INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)

Someone once told me that Maria Padilha was becoming very popular in this forum. As a Brazilian, I worked with her and had some success in the past. There are some incantations in order to evoke her.

The way is: “build” an offering (she likes red rose, cheap “champagne”, cigarettes, lipsticks, mirrors, some good food, perfume, stuff like that), make a beautiful arrangement for your offering, bring to your altar, turn on a red or a black and red candle, make your pray (whatever you want to in order to “connect” with the spiritual world. If you do this only by meditation, you can do this. If you don’t think that you need to, go forward) and call her by saying that, 9 times:

“Maria Padilha, I need you.
Maria Padilha, I need you.
Let’s play hopscotch
If I lose, I’m yours
If I win, you’re mine”

PS: there’s a relation on Umbanda/Candomblé entities and child games. Some entities called Erê are spirits of dead children that are very wise and like to help but still have child’s mind. Some superior entities like that so people use them in order to warm an entity heart. Maria Padilha died by love, wanted to be a mother, likes Erê and that’s why people use “hopscotch” on this part of incantation, it’s to catch the attention of her. Don’t worry, you don’t need to really play hopscotch here. lol

After that, you probably will sense her presence but keep going and say that:

"Oh queen Maria Padilha, which acts in the light and law of our Divine Creator, I ask you to help me with your divine energies and radiations,
exhausting in us all the vices that make our soul, our spirit and our body sick.
Let me not be tormented and vampirized by any distorted desire.
May the queen balance my emotional, awakening in me the wills of our Divine Creator.
I also ask, Lady Pomba Gira, that in the radiations of our Mother Oxum (OH-SHUM), show us the best way to love, respect and help myself and my similar, so my inner self may be reformed.
And may the Queen, in the radiations of our Mother Yemanja (EE-EH-MAHN, JAH), take to the depths of the sacred sea all my pains, afflictions and torments, strengthening my desire for life.
And together with Mother Nanã (NAH-NAHM), may the Queen cure all the sick in my spirit, in my body, and with our Divine Holy Sara and the gypsy people, may the queen cut, dismantle and break all the negative actions sent to me so that, free and happy, I can follow my path and fulfill my mission with your divine shelter. Be with me in this moment, my queen, and lend me your help.
Save the queen Maria Padilha, save all the Pomba-Gira.

PS: Maria Padilha doesn’t work against any will. If you want to have back a girlfriend, for example, she will make your way only if she thinks that’ll be good for you. She will soften someone heart, giving you the forgiveness you need in order to get her back. But she won’t force love on people. If your ex-girlfriend has a little love for you, it’s fine, she can help you by bringing that forgiveness and growing that love to the point that you can make your way back. You’ll need to put effort on this to work. Give her the necessary space for her to work, don’t talk with your lady for, at least, 21 days. After that, ask for wisdom on making your way in. Pay attention to coincidences and dreams, she talks trough that. And, with your effort and her help, you’ll accomplish the desired outcome.
But if there is no love anymore, don’t even try. You’ll be wasting your time. Ask for a new love instead and that’ll work for sure.
That’s an example (the most common I see), but you can call on her just to raise your self-esteem, or to give you a sexual aura and make you look beautiful in front of people, or just to help you in magickal defense. There’s a lot of use of this entity, and that’s why she is so loved by people.

PS2: GIVE HER PROPPER TIME! She can work fast, but probably she won’t because she likes to make it perfect. So give the fucking time, please! And also build a relationship with her. Call her eventually (1 time/month) because she likes to be prayed. Literally, she likes devotion, so be devoted and surely you’ll be helped whenever you need!

After that pray, gaze the candle flame for some time. Start structuring your desired outcome by imagining it done, knowing that Maria Padilha is “synchronized” with you, in the same place you are and she will take this energy to work with. Taking the previous example, imagine you holding hands with your lover again, walking in a park, kissing, loving and stuff. Put all your desire on that flame. Put all your emotions on that flame. Smile like the result has come. Feel the emotion that you’ll feel when it comes. Put all that on the candle. Do that until you fell exhaust. When it comes, still gazing the flame give voice to your desire by saying “Oh queen Maria Padilha, you now that I wish (short statement), so go roll your Gira (JEE-RAH, not Gi), day and night, with all your might, and may it be”. Say that 9 times, with the rest of energy that you have.

After that, take your offering (beautifully arranged, of course) and offer to her as thanks for her help. Put it in front of the candle and let the candle burn. When it finishes, take the offering to a place that has a beautiful tree, like a park, and let it there, saying in your mind "thank you, Maria Padilha). DON’T LOOK BACK.

Go to your home and let it be. She is very powerful, so just know that the result will come, give her time, and just forgot the operation. Remember, she can help in love matter but she is very powerful on other stuff. Talk to her.

