In trouble with Lucifer

Hi i want to ask for help i committed toba ritual which brought lucifer into my home and life now he is talking about murdering me and its soon approaching i dont know how long it will take for him to get permission from god to have me killed but im really afraid because he has been given me nightmares and awful visions ,for a month now
What do you guys recommmend? I should do please no lbrp stuff im in deep trouble with the spirit , and its a live spirit so im wondering i should do actions im taking i bought a st michael protection ritual , and have some other angel work being done but to no avail the spirit is past anger and is patiently waiting to have a gang banger prison elite mureder me, im buying another ritual to petition michael again from
And original botanica, i am also going to light a vigil candle for michael and give offering that he may cone and help me defeat my adversary , do you recommend i cal any other angel that can successfully haelp me . Samuel or Gabriel or Azrael does anybody here know what there doing and could offer some help? It has two three demons with it and it takks about murdering me every day , cals me a bitch and a pussy and that he watches my death a few times a week the spirit Lucifer is psychopathic almost


So after reading your post I believe three things are possible

  1. You are batshit crazy (Not a bad thing the best are) if this is the case see a doctor

  2. I believe this is something masking as Lucifer, if he wanted you fucked up he’d Fuck you up.

  3. Most doubtful but still a possibility you pissed him off somehow apologize give him an offering


I second @RiseorDie


Well, he has been messing with my mental state and even lucifer needs ok permission to kill or to give huge rewards to people. I think he has tried to fuck me hard iin the last five months, but God has my earthly back for the moment, there are three lesser spirits with him that help him i guess, tried to give offering and he didnt want it . He told me he wants me dead because i offended him equivalent to calling him a retard to his face. Everynight though vivid and lucid dreams of him and his lesser spirits , and they play music as if to say ims get you im just waiting for the right time , big fucken clock ticking noises too

Cant use lottle techniques like those they are uneffective against the level of anger the spirit is holding. Need libe spirits

My standard answer is always going to be to beg.[quote=“goldcoins, post:1, topic:19639”]
do you recommend i cal any other angel that can successfully haelp me .
NO!!! That’s the sort of attitude that gets people in trouble in the first place.


How on Earth did you summon him? I hope it wasn’t some abusive rite involving Angels. Your very post shows why you are in trouble. What are you doing talking about “God”?!??! What god? Now that you are in trouble you go to Angels for help. That’s the attitude that gets people killed. You are being ridiculous, and offensive towards the very beings you are trying to call upon.


This “God” nonsense is exactly the sort of attitude that gets sorcerers killed. Honestly, I don’t even know what to say anymore. SNAP OUT OF THAT ATTITUDE IMMEDIATELY. Accept the Darkness as Salvation. That is the only way out.


Yikes!! The OP asked for HELP, not to be told off…
I’m sure they feel bad enough as it is already - I don’t see how this is helpful in any way.

I thought BALG was a place where we could ask these kinds of questions and get support and Real Practical advice - not to be (publicly) ridiculed…???


The problem is that he’s continuing to make the same mistakes. To stop that is the best advice I can give. I am telling him to stop trying to call on God or some Angel to help him, and actually deal with Lucifer without any of that crap. It isn’t ridicule. It’s honest advice on how to fix his CURRENT situation.


If that’s the case then that’s all you really had to say to begin with as that wasn’t made clear in either of your posts

Oh really? Because it seems like it - especially with your very use of the word…

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Point taken. The fact of the matter remains though that it was Real Practical Advice even with the harsh tone. It’s a comment on what he’s doing CURRENTLY.

I’ve.nit spoke to any entities as yet but would share this anyhow.

From my research and common sense paying respect to these entity’s is paramount. Just relax and calm yourself down, gain some composure and just set the intention that you would like a real commitment and for him to help you overcome your fears and advance you spiritually.

Write everything down how you would like this relationship be and try to make it something you really do want. I’m unsure how you might break a pact altogether as I have watched a video by Black Witch Coven where she tells the view point black " if you make a pact and want it broken/stopped do not come crying to her" she does not care as you made this pact now you better play your part" or words to that effect.

