Describe voices of entities here


There have been threads (like this one) where the community shows pictures of forms that entities like demons, angels, gods, goddesses, etc, have took in their experiences with them. However, how would you describe the voices of entities? I imagine the voices of the gatekeepers to be deep, big, booming, yet calm and rational, but how accurate is my presumption? Do the voices of angels like Michael the Archangel or Samael carry a lot of commanding authority, or do they sound different? Do spirits consistently keep the same voice despite the different form they decide to take in front of you?

Or, do spirits not have any voices at all and they’re just thoughts that enter your mind from them?

Just like that thread linked in this one, feel free to use media like YouTube that has a voice that’s very similar to what the entity sounds like.


This is an interesting question given that my astral senses are sort of hit and miss.

I was looking over my journal today and remarked how each spirit had different qualities to them.

Thier energies all have a different feel that are very uniquely distinctive. It’s quite strange how I can conjure the feeling of each one when I think of them yet putting it into words would be like trying to describe how an Eb sounds compared to an F#. It’s just …there.

That said I did make a few distinctions when my senses opened up on occasion and I could indeed hear them.

Purson sounds like grand old wisdom. Definitely kingly and a bit reserved.

Belial has an almost sardonic quality yet he’ll launch into deep concepts and deliberately say exactly what he intends to. Very deep chest voice.

Paimon had some very trippy tonalities… His voice shifted to sound different depending on which part of his sigil was “looking at me” as we spoke. Sometimes high and energetic, sometimes grand and with a soverign quality you’d expect a ruler to speak with. Dignity is the word. Other times it was poetic and almost sing songy.

Gremori reminded me of something robotic/sounded and felt like a Protoss Character from the original StarCraft series.

Glassya Labolas had a mechanical frozen energy to me that felt like I was looking in a mirror showing my calculative process in my mind. Not emotionless but very calculating

Raziel feels like an intense current of spiritual energy I’ve felt before in the Salt Lake Mormon Temple. He speaks fast and eloquently with precision

Asmoday doesn’t say much but demonstrated much. Belial did as well.

Sallos had a very amused, almost exhullerated energy when I called on him the very first time. Also reminds me of Zeratual from StarCraft (not the lame voice they used for the 2nd. Think Brood War)

Dantalion can either be an energetic almost cartoonish sounding tone or give off the insanity that Scarecrow sounds like from the Dark Knight trilogy (whichever one he was in.) Particularly when he was messing with someone he was tripping out. Can also sound calm and has a stable business like voice

Ahriman …very particular. You know if you’ve felt him.

Lucifer feels like a mob boss who is your father who loves you yet he’d feel zero remorse about bestowing tough love if you were too stubborn with him.

Kamael feels like a chill Polynesian dude

Azazel hasn’t shown me his voice yet he’s taught me a lot through experience

Angelic voices are harder to distinguish since they seem to speak to me in impressions vs words.

There’s a lot more but I don’t have my journal and this is what I remember off the top of my head.

It’s indeed interesting how familiarity with a spirits energy can develop. I could sense if Belial is around yet wouldn’t be able to discern between Balam and Marbas at the moment


I think how spirits sound varies sometimes. You’ll hear some that sound just like how others describe them while other times it seems totally random. I’ve had spirits sound like “as if nature could talk” and other times sound a little humorous.

Some notable ones that I’ve never heard anyone describe sounding like, but they sounded like that for me is:

Raphael - broken glass or thousands of chimes in unison mimicking human speech

Sastan - male Whoopie Goldberg (I ain’t shitting you!)

Sitri - an even more nasally Skeletor (80’s Heman/Masters of the Universe cartoon)

I’ve had a couple spirits communicate in another way too. Basically, twice now with 2 different spirits, they’ve talked with me not with words forming in my mind’s ear but with words themselves. It’s like there’s no sound but you just know because unvocalized words are just there in your head.


Isn’t it peculiar how they can vary so differently from time to time? Even within the same evocation?


Very helpful to know. Thanks for this.


Agreed. That’s what I hear from them too.

Kamael to me has a really deep voice. It’s almost primal in a way.

Azazel’s voice sounded more “raspy” and stern but dignified.

Raphael has always had an androgynous voice; very airy and gentle.

Other spirits that haven’t been named:

Odin - Old, but energetic and commanding.

Ra - Low and quiet, but smooth and regal.

Anubis - It sounds almost booming and leathery. Very calm.

Thoth - Reserved but charming in a way? I’m not sure how to describe it.

Marbas - Quiet, but talks fast.


That’s actually what Marbas even sounded like just hearing him in my head as well.


Eric sounds normal

Daniel is very monotone

Chuck has a high pitch kind of nasal sound