If you can speak with spirits telepathically


Does this mean they can read your mind ?


Yes. The psychological mind belongs to the astral plane or borders on it; some spirits exists on the same plane and others beyond that, on the spiritual one.


Yes, half the time your thoughts aren’t even yours, you are listening to them and sometimes they are and others listening to them. It’s a halfway street here.


It’s not even mind reading, they can hear you/us cleanly just like when you voice out words.


Yep, they can hear your thoughts, see the images you have you in your mind, access your memories, and much more. Just be careful, sometimes that “negative voice” giving you bad and harmful ideas isn’t “just your imagination”.


Yes and so can some humans.


Yes. There is something about them or their enviroment that allows them this access. Could it be that anyone who enters their dimension gains this telepathic ability? Perhaps it has to do with the type of creature they are instead. Either way, they can hear your thoughts.


Ghosts are even able to read thoughts supposedly, so I think it comes with being on those planes, though some humans can do the same at a certain level of development, like AdamThoth said.


Yes and it happens more frequently than we think. How many times have you known a particular friend was about to call and sure enough they do. Or when you just know in the pit of your gut that your boss is going to bask you to work late. Or when you just know that you and your friend are thinking the same thing. It happens all the time.

Some people go years or even their entire lives never realizing that they have been having little telepathic moments here and there the whole time. Many will find that psychic development isn’t about unlocking some ability its about becoming more aware of the abilities you have. Next time you have a little telepathic moment like, the phone rings and you simply know who it is on the other line, or you just know your boss wants you to work late etc. Be sure to pay attention to how it feels and what’s happening in your head.

The more aware of this you become and the more you pay attention to it and familiarize yourself with it the more command of it you will develop. You will learn to look into peoples minds when you want to. But its really rude to invade people’s minds and often times unpleasant for the invader, sometimes people broadcast shit and its inevitable that you pick it up but it’s not too common.

If you want to learn telepathy I can teach you a neat game to play with friends and it’s hours of fun.


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That game sounds interesting.


Sure, I’d love to hear about the game!

Yeah, remote viewers viewing a -bit- too much.


It’s easy to learn and fairly simple.
You have 5 shapes
A circle, star, diamond, square, triangle.
You as sender pick one shape and hold the image in your mind. Your partner the receiver visualizes a blank screen like in a movie theater.

The sender imagines them self pushing the image from their mind onto the receivers blank screen. Some people like to visualize an invisible tube from their forehead to the receiver’s forehead but to each his own.

The image pops up or flashes on the reciever’s screen.
If the receiver says the correct shape its called a hit if the receiver says the wrong shape its called a miss.


Oh I remember that, it’s similar to the ESP test cards. Will have to try that next time I have someone who’s willing and believes in this stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to assume you gotta hide the shape from the receiver. At least that’s what it sounded like what we’re supposed to do. Sounds fun. Now just to find a person to try it on.


Yes indeed, as many have said. In fact, that’s my main way of communicating with my spirit companion (i.e. succubus). She also communicates like Lilith and other divine intelligences through energetic emotions, physical touches, changing the atmosphere around me, signs (symbols and synchronicities), and as of late she has made physical things react to her presence. They really do communicate in a wide range of ways. Don’t limit yourself or the spirit in the way you can communicate.


Yeah you just look at it and then hold it in your mind. The ESP version was pretty much holding a card up and then the person has to remote view what it is.


You don’t want to hide the shape from the receiver in fact there is more pressure on the sender to be focused, clear and make sure the message gets through. The receiver is playing the role of the passive, allowing themselves to be open to the most subtle impressions or visions and keeping their minds blank of any of their own thoughts or imaginations.


Ok, I think I get it now. So let’s say you and a friend sit across from each other and a table is in between you. On that table are the shapes. You pick a certain shape while your friend, the receiver, does the mind blank thing. And then you go about the rest of the game. So is that what you’re saying? You both are open to the shapes but the receiver has no idea which one you picked.


Yes in the esp version its more of a guessing game in my game its active mind to mind communication. It’s a strangely non competitive game because the object is success in both sending and receiving. So both participants are after the same goal.
If its a hit its a score for both if its a miss its a loss for both.