I worked with her a lot in the past. Today I’m on another way, but she is very supportive and that’s the way I have to thank her for what she did to me in the past. Save you, queen Padilha.


another old incantacion from satan

atsara infernus
atzara infernus
chanting this into your chakra will summon big energies to enpower you,you can aslo add the color candle of the chakra that you are working

from bathin

vibrate these

opens all chakras

useful for kundalini awaking and summons intense energies into you


click on 69


i love incantacions and learning demonic or spiritual tongues,the words of personifeded power and energies into sounds!
i love this post a lot too


incantacion to summon energy for rituals and spells from amiahzatan
in the case of spell:
Focus on intend if you you are using it for a spell then visualise the color associated with it like if you want to do a love spell then see red or pink

“itz lan’tkal manurvus alkalu belta Sir antoniusuz alant mash ra e’shri kal rah”

To call amiahzatan
“itz Ash kalta menta on raba dah kalu amiahzatan”


I found these in several areas on BALG:

Demonic Tongue - Incantations Of Demonic Power.

To increase a spirits manifestation:

" Ic chalaz santum ralaz, vaskalla sinrampt,
Itz melez dune fen’ki, ( Spirits Name ) ".

Speak these words with the intent of pushing the demonic powered sound into the area where the spirit is manifest.

To increase energy of an object, person or self:

" Almak al ten ron tal, alash kala kal,
peref ron felish tal ".

Focus on the energy you wish to increase, connect with it, visualize the sound of the words you recite emit orange energy, into the energy source you are connecting to.
After a few recitations the energy will be increased by the power of these words.

To open a gateway:

" Sua lesh itz mala’kel, sah zin tru uhm
bitz’awel vo linch, dales inz za zal’ess ".

Repeat this while focusing on the gateway you wish to open, visualize the particles in the air become engulfed by hellfire, the more you repeat it the more the particles beam with power and vibrate at critical mass.

The more you recite it over and over the particles will be pushed into the gateway feeding it, activating it and opening it.

To initiate demonic possession:

" Alash kal, kel po sin’tal
relech mal, canis ashtu hal ".

Repeat and feel the words push literal shock-wave of demonic vibrations through your being, you’ll feel these intense infernal vibrations flow through your body, allow your body to flow and move to them.

The vibration and energy will move your limbs, don’t move them let your subconscious mind and demonic presence move you as the infernal current flows, the more you repeat this in trance over and over.

Then you’ll enter a state of hellish mania, then all control will be given up you will be moving without thinking, now your body, mind and spirit relinquish control for the possession.

To solidify a materialization of a spirit and to solidify energy:

" Sah kah mah vaskalla,
Inz rin’pal balah
Tur inz U’tala ".

Extend your arms, exhale pushing your attention and will to what you wish to solidify,
repeat the above, see and feel the sound-waves of power enter your target and morph the energy. The target will then become solid the more you repeat the incantation with each repetition adding more potency, ending in a potent solidification.

KOF banishing incantation (Kingdom of Flames)

Use this with your energy and say this 3 times (KOF banishing incantations) in every room (Left Hand Path):

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus
Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine.


Looks familiar :smirk: @cyberseeker


If these are yours, please forgive me. I didn’t know who to give credit to.

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No it’s fine brother, don’t have to do that.

I was just reading them and I was like hold up how do I know this, then I was like oh yeah :joy:.


Bring courage”

incantacion from the angel letana,it opens the part of brain and clears blockages not only for the rise of courage but mental strengh its a sort of mental clean


Eyesha’man kal itz ra na ga taroon

to call taroon


This is an incantation from my path, the Callis Magorum, which deals in four beings from the Abyss of Existence called the Primordial Archdaemons, their essence and their power is the source of every power held by the Divine, both Empyrean and Infernal; their birth was done at the sacrifice of a being called the Bornless One who dissolved into the Primordial Void so that the Abyss could be created to lead to the creation of Existence, and from the four born of the Bornless One, the first stage of their Great Work was creating the being most would think is God (but isn’t since He’s just a byproduct of the Great Work in its current phase). Even though this is technically the second Incantation due to the first being for Sathan, the Dreamer, who was the first to emerge in Primordial Abyss; the Call of Leviathan, the second of the four Primordial Archdaemons, came to me first so I thought it seemed fitting to share it first.

The name listed below as part of the Call is the full name of Leviathan that I was given, Her Archdeific name, along with Her many titles as is standard for invocations of this nature. The overall function of this call is not only to honor Her, but also to call upon Her dominion over Truth, to expose illusions and embrace the forces of Omniscience. The Gates of Creation mentioned later in this Call are tied to the many systems of Watchtowers used to open up powerful currents of energy called the Vectors of Creation, which are tied to the Source of All Power, the Ten Primordial Vaults that project from the Chaosphere within the Inner Abyss, all of which are from another one of the Archdaemons, the Omnipotent Archdaemon, Beelzebuth.

