Ritual to Visibly Conjure Marbas

As the title says, I’m planning on an extensive ritual (or at least, extensive to me) tonight to attempt to evoke President Marbas to visible manifestation (or as an objectively audible voice). I thought I would write out my plans and ask if any of you, particularly those of you that have had success with visible or auditory manifestations of demons, had input.

Tonight is the full moon, and I’ll be doing the ritual between midnight at 3 AM. I’m going to start with a simple incantation to open the gate - I’ll use Crowley’s, which is “Zazas, zazas, nasatanada zazas”. My understanding is that it loosely translates to “Open, open, gates of Hell open”. While doing that, I’ll light my dedicated candle for Marbas, which is a tea light that has his hand-drawn and blood-anointed sigil at the bottom, which is visible when the candle has been lit for a while and the wax melts:

After doing so, I’ll draw out his sigil again (I have a geometry set to do it properly now) and anoint it with my blood, which I get using a diabetic lancing device. The purpose is to sacrifice a small part of myself to him to forge a bond and give him something to latch onto to help him ‘come through’.

At this point, I’ll begin chanting his enn, which is “Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas”. As I do this, I will light an orange beeswax candle (I have six - how many should I use?) that I ordered specifically for him because his colour is orange. I’ll also light several tea lights and arrange them around myself to form a kind of ritual circle. All of the tea lights will be in mercury glass holders - although it’s not real mercury (which is his metal), I figured it was worth a try anyways based on the name alone.

Once I feel a weak sense of his presence, I’ll start chanting an evocation incantation I found on BALG, which can be substituted for any spirit, which here would be “Me’culla secala vrashanka ma Marbas”. While I’m chanting, I’ll light incense I also bought specifically for him. His incense is storax, which I couldn’t get in time for the full moon (it’s coming on Monday instead probably), so I’m substituting it with benzoin (which is very similar) incense sticks that I also ordered specifically for him.

All the lights will be turned off, and my hope is that all that candlelight and incense smoke will give enough energy and base to him to pull together a visible manifestation (or, alternatively, an audible voice, whichever is easier for him). Is there anything else I can be doing that I haven’t thought of already? I want to maximize my chances of success tonight.


Spend a lot of time in pre-ritual, getting into the zone. You don’t have to spend hours meditating, but if I’m calling someone new, I typically, put their chants on loops periodically, try to keep part of my mind on the fact that I’m going to evoke them, and spend quite a bit of time before the ritual listening to ritual music (typcially, Paleowolf - Origins, if it helps).

If your clairs aren’t developed, then have a back up means of communication ready.


Great response. and i wanna add to this:

All what you are doing is SHOWING RESPECT to the spirit and PREPARING YOUR MIND FOR THE RITUAL. All what you said is not going to help you see or hear him. I am sorry to break it to you like this i just don’t want you to be disappointed if that didn’t happen. Your senses need to be develop enough to hear or see. So follow @anon39079500 advice and have a secondary mean of communication just in case.

Note: from my understanding when a member’s name is anon and numbers (anon847834734) it mean the user deleted his account. So, make sure you are using a real incantation or do a further research. EA has some good incantations posted that you could use.

Be Blessed, and Good Luck

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That incantation was actually recommended to me by @Otherion as being better than the one I had been using, which was Koetting’s incantation to summon forth (beginning with ‘Etsel Mala’kel’). He could probably comment more on it, but I’m very open to other incantations to use. Any recommendations?

While I respect this line, it has become a bit of a point of frustration for me. Take clairaudience for an example. My understanding is that it’s the ‘silent voice in your head’, and the key is recognizing the difference between your own thoughts and thoughts that are placed there by the spirit you call. This would obviously work for many people who have more faith, but because of my hardwired skepticism, I need something a bit more obvious.

That’s sort of the point of this ritual - not subtleties that I can explain with conventional science. I am trying to ask Marbas to manifest in a much more overt and obvious way, either as a stable smoke-based apparition, a physically audible discarnate voice, or something along those lines. I know that’s a HUGE ask, but I can’t move forward until I dispel my doubts, and this is the only way to do that. I know others (@Otherion is an example) have had encounters with spirits like this, and that’s what I’m after.

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When you read EA’s accounts where he explains this, you’ll find he still hears and sees them using those senses. So does just about everyone else, with occasional exceptions.

Quantitative experiences can still overcome this, but only if you want it to. Eventually, there will be enough evidence that the most logical conclusion, taken as a whole, is that there is another mechanism at work than strictly the physical world. The only thing that really solidifies this is experience and being open to it. The odds of you hearing an entity without your inner senses is slim.

Once your senses are open and you trust them a little more, you don’t hear your voice, you hear theirs. I don’t hear my voice at all. Voice itself isn’t the end-all, either. They still communicate with thoughts, impressions, and emotions.

