Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As



With blood red hair? As in dark red? If so, bingo.


Ok I’ll give it a try but the pictures don’t show their true beauty, keep that in mind!



Anubis (recently he appeared as a typical ancient Egyptian man as well but can’t find a pic)


Tiamat (no she’s not Asian, but it’s the closest I found)

Cronos has appeared with many forms, my favourite is the one that looks like a sexy Jason Momoa lol



There are more but it’s already too long


Archangel Gabriel appeared to me like this, although with less defined humanoid features. He looked like a silhouette filled with electricity. No idea why he chose this form, but I kept an opened water sigil next to his sigil. Maybe that has something to do with it.


I don’t know who this is, but this being appeared to me the night I completed a lust ritual using a red candle and lot of Mars energy.


Lucifer showed up in my dream looking like this guy but with golden blonde hair and intense amber eyes. I thought it was cute because he played Superman on Smallville. We all know Superman gets his power from Earth’s yellow sun. :wink:

Take away the horns, make the hair chest length and the figure a little more lithe. My best guess is Azazel or Astaroth. He gave me the most intensely sexual “I will devour you” predatory smile I’ve ever seen. This caused me to hide in an astral bathroom until I woke up. Yay awkward!












:astonished: almost identical to how they appeared to me!


Roflmao If he looks like this he can devour me anytime he likes :rofl: :joy:


I can’t really find a good pic but here was the first time I seen Lucifer it’s pretty close if I remember right my eye was barely open at the time


Lillith (not so much the person but the blue she had this blue Aura that completely toke my attention


Im loving this thread! So amazing seeing unrelated people describing the same thing! First time i saw lucifer was almost 20 years ago… almost before some of the younger members were sentient!


Interesting, when lucifer showed himself to me, he looked a bit like this except a darker blond hair, darker blue to the eyes, a bit of a tan to the skin (so not pale), and slightly more masculine features, but overall very beautiful and very much light/bright and angelic in appearance.


do you have a pic of her sigil?



enn: Esta ta et tasa Gamigin


satan :




Dantalion. What I saw was very similar to the faces in this one.


Personally, the spirits / entities that I saw did not give me their names, even if for two, I have my little idea :slight_smile:

Belial : It’s an entity that I saw a lot in my sleep paralysis when I was young. To tell the truth, I wasn’t reassured at all, the spirit moved slowly in my direction without being able to do anything. But the first time I saw this image that looks almost exactly like what I saw, I thought: it’s him, Belial.

My succubus T : I saw her by flash, when I close my eyes there are two images to describe it, but I chose only one.

For others I don’t even have an idea of what they can be : The shadow behind the man looks like a shadow that I could see in my dreams many times, voices during this dream say that: “Him”.

This one is a special case, it seems to be attached to my grandparents’ house, I can see it as a shadow, but it’s still sitting on an old chair. It depends, but it can be oppressive.

That’s all for me, when I’ll have to invoke other spirit, I’ll come back :face_with_monocle:




Take the guy in the picture, put him in a Shabby gray suit, and increase his muscle mass by roughly 50%, and you’ll know how Belial showed up for me.


My succubus, much cuter, tiny horns, actual wings, and black eyes.


Naamah! Except with slightly longer hair


The last on looks like my master Furfur I really gotta call him this week