I'm new here. I lucid dream after drinking coffee and sleeping

I’ve always been interested in occult things, and when I take an afternoon nap right after coffee, I tend to lucid dream. I literally flew out my window and looked down at my apartment from above…It became a Saturday afternoon thing for me because I had a 2 hour lunch break…I’d just rush home and drink coffee then go to sleep and lucid dream…It was so real. I also was able to open my eyes and verify that I was still sleeping on the couch, and then close my eyes and immediately return to the lucid dream exactly the way it was before opening my eyes…pretty insane…

I am in China and I have covid-19.

One thing I haven’t understood yet…when people talk about demons, they say “I have been working with…” and I don’t know what work entails…making pacts? Doing favors for each other? Anyone want to give examples?? I’ll start. When I first realized I could lucid dream, I had an intense moment of self awareness. As a test, I thought to instantly summon a group of people, as well as a light saber, and I sliced them up into bits in just a second or two, and then I blasted the bits away in the way Trunks finished off cyborg-Freeza…like…it was exactly…and I didn’t do it because I wanted to kill anyone, I just recognized it as part of my dream…like being in a video game or in the matrix. It didn’t matter…at least I hope lol…I’d never want to hurt actual people.

Please navigate to the link below and at least grab the criteria for a proper introduction, if you are going to bounce around threads chaotically, altering from advice to skeptic to best buddy, so that we can understand perhaps what is causing this behavior and how to respond to you.

There are plenty of topics on this subject, many are guides and tutorials and are designed for idiots and new comers alike to help them get started.

There are as many ways to work with entities as their are members on this forum and none is necessarily more valid than the next.


Doing magick, which is basically using your will to change your reality. However, in a very real way, as Gurdjeff said, “Change yourself to change your world”, then working is the art of working on yourself, or “doing your inner work”.

This has two parts:

  1. self introspection and coming to an understanding of who and why you are who you are, and changing what does not serve you.
  2. building your energy body and developing your skills with practice

You wouldn’t. You would see all this and it would not manifest into reality, only exist in your corner of the astral. If you got good enough contact with the people, you might affect their energy bodies enough to make them feel it, or get sick, maybe. Can you do qigong at all? If so, you you know how that works.

When you lucid dream what you see is the astral copy of the world you know. You can imagine anything and see it and it’s real, real enough to hurt you, but that doesn’t make it manifest in 3D.

Manifesting physical matter, apporting objects or even people, overriding other people’s will and expected realities, this is all very difficult. It requires a connection and energy level that 99.999% of people will never have even when they try.

Maybe start with smaller experiments: place an object you own in one location, and in your lucid dream move to another location… then wake up and see if it worked. Go to another location and view a piece of information you could not have known physically and then check it in real life… If that works build up to manifesting something simple and physical from nothing - fill a glass with water, or manifest a small sphere of rock or something, Then you’ll start having the pieces to enact the complex scenario you described and make it real not imagination, and you’ll know what it takes.

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