Im new here

Hi there I’m new in here…
I dont even know how to do this… (shame on me)… Hope you guys can help…
And I have loads of questions… And I know someone sometime will clarify things… Maybe…
… . Came across this site due my curiosity about lilith for about 5 years I’ve been reading and researching about her… Her name came to me once by accident and since then this obsession about her just grows…and this is the short story… :grin:
I’ve been attracted to the “dark” since very little…did read lots of books about it… But never had the dare of doing a ritual or an evoke etc… As I think I m not good enough for it yet.


Hi @Lili Welcome to BALG :slight_smile:

I believe this could help :

Helpful ideas to include in your introduction:

  • Your preferred name and location, however, please do not disclose your address
  • Your preferred magicks and topics of study
  • Particular areas of magick where you need help
  • Particular areas of magick where you can provide help

Wish you all the best :+1:

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Welcome to the site!

There’s nothing wrong with taking magic slow and cautiously, with the understanding that competence in it takes hard work and study. Welcome to the Path and good luck.

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Thank you

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Welcome to the forum. Here is my thread you might find useful.

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That’s nonsense dear. You are good enough for it. :wink: Welcome to the dark side :stuck_out_tongue: and enjoy your ride. There are no stupid questions in magick. And research is always good. Mr. Koetting suggests to always find everything you can about the demon or spirit one is about to evoke or invoke.