I'm about to quit performing wealth magick

Really, I’m very tired. No matter what I do, results are zero to none. I’m jobless one year and a half and counting. I am well educated, worked for a big company for 25 years, and had a good position and salary. My CV is very good, but it seems that nowadays no one wants to employ people 50+ years old.

To aid with job/wealth searching, I’ve tried many things in magick (NAP, Angels of Omnipotence, Henry Archer methods, Damon Brand methods, Pathworkings with Tzadkiel, Lucifer; sigils - Bune, Mammon, Pendralion, Halathor, etc, etc.), also trying to increase luck in gambling (Hermes, etc) to no avail. I’ve come to the conclusion that, regarding money, magick is not going to save my butt.

I know that some people, trying to help will say that “it’s your lust for results” or “you have to put more effort”, “you have to give magick time to work” (as if 2 years is not enough), or "so many methods show you don’t believe in magick " or whatever other reason. Trust me, I have tried almost all.

Some magickal operations have worked, but related to health, not money. At this moment I’m sarting to think that it was also due to a placebo effect.

Well, at least, venting all the above is a good therapy to continue fighting, but without using magick


Have you resd Jason Miller’s book Financial Magick? It is a very down to earth approach to money magick and it might help you to apply your wealth work in a strategic way.


Try petitioning to Bune, but not following any rituals from books.

Do it yourself, the old way: look for her correspondences (planetary, colors, incenses, etc) and light a candle and some incense for her on an appropriate day (I’d say Friday on the hour of Venus). Chant her enn while meditating on her sigil (it’s best if you draw it yourself instead of printing it). Tell her what you want or need, and she’ll give you far more than what you asked for.

Just give her time and space to work, and when she sends opportunities or ideas your way, don’t dismiss them! Sometimes, something may seem too small, but then it leads to something bigger. She can surprise you.

I had tried the method in the DoM book countless times for several spirits, but it rarely (if ever) worked. This way is just the best there is for making clean contact, and there’s no risk since Bune is known to be quite benevolent (like Seere), unlike other Goetic spirits which can be a little overwhelming or even aggressive.

Just remember to always be grateful to her and commit to giving her some gifts in appreciation as you see results and hit milestones. They don’t have to be “big” gifts: I usually give her oranges and sandalwood incense in gratitude.


Do you think it has something to do with how you’re doing it? I’m not saying you’re doing it wrong but do you think you could do it another way or maybe you’ve been missing a step or something?


The way I started approaching magick (and for that matter any spiritual discipline) is simply assume that it has worked and let the results BE.

It’s hard to do so especially when you have been trying for so long. I know.

I’m very similarly in your situation:

—almost 50 in few months
—have been looking for jobs for almost 1.5 years (semi-successfully)
here I describe my job search magickal journey

I don’t, for a moment, think that your magick has not worked. Though there are times we need to let the magick breathe and I think you may have reached that stage. What I mean by “letting magick breathe” is taking a break from magick, short or long. In your case, from wealth magick specifically.

I might reach that stage eventually or not but I take breaks from the wealth magick with other magick (protection magick which I’m doing currently and soon use Angels of Alchemy to work on myself.)

I might just take a break from magick in general for a few months. So far, it has given a certain discipline that I have lacking and I look forward to it daily.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I realized that I have blockages regarding wealth and career: ancestral, cultural, familial, psychological, emotional, and whatnot. So working on myself is a must for me.

Hope things will start working out for you and with you.


Thanks a lot to everybody, this is a very cooperative forum and has good people in it. I think I’m going to follow a path similar to that suggested by iAMmagick. I will let magick alone for a period, and keep meditation as my sole “spiritual” working. When I feel again recharged, maybe I will try with methods kindly suggested (runes, Jason Miller, Bune…).

Hugs for everybody


Your personal astrological configurations can be very insightful for what is likely to work - what area is Jupiter in (luck)? Where is Saturn restricting you? Air heavy charts have a different work style than earth, and so on. Just another piece of “knowing thyself” and it could help you figure out a new approach.


I like to take a multi-faceted approach to my magic to help everything align.

For example, if I am looking for a job, I would start performing rituals that bring opportunities my way, boost my charisma, glamour my applications so that they are more appealing than my competitors, maybe work a few rituals for luck to increase my odds in general. That would be supplementary to my wealth magick.

