Im.the guy no girl wants


Tasty cakes are not thread derails. I was about to say you could use Cake for a Sweetening Spell. Instead of seeing yourself as Unattractive, do magick to Reverse it. Do magick to enhance every aspect of yourself until magick itself Alters who you are.


Just a man who has went through it, figured it out and wants to show other men how to do the same.

Advancing human potential is the motto.


yea sure why not


That is a good goal right there.And a good motto too. Can´t exactly deny it even if I wanted to.


Honestly, you may think that women gave up on you, but I’ve given up on women, you want to go out sometime?



I was about to say. CHEATER :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hey, quit being jealous.


:joy: no u


How can you give up on women when you have demons at your disposal


On topic, hey, Op, check it out.

Maybe you don’t need to be worried about getting with a chick right now, maybe your calling is to actually fulfill your magickal studies, instead of being worried about getting laid.


stop making him crazy, he’s getting out of his mind already!




My advices are to Stop Caring, be Light Hearted and have Fun.


Getting Laid IS a Magickal Duty for an Black Magician! xD




Do you date outside of your race? If you don’t i suggest you do…


Did you ever PM me a pic? I’ll give you an opinion on whether you’re attractive or not and what you can do to project your best attractive self. if you want.

I’m totally married and not a predator, but I think I have pretty good taste in men.


I agree with the cat. @Meowlix

Sex is a low way to use magick, try redirecting that energy towards your ascent.


I’m half gay, he should send me a pic for fun.

I’ll be honest.


I could :smirk::smirk:


Dude, your ego doesn’t need stoking…


Well from a low perspective, one cannot let things drag them down like relationships. If something is weighing or hurting your heart then drop it a little. Have fun flirting or having sex or whatever…

But also have fun by having a life and doing other things. Dont put all your Eggs in one basket especially when it comes to women or all women. Build a fun life that is attractive and then Women will start to notice you. It cant all be just about Magick or Women.