Best of luck.

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Exactly - it’s those exceptions that I’m most interested in! For a lot of people, an internal dialogue is enough, but that’s not the case for me. I need to actually see the spirit I’m talking to, or hear him as a distinct voice that exists apart from my own. Otherwise there will always be that nagging doubt of “what if it’s just your subconscious and Marbas doesn’t really exist”.

I know, which is why I need all the help I can get, from that small percentage of people who have done it.

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I have yet to get a visual manifestation, however there has been communication. Ive been trying for visual besides my mind’s eye, and it hasn’t happened yet.


Seems like he mainly works they clairvoyance and clairsentience, at least with me. 🤷


I did in fact point out that at times I do hear a physically discarnate voice. HOWEVER I have been at this for 25 years. I was evoking spirits for around ten years before this happened. I still advocate very strongly that the astral senses be strengthened greatly through various practices. This is the best (and only real way) to experience the spirit world… with the spiritual senses.

I do also state that a beginner in these arts can derive great use of paying attention to ones environment after ritual. A question asked to a spirit can quite easily be answered the next day in the lyrics to a song that comes on the radio, or a chance phrase from a stranger. BUT these should in no way be relied upon, as you would end up hamstringing your own practice. The important thing is to be open to whatever communication you can be. I can’t count the number of “failed” evocations I’ve done in which the spirit appeared in my dreams later that same night.

It can take YEARS of serious practice to finally be able to open oneself to the astral… though admittedly some lucky bastards get it down pat in just a few weeks. (I was not one such bastard)

There are PLENTY of cheats though. Though by “cheats” I do not mean that things become easy, or effortless. I mean that they become EASIER. I got into the occult thinking it would make my life easier, and that sorcery was a snap… boy was I wrong! the mage’s path is the hardest possible path to walk, and it takes a great deal of dedication, discipline, and hard fucking work to see real progress.


I’ll reply in more detail in the morning (I must sleep), but wanted to say that I had mixed results tonight. Enough to keep trying. I got split-second apparitions in the benzoin stick incense smoke. Here are a few example images:




What do you guys think, is it pareidolia or real?

I’m now thinking more clearly than I was late at night when I sent that update message, and I think clearly the ritual didn’t work, at least in terms of the primary outcome measure which is either stable visible manifestation (at least for more than 1/10 of a second) or an audible discarnate voice speaking to me (rather than just my own internal dialogue in my head). Again, an example of the kind of visible manifestation I mean is this.

In retrospect, I think Marbas may have given me a message rejecting the incense that I used. As I was lighting it, one of the sticks rotated and started dropping ashes onto the wooden floor, and as I tried to fix it, in the commotion, the crystal glass of water I offered (in addition to the incense) was knocked over. It’s my fault too, I should have ordered the proper incense earlier so it would come in time. What I used was relatively inexpensive stick incense dipped in benzoin resinoid. I know others here have used benzoin successfully with Goetic presidents, but my understanding is that storax actually refers to storax balsam, i.e. black storax from Liquidambar orientalis (Oriental or Turkish sweetgum). I have that now - it arrived yesterday (a day late) and smells very different from the benzoin sticks. I also have charcoal discs because I read they produce more smoke than tea light burners with resin incense.

Another problem was that I was not in the greatest frame of mind after having a bit of a fight with my boyfriend, and I think that may have affected my focus. That fight ended up resolving, and hopefully next time I’ll have a clear head before I start.

Some replies to what has been said:

That certainly makes sense, and I do occasionally remember my dreams, but not often. I do remember one dream from the night after that ritual. I have doubts that it was even related, but I’ll describe it anyways just in case you or others have thoughts on interpretation. I don’t remember much, but in the dream, I was standing on a sidewalk next to a curved roadway beside some very deep water, and there was only a small guardrail between the road and a thin strip of concrete before the water. At this point, a semi truck coming very fast took the curve far too quickly and the back part of it rolled over into the water, dragging the rest of the truck in as it sank. Myself and a few other bystanders stood there in disbelief until someone dove in, and that’s all I remember.

Can you suggest any that you haven’t already told me about? I’m open to pretty much any techniques that could help!

I know normally the best way to move forward in one’s practice is to develop these subtle spiritual senses, and only then to start seeing apparitions and hearing discarnate voices. However, with those subtle spiritual senses that are based on the mind’s eye and the inner dialogue in one’s head, I’m always going to be wondering if I’m talking to myself, my subconscious, etc. But if I see or hear an apparition once, just ONCE, then it would dispel those doubts once and for all and then there would be no question of whether I’m talking to myself or not, and I could continue developing those senses knowing that they are real.