Illuminating the Path

Im going to find a book on it so I can learn a more intensive method than what I am currently doing. Its been a nice start and it helps me in the moment.

I’ve been scouring the internet for beads, charms, furs and feathers to use on my dream catcher. I’ve decided im going to hang it differently, instead of hanging it from one point and letting the hoop hang vertically. Im going to hang it from 3 points so hangs horizontal. You’ll have to look up at it to see the webbing.

I plan on hanging it over my head where I sleep so when I lay on my back I should see the webbing with streamers and shit hanging.


Hoop and weave completed. Now on to decorating it.


I doubt I’ll leave it with this exact setup. But this is how I want it to hang. So when I look up ill see the webbing.

I’ve recently been reaching out and making contact with king Mammon and Furcas. Im really enjoying the current direction in which my life is headed.


I’m glad to hear that your depression has been lifted.

Shrooms had that effect on me. Shortly after, I started researching Demons and magick.


Last night I was out in my garage enjoying the music and moment. I stopped to give thanks for all the positive changes I’ve been having and going through. Also for the lessons I’ve learned in the hard times too.

For me visualization is a bit of a process. I think of it as layers. I see my environment and I start adding layer on top of layer of more and more definition. Its my current process and so far it works for me.

The first thing I noticed was a man in a light brown almost grey robe that went all the way down to his feet. I didn’t need to look up as I knew who this was. I instantly rush in to embrace them and thank them. The huge was quick and also returned. I then knelt to start to speak my thanks. I need to note that through all of this I instantly stopped my layering process and my entire environment just disappeared. But he was in fine detail. Down to the point that I could see the square stitches in the robes. It was then I noticed he was a little off from normal. Not in a bad way but totally unexpected. The details in him were so magnificent that I was kinda taken back for a moment. It was then that I looked up to meet his face. He did not have the normal face I am used to seeing, no long black flowing hair, no chiseled features. This time he had a laughing goats head. I tried to change it as I was no prepaired for it. I couldn’t. I had no power of visualization like I normally do. I then saw an owl with their wings spread. The owls next then started to rapidly extend to about a foot long. The head and neck wiped around erratically sorts like a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.

After that I popped out of my visualization. I enjoyed the sensation so I tried to go right back. Ofc nothing was the same.


So yesterday was here and gone before I even knew it. I got up late due to sat night D&D. I played a random short session of D&D again with another group of friends who are all new to it. Then I had a friend over for a bit. My wife made Italian beef sammiches!! I opened my book to start reading. Next thing I know it’s 10pm and my wife is waking me up face down in my book. I vaguely remember moving from desk to bed. I went back to sleep and woke up at 8 am. I slept for about 14 hours…


Serious question here, the amount of people using magic for such mundane matters as to get laid is astonishingly high. That’s the best idea they could come up with on how they can change their lives?


I always wondered about that too. I guess it could either open the door for them to practice in a serious way or they will leave after their quickie with magick is over.

I got into magick because I had seriously fucked my life up and desperately wanted to change who I was so that I could be happy. All I want is to do better for myself and be all that I can be.

Ive been reading your journal btw and hope you are doing well


I have been doing a lot better recently.

I finished S Connolly book tonight. It was a really pleasant read and I enjoyed all the information about holidays and rites. Im going to try and find more information about this but I just dont come across it much.

I’ve got my turkey and everything else I believe I’ll need for my turkey day dinner. I for one am excited to get this going. I like making these big home made meals. I think I’ll do the deviled eggs tomorrow so I can get a head start on being a fat fuck. This will be the first time ill be doing food offerings to this degree and not just small thank yous.


Its coming together nicely


Last night I was trying a different breathing method. Instead of like an 8 and 8 breathing method. I tried taking the slowest yet longest inhale I could take.

The idea was that in the martial arts books im reading. They say that extending the breath and using full lung capacity you can lessen the amount of breaths required per minute than the untrained. Allowing you to maximize the breath. Hope im making since here.

So I said to myself last night as im getting myself into my meditative trance. What if u try and maximize one full breath. What if I inhale at just the faintest amount. Just enough that I don’t feel like I’m short of air. For me this turned out to be surprisingly faintest. I had a tiny tiny tiny constant flow of air and energy coming in.

I mentally laughed to myself about how small the stream of air was that was coming in. After about 5 seconds I started to feel how cold the constant stream was. After about 15 seconds I could start to notice the flow was getting more intense. I moved my consciousness to my chest to see if I was breathing faster. I wasn’t but the streams flow I was inhaling was growing. I then realised it wasn’t my air intake that was getting stronger and faster. It was the energy flow that was growing in strength. It felt like I was taking a normal breath of all energy and .0001 actual oxygen but it was an endless inhale of that.

