Questions regarding possession

So with this incantation, will it hurt to be possessed, or will it be ok if I just relinquish control.

Also, how can I ensure that nothing else possesses me, except the demon, during the possession.

If something other than the demon does possess me, how could I fight back?


I thought you could answer this best friend. Sorry for bothering.

If you’re that unsure about being possessed, then maybe the timing isn’t quite right.

Can you identify the spirit you’re wanting to be possessed by (the signature)?

Have you thought about any rules or restrictions you’d want them to stay within?

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Protect yourself first… circle, Kabbalistic cross whatever

Have a purpose prior

Possession… be sure. I’ve gone through so many exorcisms and been present at many due to my past… I’ve seen people writhe, get naked, vomit, defacate, urinate, and assault others and I’m not bullshitting. I sit on a different side of the fence now where demons aren’t horrible but would I ever want to be fully possessed by one? Nah.

Sorry sounds like I’m saying don’t … I just mean be sure you want whoever you’re asking to possess you


Would the signature be their energy? (Just wanting to clarify)

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Yes, so you can definitively identify that it is them.

Ok, awesome, guess it’s a good thing I have a strong clairsentience ability


Yes, for sure.

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I had this feeling back in 2018, It was amazing.