I'm the guy no girl wants

honestly im so unattractive to women that even sallos, sitri, and zepar couldn’t help me, and before you say you need to be confident, it’s kinda hard to do when your whole life, women have constantly called you a ugly loser, I really just wanted advice, should I just ask a demon to make me unnatracted to women?


So just find an unnattractive girl and make Love to her. Laugh at Sallos and Sitri for being unable to provide with higher quality selection. At least you get some.


The key is letting go of all these beliefs and feelings and become more self centered…

That will influence your aura and how others see you…

Know that you’re the pleasure and the treasure and women will crave you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been there too so I’d say I’m talking about my own experience here not what I think is true or what I’ve heard from others :slightly_smiling_face:

Do some research on the Solar Plexus chakra and you’ll see what I’m talking about here


I understand,
Everyone thinks I’m a serial killer or something.
People avoid talking or even looking me in the eyes.
I’ve had this problem ever since I was a kid.
I don’t even dress up in black anymore.
If anything I look like a hick because I’m always working outside.
I have had girlfriends before, but always leave for me for an immediate replacement.


The only advice I have is hit the gym and get that bodybuilding shit going! No woman will care how you look once she sees that man meat!
:sweat_smile: sorry I might be a bad person for saying this but it’s true!


First of all sounds like pretty crappy women…
How old are you?
Those female’s remarks sound fairly immature…
I’m not gonna spout the “theres someone out there for everyone” line cause i dont think its true, not soul mates anyway… but everyone can get a partner if they do really want one.

Looks really aren’t everything. How many “pretty girls” are out there who have the personality of a rotten cabbage? Plenty… and who wants that in their life!!

If you want love, learn to love yourself first… or you will continue to get attention from the wrong kind of person.

If its just sex, put your hand in your wallet for now, not many girls out there that just want sex & no strings…

Im almost 40 and reasonably attractive… still single- looks arent everything, I’ve got enough red flags to put men off anything permanent!


I get that there are insticts of yours but why are you seeking validation from women? The practical solution to your situation is to not seek validation from women. Most people shun away from this topic but there has always been a double standart on how men and women are judged and it will always be like that. I´m ugly as hell but I´m not judged on who I am or on my looks, I´m judged on how I carry myself. That is how every guy is judged by.


I take takwondo, if that helps, so I have some muscles from.that, but the thing is I’m naturally skinny, plus im.kinda short

honestly I just wanted a cute girl to do fun things with, I’ve never had a kiss. date, sex, nothing whatsoever romantic

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I’m 21

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Listen you can’t be so hard on yourself. I used to get made fun of all the time when I was younger then one day I matured and all the boys saying that stuff are sliding into my dm. Start going to the gym, LOVE YOURSELF. When you love and take care of yourself people can sense that and they will do the same! Get a haircut get some teeth Whitener, get a tan. You will be shocked at what these things can do! Also make a follow me girl oil and start wearing it! Keep a positive mind and do these few things and the women will be chasing you! Peace and love.

I saw you said you are skinny so add some protein powder! Don’t beat yourself up for being short! I have dated lots of guys shorter then me. If they are funny and confident the rest doesn’t matter!!!


I’m black so I can’t really get a tan


the only thing I haven’t tried is teeth whitner

Then you are lucky you don’t have to deal with being so pale like me and having to pay money for a fake tan!! You are lucky you will never age. I’m so jealous I talk to women who are 50 and look younger then me! So you have that to look forward. The more you are hard on yourself that’s what you will see in the mirror. Everyday start making a list of what you love about yourself. Stand in the mirror and tell yourself “I’m Handsome” I don’t care if you don’t believe it. If you start doing this 10 times a day you will believe it soon enough!

My frustration is trying to find a single women around 20-30 who doesn’t smoke cigarettes, is interested in the Occult, philosophy and science.
Also who doesn’t listen to crappy pop music.

They don’t exist.
People my age have already been married, had kids, and been divorced by know.


I suggest you that you need to improve yourself for that

To quote the Countess in AHS… ‘you don’t lack beauty,you just lack commitment’

Be the best you can be. Go to the gym, eat healthily, be a nice person to Women, dress well and smell good. Get a good haircut etc.

I see really unattractive guys all the time with knockout Women and they treat them like dirt,but the girl stays.
Usually because the Guy believes he is something special. Good luck


The early 20’s are tough. You are still changing and growing on every level. Give it all time


Again mind set! When we are negative we are sending that out in the universe. We are cursing ourselfs. Try turning that around, I WILL find and HAVE… I used to do the same as I had the same problem. Write on a piece of paper everything you want. Pretty much a dream bored. Have it someplace you can see. When your mind goes negative switch your thoughts to positive. It takes some work. Everything takes progress. I fit that mold. Try online dating, it’s hard if you are in a small town so expand expand expand! Put yourself out there.
Also make a lust oil. Making your own with your own Intent works best. You believe in magic so we both know anything can happen if you have the intent. I have some wild stories. My friends think I’m a prophet but it’s really just your own thinking! I’m sure I sound really annyiong right now but I am a believer and I hate Justin Bieber, ha.


Soooooo true!!! Those usually are the girls with bad self esteem. But then again a lot of women are strange same with men. Always wanting what they can’t have. Smelling good is a HUGE turn on. If you are tight on money try Ross or tj max any stores like that. There are great deals on cologne and clothes. It’s the only place I shop.