Im.the guy no girl wants


People have this wrong idea about Dark and Light. I do know quite a few people who would never date a black witch/magician. But if you stick with it improve yourself, your confidence improves. My husband is an atheist, but accepts me for who I am. Even does Rituals with me once in a while. I use his energy and he gets an experience, like wind stopping upon closing a circle so we can make a fire. He’s convinced science will someday confirm how this works. LOL


ok i want to tell you a story not the i was like that to type of story no but my kids dad wen he was alive he wasnt the best looking goose in the flock he didnt have the flash golden feathers as a person from the outside looking in he looked like a bum to many n had problems to with finding love to he was 6’1 and not a small guy either n he wasnt as smart as i would have liked him to be either but
i didnt date him and almost marry him for his looks or his smarts he was funny and made me lauh he was sweet and he was him self around me he wanted my heart n that was great feeling for me he had his sh$$ together he had two jobs and a car after i had our son we moved into a house together if you really want me to go into this story about he looked think of maui thats how he looked on a real note…he wasnt a shamed of who he was or how he looked he hated being skinny i hated it to he had to have surgey at one point and he lost alot of weight because of it…its not you however you need to be more confident in your self for things to work out the way they are suppose to work on your self call on lord marchosias to fix n help you be confident and polish your fight skills to create a body your happy with
call on mistress gusion to help you heal and teach you how to love your self you cant be in a relation ship if you dont love your self…
then go back to sallos with confidents and ask to send love your way.
then go to lord dantalion and ask him once this new love comes let her see past your looks n see you for you change the vanity out look in her mind before she even meets you.
then go to master furfur and ask him to make the relation ship last into w.e faithfulness and a successful marriage
keep in mind these things may take time to so be pateint and trust them to do as you asked but make sure you work on you to as your in this waitin period hold your head up off set at that good looking and look who he with you will be ok i know it


Asking help from spirits seems like “begging”.
I don’t know if it’s the old Satanist in me or what.
Still working up the courage to summon Andromalius.
I feel like there is a lot work I need to do before trying to contact a being like that.

I know exactly what’s wrong.
I’m shy because I spend all of my time alone.
I live alone, I work alone.
That loneliness is turning into contempt for other people.
I will admit that when I do talk with people; intentionally act fake.
Put on that mask so to say.


Blimey, I know so many women who fit those criteria!
Maybe it’s just where I live, but there are thousands of women like that.

(I fit all of it except the age band).


Not all women find big muscles attractive. They’re a huge turn off to me. I’d rather date a skinny guy, or an average guy, or a slightly overweight guy.


“slightly overweight” slides into the DmS


Well helloooooooo


:smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk: is that an invitation? @Weeble33


It would be, if you were 10 years older and in the same country as me!


Aww. I’m 20 lol


Same here. My now S.O. was heavy overweight, when we started to date. But he was really handsome, nonetheless.


listen to ‘the rational male’ by rollo tomassi


Well she does like to cook food with alot of flavor


Mostly meh advice.

Here is what you need to do, @Supernatual.

Do not listen to what women tell you on how to attract them. You ask the fisherman how to fish, not the fish.

Start reading up on the Red Pill - take it with a grain of salt, but dig for the gold in it. There is quite a bit of good shit in there. Also start reading up on pick up, but do not get paralyzed by the information.

Hit the gym (not taekwondo, it is not enough, you need to go above and beyond) to get some muscle. Muscle causes attraction on the most primal level. Do not listen to “oh, I like my guy a little pudgy”.

Fix up your appearance - whiten your teeth (strips), update your wardrobe (look up color palette, decide what vibe you give off and work off that), work on your body language (stand tall and proud, walk with power), clear your skin, get into perfumes, and work on your voice.

Start going out and talking to women. Designate one or two days of the week for a night out where you talk to men and flirt with women. During the day, say hello to random people and do cold approaches when you can.

Calibrate your behavior as you keep going out, with new knowledge of seduction. Subliminals can also help big time, but you need to find good companies for those.

Once you have went out with a few women and think you’ve got it, don’t settle down, do not stop. You’ve just begun. It is a skill like any other.

It is a game of numbers, not getting attached, and fixing your odds as high as possible.


Look, who’s talking with all the pics about really good food in order to make everyone jealous.


op did you actually speak to duke sallos, prince sitri, ect {actually have a conversation)??


I know you got me there (fantasizes about making this one other jealous with a meat feast even though Im not hungry).


You’ve programmed yourself to believe that clusterfuck? That’s going to get you nowhere.

If that’s what you want, Belial. In all seriousness what you said about you being unattractive is counterproductive to your goal. It also sounds like you’re picking terrible people.


You one of the PUAs?MQTOW perhaps? Considering the place, I don´t recommend answering those questions in public. not judging, i just have to say that I agree with that message. May be a little stupid message from my part but whatever.


My last thread derail on here but I just actually shoved a big piece of Sacher cake onto a plate for my altar :cake: