I'm the guy no girl wants


I’ll kindly disagree with you on this. I CAN agree that both sexes have stereotypical behavior that unfortunately stems from pieces of truth. But not all people in general are like this. Narcissists, gold diggers, users and cheaters aside - id like to think most people are truly searching for something real.

But. What is real to one is not to the other. We’ve seen throughout history and to this day how people can “ love “ anyone. Spend enough time together and feelings of attachments develop even in undesirable situations. Humans crave attachment and it happens. So being able to love isn’t the issue, rather it’s getting your needs met and I can agree with you to some extent on this but not entirely.

I’ve come to decide when a person actively seeks a companion they may find someone suitable or passable but it would lack in many ways. I still believe that when love hits two people unexpectedly it’s the universe or god or your own higher self - whatever you wish to call it- their way of waking you up and saying “ here, this is meant for you.” It tends to bring out the best in us and everything seems “ perfect,” because it COULD be. What we as people do with it makes the difference though.

We must be honest with ourselves first and with the other party. Sometimes we look to fill a void, for someone to show us a way out or simply to occupy the time. It’s important to know and tell. Love isn’t the issue, not knowing what we truly want or feel is.

This just brought clarity to something Queen Beleth explained to me - she told me that people often don’t KNOW what they feel let alone express it. It’s because of the garbage we’ve picked up and the influences we’ve adopted weather consciously or not. Deep down, we recognize our heart in someone else but we self sabotage and seek outside help when we are our own enemy here.

And often two people are on two different pages as to what they are looking for. That’s ok. At some point love strikes us again because the gods and our ancestors and guides still give us those gifts. I would think it would be desirable and ideal to recognize it when it happens and hopefully the other person does too. They may not and as long as a result depends upon another we would be on shaky ground.

Still, a persons ability to love YOU says little about the love you’re capable of giving and receiving. As Lady Lilith told me : “ A heart that loves never loses the love - it multiplies on and on weaving its way through eternity.”

This is no white lighter keep your head up comment. It’s merely applying the wisdom passed on to me from the infernal kingdom.


Look up Ross Jeffries. Old School Speed Seduction program based on NLP which evens the playing field. You may find some value in learning about instinctual engrained mate selection habits and how to stack the deck in your favor, in this or related programs.

Start by immediately banishing the terrible self talk. Also its safe ton assume, that you have some negative core beliefs creeping around, find em…kill em…replace em with ones which empower you. It is a guarantee if you tighten your shot group in the areas you can control…the physical condition of your physique, the way you dress and carry yourself, and the way you communicate with yourself and others you will see a change.


there’s nothing wrong with that dagar


Not anymore. I quit a few years ago.


Not to take over a thread so I will keep it brief. Go for it with Andromalius. I work with him weekly and you will benefit from it a great deal.


Yes! As a Satanist I strive for divinity by always trying first to do whatever needs to be done myself. You grow that way, whereas asking for help all of the time turns you into a rhp practitioner who uses lhp deities. “I’m too weak, stupid, gutless, hopeless or whatever to achieve this so although I’m not on my knees I’m still begging you [insert spirit’s name] to help me…”

And I praise you that the old Satanist in you just keeps coming out! It’s wonderful isn’t it?



In terms of relationships, no one is going to step up and form a relationship with anyone to make that ‘clingy’ person feel whole, fulfilled, at peace or whatever. People will form relationships with you when you have something that they’d like to share in.

Sad but true, when I gave up on women and by my attitude let it be known that I’m just not interested, women took this to mean that I’m a strong, independent guy who’s a challenge. Then they wasted their time.



This is what’s taught in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) too.

I agree with all the advice above, but I sum it up like this:

Take good care of yourself. Good hygiene. Haircut (if long hair, just keep it trimmed and styled), Smell good. Fresh breath. Clean, neat clothes. Keep your nails and toenails clipped. Exercise more. Women notice these things.

Look past her beauty and treat her like the human being she is.

Stay positive and do your own thing.

Eventually, the “right girl” will come along.

These things sound simple, but are harder than you realize. I’m a single, almost forty year-old, greasy, fat ugly dude myself. And these things advice I wish I received years ago.




you should focus on meeting girls that are more laid back, thots are the worst so be careful, don´t fall into their “beauty”, they´re straigh up bitches lmao

also don´t feel about it about not having relationships with the opposite sex, i´m 21 and never had a gf too, you should get a hobby in order to occupy your mind, i´m planning to do krav maga next year, just to give you an idea

also i´d recommend you reading Models by Mark Manson, so you have a basic idea about what women want in a man


What the fuck does it the matter what I wear or how I look… or smell? Come on!!

Y’all want this.


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