It became somewhat electric feeling. Then energy would come in my mouth and move down to my belly where it would swirl abd send out warm electric pulses. No pain which is weird because I won’t even test batteries on my tongue.

At this point I felt like I was constantly chugging a beer as the flow was picking up. It didn’t hurt it was just a fast steady stream. My head was starting to strobe with a bright white light. It started slow but it really picked up speed untill it was just constantly on like a lightbulb. Then I started getting weird rorschach shaped colored blobs. Followed up with sacred geometry behind them.

By this point the energy flow into my mouth has look as if you filled a bubble with grey smoke. It also has the refractive spots in like streaks of glints of light. Those as they come in feel bumpy.

I can feel pressure building up in my belly and rising up. I feel like I’ve just left an all you can eat crab leg buffet. I feel it raise to the middle of my chest.
I realised im finally starting to reach my max inhale (this has all be one long breath).

I notice the guided meditation i was supposed to be following sounds like its about half way over. Had I been inhaling for a straight 10 minutes? I start to slowly exhale now. As I do I realise a few seconds later as im still wondering if I’ve really take that long a breath or if im hallucinating. I know the weed i got right now isnt that fucking good lol.

But as in thinking about all this I realisw the energy glow has dwindled. I spent the next 10 minutes trying to reproduce with meh results.

Fuck what a ride.


That came out great! I can’t believe the difference between the before and after photos. That is an awesome dream catcher.

I enjoyed your journals as well. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some pics of your outdoor meditation space in its full glory this summer too!

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Last night I was doing my nightly meditation. I was working on my chakras and raising kundalini.

While I was working on my heart chakra. I got a visitor. Into my subconscious walked a white goat headed figure. They wore a long flowing black robe. It had red trim and I believe a red sigil in the middle. I remember seeing red lines ending with a red circle on their ends.

This figure didn’t speak but just pointed to what they wanted. They pointed to my chest were I was currently working on putting energy into my heart chakra.

When they pointed a small dark flame grew behind my heart chakra. The figure then rolled their wrist while pointing. I took this as, alright hurry up, what are you doing? So I started pushing my energy into that flame.

The flame grew and I recieved a nod of recognition. I continued to pump in energy as he just stood and watched. Eventually a lazy boy recliner showed up. They took a seat and continued to quietly oversee this process.

I moved on with the rest of my meditation when the guided meditation moved down to solar plex. As I continued on I got lost in my meditation and forgot about my guest.

It wasn’t untill my meditation was about to to end that I saw him stand from the recliner. He walked right up to me and pulled a little piece of flame from the cultivated flame in my chest. He then placed this flame on top of my head. When he did this I noticed I had two spiraling horns petruding from my head. There was also a golden ring hovering behind the flame but illuminated by it.

I knew not to put too much thought into the ring and horns atm. So I focused on the flame and pushing energy into it. As I did the flame would enlarge like using a bellow on a fireplace.

As the flame on my head developed larger I started to get a strong pressure inside my head that turned into somewhat of a migraine.

Still got this migraine. Its not really pain ful just constant…


What exactly is sacred geometry? I’ve been seeing a few people mention it before. I had a dream that I was being shown this structure with shapes and wheels and it was some kind of advanced way of performing magick (unfortunately I forgot it as soon as I woke up), and wondered if that’s what sacred geometry is?

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Ill post this link because it would take me ages to write out a full explanation. The jist is that geometry is gods language or something like that. That it can be seen in nature and In how our ancestors built their cities and monuments.

Its used in our imagery using certain shapes to create art


Really the part I am most familiar with is the fibonacci series. It starts of as 0 and a 1. 0 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 and so on. So it goes like this. 0+1=1 1+1=2 1+2=3 2+3=5 3+5=8 5+8=13 8+13=21. This is the series and it continues on to infinite.

This series is used in nature to create harmony and balance. It can be seen in the fibinacci spiral found all through nature. In shells, pinecone, trees, animal horns and so on. You’ll find that on a pinecone if you count the the petals in one direction you’ll find a fibinacci number. If you count the same petals rings in the other direction. You’ll end up with a series number directly next to your first counted number.

I think im doing a bad job at describing the spiral. But I’m sure youtube can help.


So interesting, I was thinking about sacred geometry just yesterday. Was planning to make a post about it on my journal but then I thought that no one wants to mess with it, so decided to pass :joy:


Oh I would totally read it. My knowledge only scratches the surface but its definitly interesting.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn okay I know exactly what you are talking about. Thank you for taking the time to explain that to me. I appreciate it.


You are most welcome! If you find any interesting information on this subject. Feel free to come back and drop a line. I love learning new shit.


I still have this tension and pressure in my head from my meditation a few nights ago.

Last night I ended up passing out early. I wasn’t fully planning on it. But I believe it was needed.

Fucking headache.