INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)


Black magickal/LHP version of the “Higher Self” concept
the dark self or shadow self

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This is where I (AZAZEL) can help – take your left wrist in your right hand making a circle like a bracelet, and then turn anti-clockwise once – repeat:


Then close your eyes and see yourself in dark glory, reflected upon your eyelids, in the inner/outer interface of this world.

It is done – you have successfully made contact with your dark-ascended self.

Embrace it, converse with it, and love it so much that you and it cease to be seperated in any meaningful manner.

This just happened people, I haven’t tested it but I trust him on this, that if you’re into this path, then this will work for you.

Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel, Azazel.


E.a.'s 4 incantation’s to conjure limitless power for various ends…;


Here is the site I got this from! Damara


Calling forth Lucifer (possible in a particular aspect of him).

19:00 (and something…) please wait for at least 21:00 (and beyond)




All very very cool dear people, thanks so much for sharing! :smiley:
Anyone who reads this, feel free to share more… I have a book somewhere full of incantations… :slight_smile: hope I’ll find it again! :slight_smile:


From xerxes an arch duke of father

to open the gates of hell…useful for summoning with the portal of pentagram
i dunno about soul travel to hell with this but here it is : ARKATA TELETAL MALUS SALU SOLVALA ACH TESTIUS


you mean the real xerxes? Was he into magick as well? :slight_smile:
I haven’t explored that alley yet :wink:

Please tell me more hehe :smile:


not the king but demon
if you wish to summon him


rank:prince/arch duke
superior spirit:satan

his attributes is on magick he can give a massive and great magical deal and rituals
he is currently my magical mentor along with father satan.recently i am mastering spell work and evocation with him he is teaching me powerfull methods of evocationg i may post when i will make it more powerfull he given me the basics of the method and he telled to edit it to make more powerful by changing the visualization part of the evocation and changing the phase 2 which is the incantation part of the ritual
and phase 3 which is the conjure or the calling of the spirit
the original evocation has 4 phases
1 visualization
2 incantaion
3 incantation part 2
4 actual conjure/calling forth
and i changed a shit ton of times there aslo part that are not needed the smallest version that i edited has 2 phases
some other edits one time it had:5 phases,3 phases
and the most important parts are 1 and 2 i experimented and finded out that to make it more successful 1 and 2 should be longer parts of the rite

i will post it soon!
one thing is sure Xerxes is a fucking master and great teacher of magick

Ave xerxes!!!
Ave lord satan!!!


Xerxes and satan gave me a shit ton of versions and other incantations for all parts of the rite…well i guess i have to play with it :thinking:


also some words for the demon and the human being

they are not the same being from what i know.xerxes the demon was given or came to me from satan along with nearly other 60-70 demons that now i am now trying to write them to my journal and then i would try to write a book with this knowledge on the balg and a one of those spirits was the demonic king the ascending king adorious,adorian
who the name is similar to the persian darius…their name are pretty similar to those of the persians…interesting :thinking:


Nox Infernum Invertay.
Invocation of darkness.



The thriple opener.

Jajuji mean’s yes-yes-yes or 1-1-1.
It open’s and activetes.
Work’s with chakra’s, Portal’s, Candle flames, other light sorces / Scrying tools.
…direct close range posession.

Haven’t tested it on divination yet, i’d be glad to hear any result’s in that area. :smiley:

I wanted to keep that one for me originally, but i was told today to release it, and see what other’s can do with it!

Oh and with created serviator’s / egregores it allows you to access them in their core. :wink:
Very handy when something needs to be adjusted. :blush:





I only use NOX, as an call for silence, to shut sound’s around me down.
And to hide / darken enviorment.

Now Infernum Invertay sound’s interesting, i’ll try it! Thank you! xD


Yeah no problem.


Darkness in what context? Darkness can be representative of many very different things. For example, secrets, hidden things, evil things, space, the void, etc.


Darkness as in the darkness you see an feel when it gets to be midnight or later.


Et Vel hiop tet Kah’Tachu cobe tet meh.

Invitation of darkness


Fenomenal guys - thanks a bunch-- I am so looking forward to try it out :smiley:

Thanks so much :smiley: whoohoo!!!

They are so needed!