If you can speak with spirits telepathically


Just keep your mind blank and let it come to you. Be aware of the most subtle impressions.


Did you send a triangle


Yeah. I guess in the library with headphones not a grest way


It was a square I’m sending another one out now.


Oof. Go for it.


I feel like everyone got this one.




No it was the star. I’m going again sending out. First one to get it wins the prize!


Circle? My mind wasn’t blank so I might be wrong this time.


Shame on me for not continuing to practice this lol


Nope, go blank again it was working for you.


I’m eating so I’ma take a brake.


He got it he saw the triangle!


Sending another one out this time with some color on it. Any takers?


No im eating too lol


Everyone is eating? OK guess Im going to as well.


Who’s having a Salisbury steak?


Not me. I had chicken and a protein shake.


Which is working very fast


Blue Square.
Going blank is nt guaranteed