In your personal opinion what does one need to do to step into their godhood

What do I need to do to establish my own divinity/power? What do i need to stop saying/doing? How can I empower myself? What is the most powerful form of magick I need to practice in order to establish my own separate divinity? What’s the most powerful thing I can do to establish my godhood. Thanks!

No one can answer that because each person has an individual path and even then some of the ones who think they are amazing, are delusional, some are mentally ill, some can’t discern real from imagination and some are real and not even talking about it.

So my opinion is find your path and develop your discernment of real versus fantasy.


Which belief around Godhood are we talking about? the idea of mastering your own life and being the ‘god’ of your own reality? or the idea of being a literal Deity?

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Kinda both! I know that we are already gods but most of us haven’t fully tapped into our full power. I’m talking about tapping into our godhood and becoming the “god” of your reality.

Becoming the God of your own reality is simply that, not allowing others or outside influences to alter your life on the path you take it be it mundane or occult wise.

As for the whole everyone is a literal god thing, I can’t say much on it because I disagree with that idea, Deities are a race and humans are not that race.


“Humans” are mere deities in a flesh vessel. So are “animals” , “insects” and “plants”. Once you accept this life changes for you.

Again disagree, as I’ve read various humans and many of them do not have the soul of a Deity lol, some have human souls, some angel, demon, fae, elemental, etc. But I won’t get into that it’s already talked about throughout the forum as is lol.

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I see! That makes a lot of sense. I apologize if I offended you. Could you send me the link to where to where that is talked about in the forum?

No you’re fine I just didnt want to mess up your thread xD

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What helped me is doing a lot of shadow work. I was able to begin working through my mindset and my emotions and learn how to feel that I have more self control in the way that I react to the world around me. Whether things in my life are going well or not, I know I have developed the tools to handle anything coming my way.

Also, learning good time management skills helps a lot.

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I would say that raising Kundalini is pretty much a prerequisite to becoming a god, more like a first step. It is the mechanism by which an ordinary human soul is made divine, gradually, throughout a lifetime.

In fact, the whole garden of Eden story is an allegorical allusion to what is required to become "as the gods”, raising the serpent up on the tree of life leads to the fruits of immortality and omniscience.

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