I'm at my nadir

BALG forum, I truly need your help. I’m in the last year of my high school life and the girl who I’ve been from a very young age has left me and as sad of me as this is about to sound, I want her back so badly. Now, unfortunately, I honestly can’t offer anything in return at this point nor am I experienced in evocation but I reach out on here asking, please can someone help in some way with returning my relationship back to what it once was? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The below mentioned article is what a novice like both of us should shart from. Go with this.

Remeber this as well.

How limited are you exactly? I mean I ask cause you are in high school so I’m gonna assume there’s not a lot you can do unless your parents give you space to do what you want as far as candles, oils, incense etc. in any event there’s people on here who will probably help do a spell for you.