Important: WizardForums Hacked, Members Meetup

I understand there is a problem with Wizardforums right now.

If members of the forum find this and wish to temporarily hangout here if the problem with your forum continues, please join and post into this topic.

If your community is restored soon, this topic may not find a use, but I’m making it as a goodwill gesture (as a forum member and volunteer mod, I do NOT represent BALG nor do I work for them) so you guys have somewhere to quickly meet up and if necessary swap information and so on.

Both this forum and your own did something similar when EvocationMagic’s forum went down a few years ago, as a gesture of solidarity among the magickal community.

We have a short probationary period for PM access, depending on uptake I may arrange for you to be able to PM each other if needed, enough to swap details and keep up with developments (though I hope your forum is restored to normal asap). I’ll try to accomodate you as much as possible if it’s needed.

if you wish to join as BALG forum members and post outside this topic, and have not been here before, please be aware our ruleset is very different, you can read the full rules here.

And in case you’re unfamiliar with this kind of forum, this link is a “sandbox” where you can test forum functions:

I hope your community is restored as quickly as possible. :+1:


Personally am glad BALG is the biggest and best occult forum out there. I just went on the new wizardforums and I got banned and cancelled so fast it’s sad. This websites community is so nice and nice I appreciate it a lot.

That’s very nice of you and I’m sure we all agree it’s lovely to have you here! :smiley: :partying_face:

Small note on the OP here - if I recall WizardForums has had new ownership for a couple of years now and that is an historical issue, it doesn’t mean the site’s down now or anything. 6 years is a looong time on the Interwebs :slight_smile:


I agree to the fact that BALG is genuinely a very nice forum, the mods are doing a very good job, however I feel like I am pretty late to the party as it is not so much active like it was before 2022.

Topic closed as its some sort of service post from 2015 :grin:

@Shamn your kind words are appreciated, but please remember that we do not review/bash other communities outside of this board. We weren’t there and don’t know the reasons for your ban or what led to that decision. Every community has their own set of rules. We don’t wish to invite strife in between different communities because of personal grievances with them :+1: Please think about that if you happen to become a part of a different community again: no reviews, no bashing :slight_smile: