Illuminating the Path

So instead of stealing someone else’s post i thought was prudent i create my own.

Day 2:
So last night was a struggle for me as my 3 year old decided he wanted to be up past midnight. So i went into meditation pretty exhausted. Last night on my own i decided i would toy around with one of Eva’s Posts about Shamanic Power Animals. For this instance of it i had no intentions of actually calling on my power animal. more just exploring the lower realm and acclimating myself.

So i started by using a technique i picked up from the Monroe institute for locking away all your worldly issues. It has you do that by imaging yourself removing this from you and putting it inside of a box that you then tightly lid. So i proceeded through that and went next to my tree and walked to the back to find its hole down into its root system for my decent into the lower real.

As i stood walked up close i saw a brown streak of color shoot out of the hole and around the tree. When i finally catch a glimpse its a tiny brown squirrel shoveling giant acorns into its cheeks. Prior to that i had been thinking about what would possibly be my spirit animal as i walk to the tree. So im not sure if maybe my intentions were enough to bring it forth or if this was my money brain becoming active
the little fella tagged along and before i knew it he was chilling on my head waiting for me to make my decent into the tree.

I reached out and grabbed the fist sized root dangling and began to climb down it. the root itself was moist and clammy feeling and had a very earthy smell to it. like when you turn over a log that has been decomposing in that spot for a year+. My hands almost slipped a couple times but i had to sink my fingertips into the roots to stop the slide. the climb wasn’t that long until my feet touched a floor i couldn’t see.

When i’m at the bottom of the climb i’m standing just below the end of the trees root system. they poked through the top of the cavern and hung down about a foot or so in most places. The area i was currently in was round and had what looked like a rock pushed over the entrance that could be used to block the enterance/exit It was far enough to the side for me to slide by with my back and stomach touching on both sides. Roots still dangled down and were dropping bits of water from their tips onto me leaving a chilling sensation. that got colder as the breeze coming from my front grazed the droplets on my skin.

as i’m pushing through these root they get thicker and longer to about as thick as a fingers width to a point that im not squeezing through the rock/dirt wall i’m just squeezing through roots. I also realize that i still have a Squirrel on my head treating me like i’m in Ratatouille. and i feel a couple pats on the top of my head from him urging me forward i thought. I came out to a large opening I was on a path that lead only forward to a Moat circling a tree with a bridge crossing the moat using the path im walking.

I could feel the temperature drop as i take ever step forward. It never really gets cold it just isn’t hot and by the time im near the tree it has dropped to a perfect like 70 degree. Im inside of a completely covered cavern but when standing under the tree and looking up i could see sunlight breaking through the branches pretty strongly. not to a blinding light but bright enough to make me squint.

I end up sitting down with my back against the tree and that’s how this session ends.


So my path notes book showed up. I havent been able to read any since I had to bust out some client build work. I do plan on taking a good amount of time to read through a chunk tomorrow. Most I’ve done is look through the table of contents and it’s already looking to be pretty rewarding.

So tonight I didnt have time to prepair like I had wanted. So think I’m gonna try and structure this a little more for myself to make it easier in the long run. Shit load of work up front means an easier third leg when that come around. that’ll be tomorrow.

Tonight I did a chakra rebalance and healing meditation. It was about 45 min total but took me a good 20 min to really get into. Farting and snoring dogs made for horrible distractions. I noticed when I made it to my third chakra it really was dirty and gross. It’s also where a lot of my lower back pain is centered. Not sure if it’s actually blocked up and gross or just felt that way due to back pain. Figure it out later??

When I was pouring energy into my my 4th my energy being bent down and flexed in a way that it kissed my heart center and I felt a large boost of energy. The feeling was pretty enthralling and got my blood pumping.

When I made it to my 6th it got real interesting. I could feel my thirs eye moving around or atleast that’s what it felt like when I would move my eyes. I also got a few flashes of where I could see my room clearly with my eyes shit. Like when you turn off your light in your room. You can still sorta see for that 10th of a second. It was like that but the lights were only getting turned on for a 10th.

From that moment on I started to realize I was somewhat in a mild trance state so this was about 35ish min into meditation. Just enjoyed the sensations and nuances untill the guided video ended. I wasnt paying anything anymore anyways.


Unfortunately yesterday was a bust for me. My path notes did arrive and I got about a 4th of the way through it tho. When it came time for meditation, me and my wife had planned on repeating the previous nights meditation. About this time my toddler woke up and started to scream bloody murder. So wife scraps her meditation to handle the boy but gets absent minded and sends instant message after message to my phone. Memes l, gifs and the like untill I’m boiling internally from annoyance from a constant onslaught of buzz buzz buzz while I’m trying to meditate. So there goes my chance to meditate. I’m too worked up now to relax and meditate. Gotta figure a way to safely release this anger when it builds to this point.

But other than that I’ve been feeling great recently. Since I have taken a step back and started focusing more on building my foundational skills I feel I have progressed immensely. Got my head out of the clouds and down on the ground where it belongs.

I will be reading more of the path notes, still havent gotten to the lecture portion of the book it’s been a lot of build up but I’m enjoying it. I have about 45 minutes left of robert Bruce’s energy work primer before I can go back to the mastering kundalini course.

I am planning on adding in mutplite meditation sessions today (If all goes according to plan) to help make up for lost time yesterday.


I love her so I’ma fight you.

On a serious note, I wound up having to turn all of my devices off completely. Basically with the BF and family I’d tell them that I’m going to meditate for like X number of hours and will be unavailable (and to leave a message). I can’t say that it stops my mother from thinking I’ve been murdered–but :woman_shrugging:.


I also added a sleep mask and ear plugs to the mix.


It was definitly an honest mistake from her so I’m not upset with her. More at myself for letting it bother me.

I use my phone to play my audio so I currently need it on but hopefully with enough progress I can move on from it.


My new clients have been nice but are a little needy at times. Hopefully if I can keep on top of everything I can just knock it all out as the requests come in. We shall see.

So I picked up 2 additional books I’m going to use as reference materials for mastering kundalini. These were recommendations by Robert bruce for his energy working course. The secrets of the golden flower and earthing. I also picked up a manual from musashi called the book of the five rings and a book from Lao Tzu called the way of power or Tao te ching. These last two are for purely nerdy intent because ninjas and samurai. The tao te ching is an energy working system too so it will be beneficial and the other is a book by Japan’s sword saint musashi so you never know…

I’m gonna keep reading path notes and we shall see where I take it from there.


Last night we did more chakra healing meditations. I am getting further in my path notes book and finished the energy primer course from robert bruce. My mood has been fluctuating between cheerful and hateful at the drop of a dime.

I’ve been sleeping really well and not waking up drowsy so that’s a definitly plus. I just found out I have monday off. So I am planning on doing my first non guided/extended. Meditation. It’s about time I try to branch out from the guided ones. I find I’m either good with keeping the visualization going or I’m good at keeping my breathing in pace. Buuuut not both at the same time apparently. Another thing to add to the list of problems to solve.


So last night I did my first non guided meditation. I only made it about 20 minutes due to boredom. I find I run through the motions much faster without the guided meditation. Then just sit there like well what now. Anyone got any recommendations?

I spent the time doing body awareness tactile image. This name is horribly long so I’m just gonna call it bati from now on. I started with my arms before moving to legs, chest then head. I can definitly feel the energy moving within me and its exhilarating. Still unable to sense anything outside of my body so I have a goal to work toward.

I’ve been going through a book called 365 days of hoodoo with my wife. She is really enjoying it. My issue is this is basically the only book I can find that hasnt been stuffed with christian dogma. Anybody got any recommendations on books I could check out. I even went to our local hoodoo shop. (Yup, got a local hoodoo shop, KC CONJURES. Pretty legit) the owner basically told me good luck which wasnt the answer I was looking for. Not sure how to progress with that study now due to the dogma…


Ok, so I didnt meditate yesterday. My D&D game ran till almost 1:30 in the morning. Once it was over I was exhausted and went to sleep.


Was able to get through a few more chapters of path notes. I am really enjoying this book. It’s already helping me to fill In some gaps and additional techniques.

Off to meditate.


So I’m finding that planning on meditating at night every night is almost impossible if I try and include my wife in nightly meditation. Mostly because she has to run off my 3 yr olds schedule and Odin doesnt always want to goto sleep on time or sleep in his own bed.

I’m trying to figure out a way I can incorporate meditation into my every day schedule during the day. I’ve seen one other person who instead of spending 1 hr on a specific meditation. She looks to do 10-15 minute blocks of different meditation styles, mudra, mantras and so on. I am thinking I’m gonna get a whiteboard and make a checklist. These types of behaviors always help me to be consistent. Which is also why I started this journal.

So I bought 2 courses on udemy. One for meditation techniques and the other was a beginners kundalini yoga. I do have a kundalini yoga shop locally that I can goto and I plan on it. Thought I might get a little base knowledge before I go tho. Once I know the poses I can go and have the teacher tweak my stances to the most

@DarkestKnight the path notes book. Did you read it page or page or cherry pick sections? Just trying to figure out if I can skip chapters I think to be less important or will I find nuggets of important tidbits all throught?


I always read the whole thing through. I never cherry pick.


Ok, so last night I worked on my posture and wow oh wow did it make such a huuuge difference. I felt I almost instantly fell into my trance. My breathing was like 10000x smoother and unabated. My back didnt really hurt, I had a little stiffness but no pain while seated. Fucking game changer folks!! So my only issue i had is that my legs fell asleep after about 20 min. Maybe i need to focus on my circulator system. Not certain but that feels correct.

Ok, so I did a simple guided meditation last night that kinda doesn’t even matter because as soon as I was in this proper position. My mind told me where we were going. Straight down to my root chakra I went. I could feel some kind of swirling sensation at my perineum and energy was flowing straight down to my root instead of getting stuck in my solar plexus. I really enjoyed the feeling of the energy moving freely in and out. I really got lost in this and spent most of my 45 minutes just doing that and enjoying the feeling. By the time my 45 minutes was over I had basically just made it to my heart chakra and started pulling energy and cleansing it.


Ok, so last night with my posture correct I started working on Glenn’s breathing technique. It took me a while because I orignally started and I was straining when I pushing out and down on my belly during inhaling. Then I would suck in my gut with all my power on the exhale. It was a lot harder to transition between the two when exerting maximum muscle contraction. Then the words came back to me. Slow, calm, smooth. I was not calmly breathy so I relaxed the force that I used from 100% to 30%ish.

I then could start to feel more of the cobra expanding sensation he spoke of. I was able to do this for about 15ish more minutes untill I could no longer ignore the pins and needles in my sleeping feet.


Which posture are you using, fudosa or seiza?


Fudosa the sages seat. I can’t really sit on my knees as the are trashed from prior military service.


I can’t do the sage seat due to a misalignment of my hips which has shortened the connecting tendons, so I generally do either simple cross legged or, if it is going to be longer than 20 minutes, I sit in the “god posture.”


What is the god posture? Yeah I cant quiet touch my perineum with my heel but I’m hoping with more practice my flexibility will raise. Currently just looking for something for circulation. Mines horrible.


Morris describes it in the book. Basically, it’s sitting upright in a chair with the hands palms down on the thighs, and the feet flat on the floor. All the rules of proper meditation posture still apply, of course. It’s referred to sometimes as the god posture because it is how Egyptian gods were often depicted as sitting.


Ahh ok ok, I remember him describing that I guess I just missed its name. I’ve got a thick matt on order to see if I cant use that to get into seiza. But this book has been really helpful so far. I’m gonna work on this breathing technique untill it’s normal and doesnt require me thinking about it. Kinda like he describes, I’ll just add in the next step to this easy yet complicated technique lol.