Implants archons

Hey there, i have a request from someone powerful here that can help me remove an archon entity attachment. Please. I have nowhere elese to go. Thank you

Hey man, I had the same problem, feeling tendrils pressings my left arm

I watch this Archon’s curse every day since a little more than week, I don’t feel it now, just a weird feelings at my head, I’ll make a topic if it doesn’t get off (but it’s maybe energy idk)

He said that it does’nt remove the implant tho


Ok where is the problem? What are the manifestations?

You can put requests for work in the request thread, where it’s more likely to be seen:

If it really is an archon you are better off learning from it and befriending it instead of letting superstition rule your views. More likely it is just a parasite born from your own mind however as most cases tend to be.