn the lights low, light candles, and put on music that helps me into the state I desire.

What do you do to prepare for ritual? I would go through those motions, have a light meditation at your desk where you focus on your intent, and then go balls deep in that study material.

This is what I started doing and I noticed how much more focused I am. It’s all about your environment.

You could even burn a particular incense as your ‘study incense’ so that every time you smell it, you are put back into that state of mind. Smells are the strongest memory recall, so take advantage of that.


Perhaps you should try “Brainwave Entertainment” binaural beats app (only on apple platform though). Pretty cheap for a whole package; 5 different apps for different uses. For example, lucid dreaming, studying, gym, focus, study, etc. Or you can just purchase an individual one.

I use them mainly to induce gnosis state.

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You could always trying recollecting your most severe traumas while studying. Humans learn through pain the quickest :skull:


Have you actually tried this? Seems distracting…

I think you have to heal the traumas first for them to be useful that way? We don’t usually learn the most helpful things from our traumas until we process and heal

Feels a bit overkill and counterproductive in the moment but curious if you have actually checked it out?

Yes, bandler writes about it in one of his books as the use and abuse of memory.

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Which book? I’m trying to work out how you do this effectively

I’m not sure, I’ve read them all I want to say it was released after 2010 though.

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I mean this one seems kinda strange but actually being depressed and studying under trauma kinda works, not so sure how but i am exactly sure u can study for long with the feel of trauma’s, but being productive is actually not possible.WIth trauma’s you will work hard not smart.

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I tried that recently. It was completely unhelpful and I didn’t make any real progress on things. It got to the point where I decided what I was studying didn’t really mean anything to me anymore because I could not overcome the trauma to learn anything about it. Actually, I wasn’t trying to recall trauma, I was trying to do something useful with my time and forget about how my crappy ex-husband left me. (but it didn’t work.)

Yeah, productivity defiantly doesn’t happen, just the time spent studying and trying to figure stuff out. I mean, you can spend hours and hours on it, but no real progress is made towards your goals.

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I’m wondering if perhaps you injured yourself on purpose

For safety sake let’s say you ping an elastic band rather than something more

Each time you find something you need to commit to memory

Wonder if that could make helpful faster recall

I actually find something pleasant and exciting works better for recalling things and committing them to memory. I used to study by doing things like rewriting poorly written boring textbooks, coloring my notes and papers (yeah, I had to color them up pretty good.), playing games with the material, (so I would associate it with something pleasant rather than being bored.)

Part of the problem is relating what you wish to learn to what you already know. I hate it when texts are over my head and I can’t relate it to either what I already know or the problem I am trying to solve by studying.

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Nope, an elastic band isn’t going to be a traumatic enough stimulus to have such an effect.

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