INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)



Niss Feril. (Pronounced; -Niss- as in ‘Kiss,’ and -Feril- as in ‘Fur-ill’).

Its an invocation of light. (The energy there of).


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I can’t be stuffed working out the number of this one - but this is an incantation used to bind spirits and demons with little effort and high effeciency.
Simply repeat BELIAL ES BELIAL several times whilst visualizing chains binding the entity.
Got this one straight from belial himself.


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Is this mantra an invocation to the spirit such as an enn? Does it compel the spirit to help or simply toss into its energy? I’m asking because I want to know if I should be in a circle or not when saying it🙂.


Do you simply look at a sigil with the intention to open it saying this mantra and it opens?how many times do you repeat it ?


Kaithu… Sailorie… Nathuth… Deime.

To awaken the blacked gateways of the astral realm.

use to induce trance

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Channeled from - Lucifer.


No, the mantra is an aid to seeing and hearing spirits. It calls the spirit forth and activates the senses so you can communicate. Try it and find out.


Your invocation of darkness is your invocation of light can be used both in the same time with a short period of time ??? Can they be used in daily meditation ??? What are the benefits?


How so “invitation of darkness” ?? Sorry, I do not understand correctly.


They can be used any way you see fit.
The benefits are what you give it. No more and no less.


*Me’culla secala vrushahnka ma (insert spirit name)
For general spirit summons.

*Veranishtu nestaft nucrea
To enforce intent

*Def’nish nestaft nucrea
To enforce spiritual compliance from rebellious spirits

Feel free to use them as you see fit.


I had a crazy invocation and possession from this, possibly Belial.

Kept talking about evolution and the gatekeepers. I put it on youtube.



You might want to check out this youtube channel for more, there are a lot lot lot…! (did I mention there were a lot?? :-p ) Enjoy! :slight_smile:



I love your replies everyone! I’m ‘flabbergasted at the possibilities’ :slight_smile:
it’s even handier than pushing a button…

About the last video I posted: the youtube channel has even more, and ‘satan and sons’ youtube channel as well :slight_smile: lllllllloooootsssss!


An incantation for calling forth the element of water, “Aquila de ahfilla, ofee’alah tal be ahla.”

Just a random thing that came to me.


@arianna has listed Azazel’s Incantations for healing

Its amazing.


Incantation Of Manual Malleable Reality.

This incantation was given to me not in demonic language, nor angelic but a whole other spiritual language entirely.

Given to me by Antahartu, right hand demon of Azazel, the cloaked figure who taught high preists and sorcerer’s in Egypt.

" Gu’linkah Ves Dedaye
San’tula Bermenz Stat’atah
Lekames Ju’ganzah ".

He explains in order to manifest something in reality sometimes there may be many obstacles working against your goal manifesting.

Think of it not so much as reality fighting back but instead resisting.

So recite this incantation over 40 times before performing a ritual, it makes this realm more weaker, easier to manipulate and change.

The many recitations has energetic reasons as well acts as a lesson of discipline which this demon is fond off.

This language is has had many names.

“Venomous Breath”, “Serpents Tongue”, “Forbidden Tongues”.

It’s highly potent and should only be used in situations when you feel you absolutely need it.