Incubus are really malwrim?

Can anyone give me more insight about this ?? Im super curious
And also he had written his sigil on the back of my head …are any of u familiar with. That action being performed by your ubis??

If any of you can draw this …what am about to describe that will be nice
And more u can tell ur comment on what it may be or means if u had seen if before or mabye…here

Its like half a sunflower…only has three petals.
And he didn’t draw it upwards but sideways across the back of my head. Mabye a ritual
Since he did have a book filled whatever and candles and a knife about to cut below my wrist for blood …u think he was doing a blood pact?? Or claiming me official this time??

You may find this relevant.

It had better not be… This is not Ok.

You don’t let random spirits start “claiming” you if you want to be a halfway-decent magickian on this plane. Grow a spine and take control, or you will be nothing but a source of food, and the problem with that is it will diminish you so you can’t get what you want to have a happy life.

If it’s a matter of you not having the skills to interpret this yet, stop everything and develop yourself until you do before you proceed.

Don’t be a doormat, you are the Operator, you are not the resource. It attaches to you ONLY on your terms, not it’s terms. When it can ASK you and you agree, THEN It gets to perform rites with you, and not before. Consent matters, respect for boundaries matter, if you want to stay healthy.

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