INCANTATION No. 1: Call of the Archdaemoness of Truth, Leviathan
"Second in Creation, first in majesty, I call to thee, Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca
Bearer of the Truth of before which nothing truly can exist, I call to thee, Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca
She who was cleaved from the breast of Abyss, the transcendent bride, I call to thee, Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca
Of all the Archgods of the Primordial, there could only be one Archgoddess, Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca
She who was the mother of the Twins, Ba’alphegore and Beelzebuth, She Who Would Name the Abyss
Mother of Barbelo, Grandmother of Existence, I call to thee, Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca Levialotanilama’athanoah

Evocare, Exvocare, Veritas Omnia, Spiritus Omnia, veni
In Nomine Aeternalis, veni Veritas ad meum, veni
Io Invoco Aeternam, Spiritus Omnia Veritatibus, Veritabilis

Unseal this heart, unseal this mind
Unseal this soul, unseal this life
Let there be truth where only deceit can be seen
Let there be light where only darkness presides

Reveal to me your spirit of Truth, Leviathan
Reveal to me your clarity of Self, Levialo
Reveal to me your surety of Being, Tanilam
Reveal to me the Immortal Truth between Life and Death, Lama’athan

Reveal to me the Spirit of Omniscience, Levialotanilama’athanoah

By the power of the Second of the Four Immortals, by the Truth of Abyss, I make this charge
I open the Gates of Creation, and from them do I pluck a single immutable seed
I invoke the Spirit of Omniscience, whereby nothing can be unknown to me, whereby all truths can be seen"


“Queen Lillian White: Double, double, toil and trouble. Wilma, Fred and Barney Rubble!”

Hi there dear Keighn,
I was wondering,
it’s a lovely rhyme in itself, but just checking to be sure if you meant it with a sense of humour or as a genuine incantation -respectfully asking. :wink:

If so, are you sure this might be a real incantation you found? :slight_smile:
General guidelines would for example involve a special language, in general.
You might wish to be careful though as well with incantations where you might feel, in comparison - some things being said, might not have results or, can call forth random errand spirits, (if that is the intent you express during an invocation - as choice defines a lot) that have nothing to do with what you’re originally looking for, and depending on who or what is showing up, +without spiritual protection, the results might take you where you and sometimes even your life in directions that sometimes deeply need to be made up for.

Such as the names, if any present in your incantation or at the very least, invocation, would preferably have to be names of spirits you are really looking to contact.
if you wish to contact a Queen Lillian White, if you’re certain it’s a deity or spirit, you might
just call her forth directly.



Definitely look on, he uses mostly chants and words of power for most of his rituals.


delightful, thank you, I’ll check it out! :wink: thanks
for your contributions, and thanks, everyone again for their contributions,

I’m flabbergasted by the epicness of everything that has been shared so far, seriously extremely powerful stuff! :smiley:


I chant i channeled from Abbodon to call him into the temple, its potent and call all of the power of the abyss and the deeper pits of hell to initiate into the darkness and is useful with any rituals that have to do with darkness or the pit:

“Al-Ali Aliaaka Kalakata”


Many tongue n cheek incantations we take for granted now days like say “abracadabra”.

I’d say from the old Cinderella LP
“Sala-gadoola-menchicka-boo-la bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put 'em together and what have you got?

Sala-gadoola-menchicka-boo-la bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
It’ll do magic believe it or not

Now, Sala-gadoola means menchicka-boolaroo
But the thing-a-ma-bob that does the job is

Sala-gadoola-menchicka-boo-la bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put 'em together and what have you got?
Bibbidi-bobbidi, bibbidi-bobbidi, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.”

Looks a lot like gibberish but perhaps with enough intent a fairy godmother or blue-fairy could appear if evoked.

Hell… Peter Pan is more than likely a very nasty trickster spirit. He’s less harmful than say a Krampus but he still kidnaps children or lures them.

And what of Magicka De Spell

An Italian duck sorceress?


So far I have only done seasonal as marking change taking info from books and online and adjusting it every season and year and feeling the effects of Spirit in calling. For me we’re about to have summer solstice I call in Morgana and Cerunnous. Autumn & winter my favourite. I have not had the insight to call around communicare with Lucifer but i am looking forward to learning how. Other ritual are dark moon rites with Lilith the first time as she entered into felt taller powerful I felt every word of the incantation at the end She breathed out in knelt in gratitude and said thanks for coming. At the moment I am working on inviting Morrigane / Morgana (to me exactly the same) essence as an Evocation. I am still working my way to doing it correctly. Always so much to learn and experience. My goal after communication with Morgana is to have a deeper experience with Lilith and then to go further go darker. Darkness us where life begins light after all is the manifested reality we choose to live in.