In trouble with Lucifer

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Believe it , its him , dude im such a retard i dont know how long ill have to live, he is the most pissed off spirit right now. I need angelick assistance i do if anybody has cobtact with angels please help me


If you don’t mind me asking, why did you contact Lucifer? I would like to understand more about your reasoning and spiritual beliefs.

The stabbing and nightmares he is giving you could be a harsh way of showing you transformation. A wake-up call in an attempt to open your mind and destroy parts of yourself which get in your way. A death of your views, beliefs, personality, and mentality. A tough love, “scare you straight”, kind of approach.

Some people stagnate when nurtured, some people need a harsh slap in the face to progress. Or in this case, a harsh stabbing.


I contacted him so that i can ask for a mental healing, wealth , health, evocation, etc

From the outside looking in, it seems he is simply trying to help jump start your transformation.

My advice would be, don’t back out now. Don’t call on beings to assist you. Lucifer already is. Embrace the pain and fear. Try not to react to it, just let it happen. Live in the moment. Let the emotions flow; Don’t analyze it until after. Let him guide you. Don’t fear him; don’t resist him. Be strong and persevere. Show him your resolve and you are ready.

Mental healing is always an incredibly excruciating, painful process. Not to mention, incredibly dangerous as the one being healed is at risk of never recovering. However, to heal extreme pains often takes extreme measures. You must be strong enough to overcome your pains, shortcomings, and fears. Accept and embrace parts of yourself you are afraid of and know you are strong enough to keep yourself under control. However, I emphasize: It is absolutely imperative that you embrace your most darkest self. All the parts you hate and fear about yourself. Don’t let it control you; however, acknowledge it. The parts that no longer serve you, will naturally fall away and die.

To obtain wealth, many parts of yourself need to be molded and mended to put you in a better place to receive or pursue such a thing.

This is all a process that takes time. Your very foundation is being rocked. Push through it, overcome it.


Yes, I am reminded of this:

Also of my own personal first experience with Belial in which he attacked me in my sleep to see how I’d react:

While you may not think this is a great start to a working relationship, his reasoning was sound.

Begging, with respect to @TheStorm, is NEVER a route I would either take or advise, especially when a first contact with a spirit seems to go a bit haywire.

It’s not for nothing that the world’s history has been shaped by fanatics - you can either embrace life’s more non-committal paths in all ways, bemoan the psychopaths on the world (and cosmic) stage, and hope to lead a quite life and not become collateral damage in someone else’s psychosis - or, you can summon up your inner fanatic, and dive right in.

(Maybe that comes easier to some of us than others, dunno. :rolling_eyes: )

But remember these words of advice at all times:


Ok looks like snother dream from him the spirit itself i dont how much time i have to live you guys sre right i tried to contact a spirit calle alexandra and then he sppeared with a subordinate spirit , the small spirit appeared as two lottle girls and then transformed into a thug like person they bullied me in the dream and three paper at me, messed up my whole room , his face is extremely white and stayed i dont know what ive done , he said as soon as chance gives him way he will kill me . He is getting angery at my attemlts to calll for help , i think im going to die if anyone got any help please do

He is stomping his hoof in my house , i dont know what to do ? Im in trouble , ive been ing these spirits and nonluck jesus christ, mary magdalene, our creator, cahetel ,gavoriel tovoriel , st michael, greek goddess alexandra. And to no luck there are two of them maybe three and they are fairly powerful.

Get out the house, go for a walk!

Or man up and DEMAND he ceases bothering you and shows basic respect due to you as a student of magick.


Some spirits WILL test you and if you fail, grovel, or panic, you’re fucked, and will at best become their servant, at worse, well…


No he isnt nor ever was on speaking terms i had a dream and i think i lost he will claim my life soon, he then slapped my back and i felt it

Stop thinking you lost, put your game face on and command. YOU are the god of your own creation, regardless of what other people and mundane society may say!


ITs because the spirit is here and ibe tried everything im not giving up but then again our creator might be calling me and probably has set my death date through the spirit , if our creator has my back then itll be fine ill survive

Do you want to die?

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I dont know maybe the ritials i ll pay for will work im paying theconjuredsaintsite for st michael vigil says he has contact with michael want to call some loa to equal some demon forces , i fucken hate this! I would like aliens to cone help me too im sure they could help

Hell no i dont want to die but the fucken spirit is messing shit up for me and i alays had shit luck

I’m pretty sure getting aliens involved woud not be a good move, you need a little normality and stability not another level of weirdness.


Yeah your right , you wouldnt be able to help?

The only person who can break out of this is you, by finding that authority and anger within to COMMAND the harassment stops.


What kind of dogma is this? It’s like something taken from the movie Omen, and you act like one of Damien’s victims. Third party involvement works best when the relationship with the spirit - in this case, Lucifer - is established through one of your astral perceptions. You just flung that frisbee in darkness, and look who caught it!

Maybe reverse your fear to something else? Maybe to something like…curiosity? Maybe you should be more indifferent to the approaches you receiving from him? All though I’m not a fan of people being indifferent as a general reaction, but regarding spirits more dark manifestations, it’s an excellent defense to make them put their guards down.