Important: Off-Forum Communications, Curses, And Threats

This is an important post about THREATS to forum members:

Simply put, off-forum comms that break a forum rule, such as “do not name identifiable people as targets for curses” and “do not threaten forum members” are going to run into a grey area the moment someone on your group decides they prefer drama to respecting your trust in them.

I am NOT going to start trying to moderate off-forum communications because that is farcical and, I would imagine, unwelcome (and rightly so) BUT, be aware that if you are using forum screennames and naming forum members on here by their screennames, these may be disclosed, so just keep that in mind.

The line at which someone is sending a threat, and at which a member is shown screen-caps that name them as a target, is very blurred, so for now I am going to address this as a TWO (not THREE) strikes issue - get these leaked once, I will caution you, get it a second time and I will have to treat this as intent for that person to see the threat.

This is in action as of now, 20:25 BST Sunday 28th April '19, for the sake of clarity. Also for the sake of clarity, this does NOT apply to insults, insulting discussion, gossip, or general bitching, I have no desire to even hear about that - this applies exclusively to open statements of intent to curse a person, or enact any kind of baneful magick on them.

I realise this is not pleasant because it goes to issues of privacy and trust, but neither is it pleasant for any forum member to see that they are being discussed in hostile terms as an actual target if your group or messaging leaks.

In an ideal world no forum member would be that pissed at another that they intend to do anything of the kind, but that is not the world we live in, so my concern is that identities and friendships/enmities formed on this forum do not give rise to behaviour that has the same effect as a one-to-one threat being made.

I will add a link to this topic to the existing rules to clarify this niche area, which is becoming more of an issue now that so many members take part in off-forum Discords etc.