Wealth is tricky because there are so many factors that can affect it, very similar to love magick in my opinion. I find that doing a few supplementary rituals to give the spirits I work with an easier overall situation helps it work a lot faster.

When all else fails, there’s always the jinn.

Sending you my best for your future wealth endeavors!


You started to visualise
(Thoughts arising about program in the TV)

And after that you started to chant incantations while visualising
(Wait… is it really happening ?)

And in the end, you said “it is done”
(While feeling nothing, and worse, feeling desperate about object of working and yourself)

I’m not writing these to criticise you. But I am trying to show you what happens to most of us. It requires internal discipline, clear and solid desire, belief etc.


Claunek… build a bond, a relationship with him. Blessed be


As the tile suggests it won’t help you with the “big” things, but you can always try and use it as a confidence booster for a start. I’ve been dabbling in magick for the past 2 years, but I would definitely still describe myself as a magickal noob and this thing has worked for me nonetheless.

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My personal advice is to do wealth rituals last. Prioritize purification. You can find purification rituals with a short search. Do these rituals regularly. then ask a high-ranking demon, preferably a king, to break any energies that negatively affect you. For example, you can perform your ritual by calling King Purson, King Belial and King Bael in order at certain periods and saying “The curse from my ancestors and all the negative energy on me has been broken”. Additionally, seek help from Raphael during the Jupiter day and hour. You will see developments within 3 months at the latest…


Can I ask how do you glamour the applications?

do you think that its not your place to be employed anymore?

your’e 50 right? Maybe its time for you to start a business, market yourself as an independent contractor or mentor


Here is something a little radical. But I think it could help a ton if you do it properly. Psychedelics. LSD to be specific. No more than 2 hits or 300ug. Determine the spirit you trust and wish to petition then plan ahead of time the day or evening you will take the LSD. Planning is very important when dealing with something this powerful as is a good night’s sleep. If for any reason you feel too tired on the ritual day, move it to another day when you will be better rested. Test your product for adulterants before consumption and if you don’t know anything about LSD educate yourself before consuming. Check your local laws and understand what risk you may be taking if any.

Prepare the ritual before ingesting and be somewhere safe when you perform it.

The ultimate goal of including this substance with ritual is to open your crown chakra so you will be able to communicate with spirits like they are 1ft away from you. It will erase any doubt you may have about these things once you hear their voice and feel their energy as it was intended without any psychological blocks. It will also show you the true nature of our reality, which is much closer to the movie “The Matrix” than you would ever believe.

I have had absolutely transcendental experiences doing this. HUGELY BENEFICIAL!



If I were to do it, I would use runes paired with a request to a spirit or using my own servitor.

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I thought you were me for a moment :joy:

I’ve had the same issue. I felt called by Azazel and did a blood pact 2x a day am and pm fir 30 days. Asked for general help so that I could afford to live without the endless struggling to do so. And… nothing. Like they are just laughing at you. Yep been there. Still there. Tried Bune Clauneck, nada, Lucifuge Roficale wouldn’t give me the time of day and never even answered me. Why is this the case for some people? Do we smell funny or something? Very irritating


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I really felt your post, something about how you typed it your frustration was palpable.

You got some excellent advice here. In my earlier posts I was kinda in the same boat as you after being fired from a job I really liked it took me 2 years to find a new one. It’s always good to do clearance work when faced with situations like these, bathing in baking soda and also bathing in ammonia. Or whatever it is you choose to cleanse with. Not only that try to not be very specific about what type of job or even industry when you are doing these spells. I am a bit surprized that Henry Archer did not work for you and would encourage you to give his book another shot. I have found with the book that it is critical that you focus on the steps and your intention to get max results i.e. do not let your mind stray when doing the rituals.

In terms of jobs too I think it is useful to do spells to get employers to like you. Glamour spells, personality spells etc. Employers these days are hiring people that they like first and foremost. Often they are hiring people that they would view as friends.

In the job hunting process I used those same cards in spells with the demons incense, candles etc and directly spoke from my heart my desires and asked for assistance while promising public praise. In the past I don’t think people found me very likable but I have done a lot of occult work to be friendlier and to be liked my people.

Also let us not forgot the basics, refreshing the CV i.e. format, placement of certain key accomplishments and qualifications.

I would also suggest books by Ben Woodcroft. I wish you all the best in your job hunt.

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