Incarnation of Spirits

Just a simple thread where people can talk about their beliefs in incarnation and any relation to any spirit. For example, if you believe you are an incarnation of a spirit write out a brief explanation on why you believe so. You can include factors such as odd occurrences feelings, etc.



I’ll start. I personally believe in incarnation and hope that I never ever ever have to reincarnate here ever again, I can’t stand the way things work down here. The normalisation of staring at strangers, the pressure and “normality” of having kids, the education system, the work system, the government and so forth, I hope i can just observe earth after this life and spend a lot of time learning in spirit form and then maybe become someone’s spirit guide for a while, then maybe become one of the types of spirits people like us work with.

We’ll see anyway…


I believe humans are not made human, but are already spirits with possibly billions of years experience incarnating as human. I do personally believe in both reincarnation, and the “transmigration of spirits” so that they can incarnate between species.

I have done a few past life regressions, about 10 years ago, and I stopped because at the time I was mostly picking up on the deaths, which got old very fast :joy: I was pyrophobic for six months after one of them where I was doused in boiling oil and set on fire… These were all human except for the one fae lifetime, but longish, about 2000 years, longer than my other human lives put together. I’ve only been on Earth about 3000 years, and I have more UPG on why that is, it was basically an accident of sorts. This is why my attempts to do the “what is my purpose” exercise came up nothing… I have no purpose other than what I decide, because I didn’t mean to be here, and getting out of being human is not as easy as getting in.

But I’ve found since that that was because it’s the more emotional regressions that grab you when you don’t set your intention to get something more specific. Doing that I’ve discovered past lives pre human. Alien lives and pre alien. Life an what’s basically an elemental, which I call “the consciousness of rock” (not actual rock) and all I did was building planets for billions of years. (This is super interesting info that feeds into my ideas on how to create physical manifestations… you sort of sing it into existence, for want of a better word, holding the energy until it can hold itself)

At some point, and I lose the chronology here, I “grew up” in Azazel’s legions. Which makes me an incarnate demon to some. I’ve posted about that on here a couple of years ago when I got the gnosis, and it’s not really changed since. It was a thing… I don’t regret it and I feel a kinship with Azazel and his legions for this reason, and he may have created me, along with a couple of other entities, for this purpose. And then I was tasked with world building. I call that my “Earth Project” period. As opposed to know which is my “Human Project” period, which is now just about done.

And all this was why I stopped identifying as “Faekin”, because one life out of many is not a big deal, and my 2000 years as a Leshy is recent, but that’s not long at all. What point is “being otherkin” when you believe almost everybody has been many, many things over billions of years?


Hello Niantiel69,

A lot of people I have run into over the years no longer want to incarnate. It makes me think a large number of people here are on their last incarnation. Perhaps, something big is going to happen in the coming years.


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Fascinating, where the planets created in the astral realm or the physical realm? I am probably not the only one here, who would be interested in how the process occurred.

What was it like being in Azazel’s legions?


A lady reckoned she had a gift for this and told me I was a shoe cobbler in Austria and also a shepard in Scotland that was quite hard without a lot of food. My ethnicity is very strongly rooted in Northern England/Scotland (this time round at least).

Was always naturally good at fencing/baseball etc anything hand-eye and swinging. I get the impression I was in a medieval army or at least fairly well trained in sword arts.

Never posted it here but one of the ‘hells’ for lack of better term. Long before I tried sigils or anything to do with spirits I knew I was in one of the hells but it was a desert oasis (desert but had oasis patches kind of like The Mummy Returns Scorpion King). Big stone cubic tower that the demon/spirit resided in. Was gigantic, wore a purple robe, had a skull head, a small sort of hat I believe and spoke to me telepathically.

I knew it was more than a dream that I was somewhere in the Astral. Said a bunch of things to me but I remember it saying (you’re one of us, the thing that gives you away is that your lips move but your eyes stay still). I still ponder whatever the fuck happened and why. Forgot to mention that a part of me knew I had been there before or at least I was from there. I reckon I spent some time around the Phonecian/Mesopotamian ERA since with how well Astaroth and Set responded to me when I first tried sigils. When will this incarnation shit end lol?

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I’m not sure right now about past incarnations, but I remember that when I did Bill Duvendeck’s Qlipothic tarot and astrological reading with him last year back in February and this is just his hypothesis by the way, but according to the way my houses and chart was setup for this incarnation. He believed that my soul is very old, and has been around for who knows how long. Kinda makes sense honestly due to some of the dreams I’ve had since I started this journey.

However; I do wanna point out something @C.Kendall once said, “we all come from one source and those memories could be linked to several others.” I think that’s how he worded it in one of his live streams but it’s been a while so I can’t remember for sure.

So yeah, we all could have possibly reincarnated ourselves and may have unlocked our memories but how can we know for sure if they’re directly ours and not the memories of another entity that incarnated itself?

Also yeah, I swear at times I just wanna get off this freaking rock because of how fucked up this world has become.

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Did the desert have a red sky with no stars, sun or moons with ash clouds and winds of sands and ash? It is supposedly one of the lowest hells and some sort of center point to the other hells. Basically, the other lower realms (hells) flow into it.


Hello RyuDarkness,

That sounds like the Hindu idea of incarnation. Their idea is that each incarnation is a separate being that is part of the whole. Look into the story of Vishnu and his incarnations. That is why they are called avatars.


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Hi there Zen!

Many people have said their intuition tells them something big is coming, especially the psychics on apps like Tik Tok and even some people on YouTube, kind of like the Christian ‘Judgement Day’. I’ll believe that when I see it :rofl: but I 100% cannot wait until the day I no longer have to reincarnate. I’m sick of this planet.

I hope something major does happen, major enough that those of us already working on or are near spiritual ascension and enlightenment can just continue working on it, in spirit form, without the human flesh-suit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello Niantiel69,

Yes, that and the dreams people have been having for the last decade or so. I actually have taken some interest in the dreams and have found a common theme. The theme being the skies turn blood red, people get abilities only seen in the astral and the wide spread presence of spirits. My guess is the breaking of the veil is what leads to it.

Of course, I have been interested in breaking the veil for a while. A lot of people seem to be interested in the implications of breaking it and I see no reason why not to give it to them.


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