Im.the guy no girl wants


Good point.



Too much magick, you go insane.
Same problem with women.


You gotta fuck the magick out of them :heart_eyes_cat: bring that much needed stress relief.


I agree with the kitty.


Yeah… I tend to go for guys who are younger than me, but 20 is waaaay too young!


Hell, you might love homo-erotic sex. Get your self a a penis sleeve and a realistic dildo set with good lube and try em out. They’re toys so they won’t judge and they’re inexpensive. (Don’t worry most companies don’t mark the box “Big bubba butt-bangin’ dildos) I’d recommend condoms as well (easier to clean), lube injectors, a healthy diet, and keep clean.

If you’re going to work sex magic they might want to see that sacrifice of your pride by taking a toy to the rear. Your life and most people won’t know. Fantasize or whatever.

I know you want more but you’ll have to seriously work on you. You might also want to look at the hidden language of gestures, body posture, facial expressions and cues most women give. It’s relatively a silent language but there’s probably enough youtube vids on it.


Cattle prods and duct tape…


Dude, before you start thinking you’re unattractive, maybe you should do some growing up first. 21 is just the beginning of your life.

Personally speaking, I didn’t have my first date until I was 19 so not having a girlfriend at 21 doesn’t mean a thing in the grand scheme. I also went through 6 years of university without one, and I know I’m not unattractive. I’m simply an introvert that likes being by himself. You are tying your value to someone else’s opinion, and that is a good way to seriously derail anything you want to accomplish in life.

i don’t know why some guys have this idea that they are automatically supposed to attract women just by existing. There are so many variables involved in attraction besides simple aesthetics that the idea is silly.

If you don’t approach and talk to girls, you won’t attract them. If you have no personality, you won’t attract them (or anyone else for that matter). Cultivate your confidence and sense of humour. If you take a look at comedians, they are not the most attractive people in the world, but their wives tend to be gorgeous. If you can make a girl laugh, it will set you apart from the crowd and go a long way towards captivating her attention.

Contrary to the ridiculous rantings of the Incel and MGTOW crowds, being male does not immediately entitle you to have a woman.

As far as magick goes, forget about demons, and look into Chaos sigils. They use your own subconscious mind to put you in the right place at the right time. They are great for meeting people. Don’t dwell on your desire for a girlfriend, but make a sigil out of your intention to “meet a cute girl for fun” and fire it off. Then continue living your life. The next thing you know, you’ll be laughing and having fun with a cute girl, and you will come to the realization that you really can have what you want.

Also, look into Jason Miller’s book, Sorcerer’s Secrets. He has a ritual in there called the Invocation of the Seducer, where you invoke the powers of Venus, and then go out and ask girls for their numbers. The whole point of the magick is to get rejected while filled with the power of Venus, so you understand that it doesn’t mean anything.


Dude, honestly, stop with the self-pity bullshit, it doesn’t work for somebody that works with magick. If you’re this down in the dumps because you can’t get your dick sucked, how are you going to handle trying to summon a demon?


you got jokes lmao


well I haven’t exactly summoned a demon into full manifestation, I just use sigil magick and candles for now


yea sure hold om


My advice? You’re way too fucking young to be worrying about sex, love or whatever. Build your financial and magical empire and have something worth being proud of. Get to know yourself, be content with solitude and learn self love. Then…if someone emotionally healthy comes along, you can invest in them too.


If I hadn’t let that stupid shit get in my way, I’d be set for life.



I spent seven years single. No dating, no sex. I focused on ME. Happiest and most liberated years of my life. Now I’m on another bender…almost four years now. I answer to nobody, I don’t have relationship drama, my money goes to important things, I can practice my spiritual path without issues, etc


Yeah, no attachments sounds GRRRRRREEEEAAAATTT!!

I help my parents and it can be taxing esp considering my Pa. my Ma has different issues like trying to take care of too many animals that is tearing up her health and hoarding. It sucks to see how my Pa has basically broken her spirit in many ways and caused a lot of family to be broken apart staying away.

So enjoy being single and on your own. Having a job, having your own place, and doing what you want is awesome. Someone to bed or w/e can come along but try to stay unshackled.


i said same thing great mnds think alike


but i thought you loved me :frowning:


all n all as nice as it is to be with some one do u first is best im single n i hate it but i love it cause im not worried about anything besides my kids and careerits better that way since i know im not ready yet i got my daught to worry about getting heal n out the hospital