So I would say please don’t try asking any angels or any other entities to help you. This must be infuriating Lucifer, you asked HIM for this pact now your sending your henchmen to attack him.

Look at this from his point of view, imagine he asked you for a pact, you agreed then he proceeded to send Angels to banish you etc. Sorry for my examples just trying to help you not make a bad situation worse.

I’m just a beginner myself but can understand your situation. Must happen to many people who just in too quickly before familiarising themselves for this deep, exciting, scary path.

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Everything @Cajunjay said.

Well no he didnt accept any pact of mine he said it was too much i was asking for , i called on him numerous times to fix this its either im not understand ing the dream or he is not making it clear but he has when i asked him to and send he is working to get me stabbed and Saying stuff like we will kill you off" showing me a funerral setting .
So instead because he has stayed here for too long and has given me a few nightmares for a month now , and has not departed like i asked him,
Ima go ahead and call st michael to banish and bind any malevent spirit around me and im just not gonna call him anymore. I dont know if this is clear enough for you but here it is i fell asleep then In the dream woke up to a snarling dog by my feet ,it bites my foot and turns into canine while biting me, then into a full grown muscular man with short legs he swings a harsh punch at me and calls me a punk and a tough guy , then i leave the room spitting out flesh, big chunks of flesh , another dream i ask him are you angry ? He replies witha dream of him as a small ugly satan , steps on my chest it hurts he gets off i tell please do not listn to my request anymore and i say i love you lucifer he walks on my bed and tels me i will throw you in jail and i will have you stabbed. They are pretty clear dreams unless he is truly messing with me hebisnt making that ear only that he is angry

How did you call him? That is important. PRECISE ritual details.

First off. Lucifer is not psychopathic. Maybe hes teaching you to be fearless. Accept the worst thing that can happen to a mortal human. Death. He is being hard on you. Ask yourself what are you facing? . FEAR it is the most powerful hurdle in a mages career. Grow some balls. And dont fear but learn from him. His angry side is showing you a lot of things at once. The demonised lucifer in theology is tge supposed enemy of god yet he speaks to him. And does not kill god or fights with him. Yet has polite conversation. Lucifer is a great teacher. Dont buy crap from people online. They only try to rob you. Your stronger then you are showing here. So show it and ask what he is trying to TEACH YOU


He just gave me a dream yesterday stabbing me twelve times, addressed domething i was going to ask but regret later, now that he is here i just need to write down on paper what i want and he answeres whether i like it or not. The original ritual i called him forth with was a simple consecrated oil lamp ritual, simply put here it is
One oil lamp consecrated by the spirit
One tube of necromancy oil
One tube of Lucifer juice
Tin holders
Small magnets
Tea light candles
Wine or grape juice i used welchs grape juice
I set the oil lamp on a temporary altar table facing east every night
I set it up properly necromancy oil in the bowl grape juice in the tin and drops of lucifer juice in the tin as well as one magnet
So the ritual is this pick up the candle and tin filled with juice and face east recite
Spirits of my family fathers side mothers side
Come lucifer come bow and turn counterclockwise to the west recite conjuration bow then to the south and then to the north place tin on the bowl and tealight in the holder and go to sleep did this thirty days, i was really confused because i was already experiencing weird shit but when he came the lamp flashed and vibrated, pretty loud too, it echoed my room and a sigil flashed , in the air near on my table , it made it to be belials but im unsure . I think i procceede in petitioning a pact .
He is here he has made this very clear.

I think the worst thing that could happen to a human is separation from whats within us which is the holy spirit of god. With out that who knows what we will be prey to , there is far worse things than death , i came to realization that death does not hurt and swiftly comes and what hurts is the way we die. Worse things than death, losing a child, losing loved ones , losing your body, losing your mind, losing your heart, losing the holy spirit and the afterlife considering he way solomonic evocation works Gods real and so is the second death.
It makes me think how we hurt our temple of god

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