Im falling apart

For the past few weeks my ascension and life has come to a halt, my mental state went from expression to locked within. It all started from evoking a succubus, things went well than spirits stepped in talking about rape and my astral double being possessed ,i fell for bullshit. Im lost in some mental darkness, i have no imagination, i have to force my thoughts, i have no mind body connection and rituals will not work for me. Meditation works for a mere second but i am weakened by the voices. I cant concentrate for a second on anything without possesion happening. Ive tried banishing, ive tried evocation ive tried invocation, i cant sleep at all and i finally got a job i would like to center myself for. I think my familiar in my heart chakra got taken. Im not one to complain, and beg for help, i dont feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel useless. On edge 24 7. Im lost with no where to turn. Could i please get some advice

I feel brain dead.

Your going against your true nature, this is not who you are. Who are you?

Think positive. Maybe this is your awakening. Don’t beat yourself up though.

First off. You will be ok. Trust that your higher self is looking out for you. Also Towers built on poor ground cannot withstand the test of time. The fall is hard but fighting it is harder. Then next comes death, messy and undoes everything… It can be abrupt or slow… Solve et couagula. You must burn away the dross in order to reveal the alchemists stone… This leads into the most profound stage, and Oh the beauty of a well crafted rebirth. Allow the process to unfold naturally.
Ask yourself, How much have you been fed throughout your life that has been nothing but hollow lies? And how does your true nature get to you through the smoke of illusions. You have to let smoke clear to see properly.


They say ive been parasiting spirts energy, i tap into some weird energy that makes me 10Ă— quicker and i could fight better. But i never meant to take advantage of the energy. It just came out at random times

If i could shorten it a little bit more, its like everyones astral double stepped into my memories and mental matrix and kicked me out.

Try everything from my threads and see how it works. Wait awhile. If nothing is helping maybe there is something else we can do. Please do this in the order I have here.


Thank you this will help!

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Man I really hope and trust that you will get all this under control. Please do keep this updated. I want to be a witness to your rise from it.

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My life has fallen apart and you know what it happens . I’m enjoying my life as much as i can even though this a bump in the road . Ia ton of things don’t bring me down anymore . If i can do It , you can also! Keep yo head up!

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Thank you all, ill keep posting about it. Theres more problems i have that seem more mundane than spiritual but its the best of both worlds. Im going through subtle transformation, it will get deeper with time. Its like ive been through my dream phobic scape. But at the same time experiencing my fracture points.

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I hope your doing better. And I hope things are starting to look up for you!

Go to church literaly go to Michael s Altar there and give a prayer and candles the situation will go away in an instant! Aftherwards start making friends with spirits for Protection first