Im.the guy no girl wants


My advice as an ancient near 40 year old who was once 20…

Get rid of your ‘wants’ list.

You can meet someone you just click with, they can stop smoking, grow an interest through you in Occult things or maybe they have a kid you could grow to love. When you meet the right one, it is BAM. Lists of traits don’t matter,just them.

I never thought I would end up with who I am with now, but it works out perfectly.


Alright, next time you are around women, observe what kinds of guys she likes to be around with. Observe how they act and analyze the situations. Don´t listen what they say but observe their actions. You will start to realize their main priority by doing that.


Thats because there are about 4 Layers to peoples Minds:

  1. Theres what they think they want
  2. what their primal self wants
  3. What Parents/Society teaches them
  4. what their actual conditioning is.


A great deal more than that too. I qualified in Psychiatry. The Ego,Super ego and I.D. stuff.
I just changed (as people do) as I got older.
Are you a female cat or a male one? lol. Just wondering


Im a Male White Cat =)

Edit: I guess you then have access to Drug Prescriptions and all sorts of funny chemicals.


You should look for RSD Tyler on Youtube, When i evoked kled for the first time to meet girls he told me that he prefered to teach me how to fish at the next day his videos started to appear on my recommended videos.
And i learned a ton from him so it may help you to


how do I start improving my life?


Go to gym, start eating healthy, take care of yourself, be humble to yourself, aknowledge that you are not perfect etc…


yeah I understand that, I wasn’t born this way tho, I have had a shitty past 5 years with my dad verbally abusing me, people trying yo control me, girls making fun of me, it just hurt my thought process a little bit


I have my list of dreams in my diary, and one of them is actually finding a cute girl to give me the time of day, sorry if that’s pathetic


I take taekwondo so does that qualify as going to the gym?


As long as you do something that helps you, yeah, pretty much


Nah, man. You should ask a demon to teach you some self love and to recognize that - in fact- you have been a snack all along. And stay away from mean women.


before all that
take a look an entire look at your image and self image then accept it then make then decision for the better
wish the best man :metal:


I’m planning on making a servitor of my Waifu. If I’m successful, would you like me to share her sigil with you?

You could also make a lover servitor like I’m making, which can pleasure you just like a succubus could and can be specified to your exact tastes.


Start dating Blind women. I am sure that will solve the problem. There is always a way brother, always.


Good advices: thanks… Recently I’ve read a Youtube comment addressed to a type of people: “What do you have to offer? Maybe nothing, since you’re alone” that bothered me since I do feel to have something to offer.
But I also understood that the things which may be expressed in the everyday life should be expressed, without (for example) expecting people to see on Internet that you write opinions, scripts and text adventures, also manifesting a humor of which you seem to be lacking. And in any case for now Internet didn’t provide all that success. I made this digression because I found that there are common experiences/situations, so it may contain a bit of useful insight.


Girls look for just one thing: social value.
It doesnt need to be real, the illusion works just as much.

If you want to love, get a dog. Slowly I am learning one of the lessons Lucifer gave me to develop on (I guess home-work style).

What love is?

Think about it on how selfish love is.

You wont love anyone from anywhere. But everybody finds someone or at least something to love.

In the end love is some kind of internal justice. Giving others what they deserve. Someone appears on your life with a certain amount of carachteristics and for that person you will give the deserved “prize” of love.

But that is really just a necessity of yours. It is like rubbing a dog’s head. You dont really care if the dog likes it. You like it. And if the dog doesnt like you will find a dog who does.

In the end it is just to fulfill your necessity, nothing else. People with few options will love anyone or even anything! Because loving is a necessity just like peeing…

You have to play the games. You live in this physical body where emotions are amplified. But dont let yourself be a fool.

If love was real you wouldnt conveniently fall inlove for the person who works with you or someother you see everyday. Your true live would most likely be in china. 1/7 chance your true love lives there.

You see… we are just fools living for illusions.
There is no problem playing with illusions. But know the truth.

There is no problem to enjoy illusionists and their card tricks but you should know the truth and not to believe the illusion is real.


Think about Neymar. The soccer player. Take a look to most of Brazilian soccer players.

They are black, poorly educated, from very poor origins. Look at the women they

Now, tell me women look for other things than social value.

“Oh but these are only some women”
No that is 99% of the women. The other part are mentally ill.


Try this
I’ve listening to it a few times and feel as if my confidence boosted a bunch.